UglyBROS Motorcycle Jeans Review

TWIGGY-K [good buy]

User based reviews on women’s motorcycle gear. Independent video created by Gear Up Get Out.

Table of Contents

Design & Style 0:13
Armor & Tips 0:28
Slide Protection 0:59
Comfort & Fit 1:10
Sizing 1:31
Weather Features 1:40
Recommendation 1:59

Relevant Links:

UglyBros TONUP-G


SAS-Tec Knee Armor 2 LINKS
1. [thicker version]

2. Alternative [no user based info. on product]

SAS-TEC Hip Armor

Gear Up Get Out [social media/behind the scenes]
FB :


SF Moto : for graciously allowing me to use the studio turntable
these people are incredible 🙂

YouTube :
FB :


Ducatista says:

They’re jeans are pretty pricey and I was disappointed in the $20 shipping from LA to OC. I’d like another pair but the pricing is prohibitive when there are cheaper jeans that offer the same qualities for a lot less.

Boss Bikes Club says:

Nice work…love the abrasion-resistance demo!

J Boy says:

Man I’m finding a lot more respect for that Hornet.

Nadim Sadek says:

Great review, Liz! Good tip on the armor.

Ana Bargagli says:

Lady rider here, and I gotta say I’m looking forward to seeing more of your videos! And I love that Hornet, it’s one of the models I’m considering as well. Any chance you’ll do a review on it?

MotoCamp Adventure says:

Pssshh, those shots came out fine! Thanks for the shoutout at the end 😀 Well done!

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