WHERE I GET MY JEANS FROM | TRY ON! | Complementing my curves

(Forget to put the style of the first pair-
ZARA: Trafaluc/Embrace
Here’s the much requested video on where I get my jeans from!
Hope you enjoy 🙂

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Justin Spikes says:

your thighs are about to make me break my no fap streak… its been two years.

damon may says:

Oh my yummiest

Camila Rose says:

Woah your thighs

Todd Keshishian says:

Make a video with your tights lol

dfd hvv says:

Joni jeans only came out in 2013, I’m the same age as you, so you would have been 17/18, not 15, lol.

Katie Wright says:

Hey, I just wanted to tell you, you have a perfect butt

Kevin Harned says:

You’re so beautiful, love your accent.

thephenom718 says:

So incredibly good looking all the jeans look smoking hot WOW

Lara says:

Girl ur booty popping af and I love your personality deffo a sub from me

LionsAllday DETROIT says:

Thick thighs …

Brent D. Fice says:

omg you have a beautiful ass !

Emma Holmes says:

those pink “jeans” are terrible..

SdrannocS says:


Christian Alexander the Great says:

That’s an ass that can start a religion

thatswhatshesaid says:


Robert MacKenzie says:

You look great!

xTropicalparadise says:

Have to recommend hollister jeans for quality!

thephenom718 says:

Such a sexy girl with skintight jeans. That look incredible. And what a sexy English accent I love it

Abdool Hamid says:

Hey I just wanted to say you give me so much confident keep it up and love u

Jill Mcfarland says:

Bull rider.

Lindsey Elizabeth says:

I can’t be the only one that doesn’t think big quads or thighs or whatever they are called look good in tight looking jeans. Like your body is great but these jeans except for the the pair of joni look so tight with a gap in the legs.

Brooke Brandon says:

American eagle super stretch high waist jeans you would love!

Marian Means says:

I love YMI jeans, so comfy and so flattering for the bum!

KrBeatrix says:

You should try C&A jeans, but it would be also useful to learn how to sew with sewingmachine. I usually buy jeans wich are good for my thights and sew the other parts to myself. (I am a EU size 40 but buy 44 and sew them.
It is a good hobby, too 😉 .

Katie F says:

I wear 24/34 and I live in the us and I always have such a hard time finding jeans that fit but you made me interested in topshops! I’ve never shopped there before but Ill try it out because I know you give the best reviews 🙂

Shamya Hughes says:

How long did it take you to grow your booty

Maknya Puri says:

YOURE A SIZE 8?! Wait what. what did i miss. im size 10 and i have at least 10kg more fat on my body.

xTropicalparadise says:

With such a slim waist how do you manage to get the jeans up over your bum? I had this problem today and could barely get the jeans on!

chris nevins says:

you look good in everything

Malique Johnson says:

The most amazing body on youtube – Special

Victoria Salas says:

What are yours measurements?

watermelon says:

Shes not curvy. At All.

Hope Wheelock says:

It’s the same way with us tall girls it’s like crazy hard to find pants long enough that actually fit in the waist.

Camila Zavala says:

body goals

Jordan Clark says:

Try American Eagle! Their jeans are perfect for people with a small waste and big thighs. They have a stretchy material that feels like leggings!

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