Women Try Jeans In One Size, Different Brands

See how different brands of jeans fit.

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Drew Padilla says:

i just wanna know, who the heck thought it was a great idea to film this with a black background?? its hard to see the jeans

Anya Brink says:

you can’t see the jeans…

Nola Gallagher says:

I wish they used a lighter background

Adrian Maxwell says:

This makes me feel so much better. I felt like I was a 16/17, and then I tried on a pair recently and they didn’t even remotely fit and I felt like I had gained weight.

Nicolette Cas says:

Her shirt is inside out in the end

Emilyanne Stocks says:

I feel you man the struggle is real.

Jillian Marie says:

her shirt is inside out

Carlly O. says:

I hate Old Navy jeans

Tanja Eubanks says:

Yeah, um no woman is meant to be shaped like an apple, where the waist is wider than the hips. ijs

Cynthia Corrales says:

Who was the genius that decided to record this in a black background?

Kelly Bates says:

we already know sizing is different for different stores, there’s actually no point to this video

Meningen med livet says:

Ehm one size, not plus size

Brynn Hansen says:

Is candace’s shirt inside out?!

tegan julie says:

I hate buying jeans. I chubby legs and a small waist so nothing ever fits properly

christinamforte says:

All pants/jeans should go by hip/waist measurement. That way there’s more consistency across brands.

Pineapplexx says:

old navy jeans are really nice you just have to size down.

Alex Pal says:

I couldn’t see anything properly. Whose idea was the black background?

crazy crayon says:

Bad choice of background color. ..

Mark R. says:

It’s because their clothes are designed with the least amount of cloth waste, they really don’t care if it fits the majority they only care about profits.

Commercialism is a clusterfuck, basically stop buying them, or go on a vacation to europe import your own clothes from there because i know the US is a disaster. (And i know some American trained in the brainwashed arts of the shouting USA at everything will respond, but Europe just doesn’t have the US kind of consumerism, and better regulation, and this generally result in better products which conform to sizing and measuring regulations and protects consumers)

And then you say: But European brands are sold in the US, yup, but those products are made just for the US market and are probably violating more than 1 EU regulation and are even illegal to be sold in Europe. (All for profit)

blake シ says:

It’s hard for me to find jeans because my legs are almost 4 ft

милый котик says:

you choose horrible background

Kelly Bates says:

Cmon guys it’s not some major issue that’s harming the self esteem of millions of people daily. it’s shopping. not all sizes at all stores are the same. get over it.

Cata garrido says:

Candace feel so sad, she almost cry

Toxic Dino says:

Pants are usually either tight or loose.
I’ve never come across jeans in-between that.

Saeran Choi says:

Shopping for jeans is a hell me who has a small waist,big butt and thighs but thin calves. The jeans is going to be really lose on the calves or to thight to get my butt in.

Lenra Reacts! says:

Morning it’s 5am in Australia

Gina Bear says:

kristen has just a really unfortunate body. she is short, but fat, so the jeans dont fit that well. in other words, she is too fat for her height.

_omg_alysha _ says:

jeans fit so weird tbh. I usually wear somewhere between 7 and 11 but recently I managed to fit into a size 3 pants (they were my friends) so yeah jeans should have better sizing

Sarahk Slay says:

They’re all really beautiful

Laura Rodemich says:

In all honesty, they should size women’s jeans in general the way they size men’s jeans: by waist and inseam. That way you get a general concept that a 32×30 will fit you at least by waist and inseam and there is no change there.

McKenna Gill says:

I have big thighs, and big hips and a big butt along with a very small waist and of course small ankles and my favorite jeans are from Mandees and the are also cheap for jeans. They are about $35.00 to $40.00…I LIVE FOR THEM, mostly because they fit perfectly and you can still sit down

Francisco Vasquez says:

theyre both fat cows. they both shouldnt be wearing small jeans and promote their pro obesity austracity

RachelWolfe says:

TJ Maxx has the best in my opinion. I got the best pair of jeans for $15! I gave them to my mom who’s two sizes bigger than me and they for her great as well. TJ Maxx is the greatest!

AngelBeautyBlog says:

Why is there magnetic tag strip at 1:01 ?

Lauryn Elaine says:


Margaret S. says:

The only brand of jeans I buy is Old Navy.

Soggy Noodle says:

I love the jeans from hot topic they are just comfy

yasmin aljaar says:

Why buzzfeed

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