Huge Fashion Nova Try On Haul & Review | Jeans For Curvy Women

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I decided to do a Fashion Nova Haul, Try On, and Review. I have seen this brand on Instagram and I also saw some of the people I follow talk about this brand. I ordered four pairs of jeans. 3 of them are high waisted jeans and the other is a booty shaping denim.

Products Mentioned:

1. Booty Booty Booty Everywhere Shaping Denim – Medium Blue – 7 for $27.99 each
2. Don’t Want To Jeans – Olive – 7 for $24.99 each
3. High Waisted Skinnies – Black – 7 for $29.99 each
4. Classic High Waist Skinny Jeans – Dark – 7 for $34.99 each


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MK Flav says:

awesome work

Kendra Bowie says:

I personally think their clothes are too expensive for the quality. The discounts sort of balance out, but.. I rather go to the mall to forever 21 and try them on! lol. I purchased a 200$ order, I was disappointed in the jeans. They didn’t look the same as on site. Jean Jacket was nice, shirts ok. The dresses tho, they are not forgiving AT ALL! Thin and just bad quality. I was thinking of placing another order , thats what brought me here, lol BUT, think Ill go to the malls! lol

Christina G says:

Great video. Finally someone has a honest review. Thank you…

ronaldo2266 says:

watching very impressive model of you!

Amanda Torres says:

I have major trust issues because of Instagram and all their bs lol but my fave jeans are Levi’s they fit everything perfectly and even have short lengths for my midget self lol

Molly Kate's Life! says:

Great honest review!i felt their stuff is more on the just ok side too..

Leo Mabry says:

you are beautiful, just saying

Lua Stutzer says:

loved this video !! new subbie here, hope you can check out my channel sometime!

Karlie Johnson says:

Vanessa could you please do a video on your favourite or must have bottoms (high waisted jeans, leggings etc.) for tummy control 🙂 there’s so much girls out there that have this type of video but not my body type. Thank you for your videos bc they’re amazing! ❤️❤️

Lexi Lou says:

A lot of their jeans are $20.00 though which to me is a good deal

Cali4nia9style says:

what size do you get your jeans??

genute vadeikyte says:

Dzinsai negrazu

Baby Glitter Kitten says:

It’s so annoying how much you’re talking down about them. We get that you’re trying to give an honest review, but that doesn’t mean you should constantly discredit them and put them down. I think you just can’t really understand why they’re so popular because you’re not really built like a “curvy girl.” Not trying to be offensive or anything, but you’re built like the average white girl, just a little more filled out, therefore you haven’t experienced the struggle a lot of curvier women face when it comes to buying jeans. By the way, they’re not at all similar to forever 21 jeans. Forever 21 jeans are more stiff, uncomfortable, fit awkwardly on a lot, if not most women, and are overall poorly constructed.

Lamarcia Knight says:

I love your reviews so much!

naijababe97 says:

What size do you normally get at H&M?


Very beautiful

Raul alberto Cruz torres says:

you looks beautiful

S King says:

gosh thank you so much for your honesty! these were so hyped and I always wondered…


Will you do more of these? My sister found this very helpful and she wants more helpful videos from you

Tutoriais Android says:

gostosa da porra




quiero meterte la pinga por el culo

Terri Boyd says:

Maybe come back and do a review after wearing these awhile. All of these jeans looked great on you. I didn’t expect such a lackluster review just from looking at the pictures and your try on modeling. Every pair looked great, and seemed to fit great which in the end is what most people need/want. Affordable works for most people. What would be good is if you do a FN vs. type video where you show side by side fit and modeling against more expensive jeans. If you dry clean denim items or wash gentle and line dry, you can get decent wear out of lessor quality items. I tend to spend too much on clothes and these days I’m disappointed as I might as well go to F21 or FN. I have a gorgeous blouse from F21 that looks like I paid a fortune for it. I think with anything we just need to shop smart.

G Lopez says:

those jeans fit you like a pair of Foster Grant gloves they look very nice on you

yaimiana says:

My Fashion Nova jeans are much better than what you’ve described. They are the only jeans that fit me right besides two other brands that are uncomfortable. Also the jeans you picked were the particular styles that are similar to jeggings but they have others that are of heftier construction.

Marialex Mendoza says:

What are your body measurements?

hayley b says:

Thank you for posting your measurements and height. It really helps !

Jules S says:

yeah isn’t the point that they’re cheap, comfy, stretchy jeans…that have a lot of popular styles and really are liked by curvy girls cuz they fit, stretch IP, is stylish which can be hard to find in plus size…ESP. for 20summ dolla

12secgtpCC says:

Complain Complain Complain. God damn

Nicole Loren says:

I guess it depends on your body type how you feel about the jeans. I’m a size 1 102lbs and its hard to find jeans. Imo they are nothing like f21 because f21 has stitching issues and are either too loose or too tight. im in love with fn jeans and will never shop anywhere else!

Jdore Couture says:

Love the honesty! I do agree the jeans cost too much for the material but I always use a coupon code.


Omg, i love this video! i just subscribed and it would mean a lot if u subbed back x

Darius Mosley says:

your booty looks great in those jeans

Claire Lewis says:

Do they lose their stretch throughout the day?

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