The best jeans I’ve ever owned, in a variety of fits and price-points! Open for links…

1. AG Prima Cigarette Jeans:

2. Rag and Bone Jeans:

3. Citizens for Humanity White Jeans (similar):

4.Current Elliott Jeans:

5. Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Jeans:

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Ali F says:

Do you take the short or regular in the Old navy jeans?

Lauren Gogo says:

Ever since I tried on my first pair of AG legging ankle jeans I have been obsessed! Maybe the old navy ones deserve another chance, I can remember not liking them before I think. I sort of feel like anything would look good on Elle though! I might give some of the other brands a try!

Felix Potvin says:

You look super good in all of them…well you look super good all around anyways

ling zhou says:

I bought a pair of old navy after watching your video. Hope it still works well after wash

Kerri Rosenthal says:

Rockstar jeans are amazing! Old navy also makes great shorts, so many colors and great price point.

owlflurry says:

ELLE!!! I’ve been wearing rockstar jeans from old navy for many many years. I have such a hard time with jeans and they are the only flattering and comfortable jeans for me. I’m also pear shaped 😉 BEST JEANS EVER

Everybodyelses says:

Thank you so much for the great video!
Can you please write where your shirt is from? I’ve been looking for a top/knit with this shape for a really long time

VivaVistaMac1 says:

J Brand jeans the best I’ve ever worn, and the Old Navy Rockstar jeans are a close second! Both are high quality and extremely durable.

A says:

J Brand Maria = life

Albion Chrisman says:

Thank you for including a budget option! Love to hear good things about the Rockstar at Old Navy, I’ll have to check them out!

Iris Dreu says:

Hi Elle! What do you think of Hudson jeans?

york2279 says:

I just wanted to let you know I love the Dove Grey pearls I bought from you!! My favorite way to wear them is with jeans and my custom designed grey and pink converse, hahaha….#jeans , converse and pearl love

Yasmine Bey says:

I love this series of yours, thanks it is so helpful, I love it,
Your biggest fan,

Lauren Wednesday says:

I love AG! I never enjoyed wearing jeans until I found them! For any shorties out there, their ankle versions fit me nicely as full length

jlammetje says:

Those white jeans looked perfect on you! Now I’m thinking of getting a similar (but cheaper) pair 😛


loved it!

dawn hendrickson says:

You nailed it! Now I need to rush out and try on some of your suggestions! Thank you for such detail in your reviews of these jeans. Keep up the great work and content!

LulluBelle28 says:

This video was great, Elle! Love all the choices and how you explained why you like them so much. Thanks!

MsGiantsrock says:

i SWEAR by Gap jeans! Old Navy is in the Gap fam!

Vivian Li says:

I loveeee American Eagle jeans. Their jeggings are PERFECT. They fit me like a glove and not to mention they are super affordable.

Lisa Harder says:

I love Citizens of Humanity jeans, the rocket sculpt ones fit me like no other jeans I’ve ever tried on, but I would never buy distressed jeans that are expensive, it just does not seem worth it to me. I like american eagle for distressed jeans (but oddly enough I am not a fan of how their non-distressed jeans look on me)

Tina May says:

I’ve been wearing the Old Navy rockstar jeans for at least 6 years now. They are really great for the price.

jlammetje says:

Jegging trend hasn’t died out over here (Netherlands) 🙁

stainsoftime says:

Hi Elle! Love your videos.
Would you do a video where you talk about how you managed your finances and shopping for clothes and handbags when you were making less/were a student?

Gale Clarkson says:

Hi Elle, I so appreciate you including a budget option as I also want to look good and can’t afford to spend $200 on a pair of jeans. I love you and your style (so classy and elegant). Have a great work week. Oh how did the move go?

Natalie Faust says:

Sometimes I buy jeans and if they have a little stretch to them, by the end of the day it gives a sagging bottom effect. It is embarrassing. This happened to various brands that I’ve tried (some expensive). Any suggestions to prevent this from happening?

MT R says:

Elle – you have to try NYDJ Jeans!!!! They’re not cheap, but also not that expensive – most fall around the 100-150 mark. Their sizes run a little big. They are by far the most comfortable jeans I have ever tried. You can find them at the Bay and Nordstrom!

TheBeautyCarnival says:

Old Navy have been my favorite since forever. The black ones do fade after awhile depending on how often you use them. I used mine so much they faded but since they are so affordable I always get a fresh new pair.

lisa martini says:

Thank you! Super helpful!

flufftronable says:

For a bargain purchase for a pair shape I would recommend the ASOS Ridley high waist skinny jeans

Allison C. says:

hi! what size are you in jeans typically?

Meredith Thompson says:

Really good one! Thanks!

eljacoby says:

I’m in such a quandary with jeans. I have literally no backend, and haven’t found a pair yet that doesn’t make me look droopy back there. Anyone have any suggestions for those of us with a flat derrière?

Tracy East says:

Great info, I was just going to buy some new jeans!

miss barbara says:

I think the Old Navy jeans really suit your body shape. Zara jeans would also look great on you, because your body is similar to mine. Great video, as always.

Andrea Velez Giraldo says:

Hudson jeans are great also 🙂

Lisa Walter says:

It was meaningful for me to hear what you said about needing to try on 20 pairs to find one great pair. I am a pear, but an exaggerated pear, and I have the gaping and issues with thigh fit. To hear you say you struggle with it too makes me understand it is a universal problem. I guess I just have to be more patient and not think that it is just me with the issue.
I might have to take a look at that brand of white jean; I would love to wear them, but I don’t like how sheer most of them are!

Jessica Pichati says:

you will never know jeans until you try nobody high rise jeans in a skinny leg!. They’re basically number 1 in Australia. they’re amazing, you need them!

Agnes Chan says:

like your videos. I am thinking about getting old navy black after watching your haul. I first wanna get topshop joni , but I stepped back after your haul.

Hol says:

I need long jeans! Does anyone know where I can get some. I’m 5’8″ and almost all jeans are short

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