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K.S says:

I’m new to your channel! Love your hauls. Just woundering though why do you only have high top jeans? Don’t you like any other?

Tamira Nichterwitz says:

I’m from Germany and I Really Love your videos. You’re so Beautiful and you make me smile every time❤❤

Vespertili Kildem says:

Nevermind, deleted the old comment.
ALL these jeans suited you great ahah

Eliza Jane Aitken Curran says:

Any good jeans for a smaller person? Even topshop jeans are too big 🙁

Asha Maracuya says:

Hii, i love your glasses! Ive been wanting these but dont know the name of the frame. Can you tell me what type they are?

Leha Smith says:

Your make up is looking beautiful

monica marie says:

have u ever tried Hollister co. jeans?

JumpityBruce says:

Hello, I am a gay male who sometimes cross dresses. But even when I was not dressing like a woman, I used to wear women’s high waisted jeans, before I gained weight. I love all of the jeans you are modeling . I would love to get a pair of all or at least some of these for myself. I wonder if they are available in the U.S. in size 16? So what are some of the brands, Top Shop, Pull and Bear, Misguided? The women’s high waisted stretch styles always made my butt look a little rounder, flattering

Kyla Shannon says:

Thicc thigh team !!

Semina g. says:

I never find jeans which fit me in my belly and in my booty(sorry)at the same time

Felix Potvin says:

It’s so funny and cute how you say “bahm” 😀 Love the jeans haul though, you look amazing as always

Crystal Quezada says:

Love the hauls!!!!

Awkward Me says:

omg u got the cutest personality, and also hellooo ur body is fire!!! def goals. Have you ever considered or tried Zara jeans?

FreesiaL says:

What are your measurements? Waist/hips?

Naomi Allen says:

Omg this video was so useful!! I always have the same problem with my jeans they never fit my waist and my bum at the same time it’s so annoying !! I really need to invest in some of the jeans that you mentioned in this video!! Ilysm❤️❤️❤️

CyarasJourney says:

How tall are you?

LazyHazyFitness says:

Love it! <3

Amanda Keating says:

Love your make up in this video, ❤️

Laurie Mortimore says:

Yes! #freethecameltoe!

Lucie Colt says:

I am obsessed with the Topshop Joni Jeans too <3

Anayah Sinclair says:


meddie calvan says:

What is your jean size?
My waist size is 25inch and my butt 36inch do you think it will fit me? What s your fav jean brand for fit silhouette?

Chynna Lorenzo says:

Love your videos hun ! Alsoooo the puppy chews on everything because her toys are too soft. She needs teething toys so she’ll chew on those rather than furniture ! 🙂

Keely Varvel Hartsell says:

You do leg day before all of your hauls and say, “ugh. It was leg day yesterday,” haha. I love your channel.

Air Mann says:

The ast pair looks the best to me

Boba Jett says:

It is probably in other videos and I will look, but how tall are you? I normally always need petite

Marta García Calatayud says:

pull&bear jeans are my favourite type of jeans so far, it is a very known shop here in spain so i get most of my jeans from there

Mike Dear says:

Yeah ur ass is one of the best on u tubes. Ty

Charlotte Catton says:

Love your videos! Your so motivational ❤️

Maddie says:

lol thats like her go to try on haul shirt

leah77louise says:

Please to short haul jeanssss

Ellen vd Hurk says:

Have you tried the H&M shaping jeans? I like them very much!

Lemony Lizzy says:

You should try LuLaroe Leggings next

Ava Carter says:

omg, just found your channel I AM ADDICTED!!!!!

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