Fashion Nova Jeans Try On Haul : Review

Hey guys so I’m trying out these jeans from fashion nova and I wasn’t going to haul them because I only bought 3 pairs of jeans but I thought the sizing would help people…

1x Shy Girl Jeans – Medium – 3 for $34.99 each
1x That’s Meshed Up Jeans – Black – 3 for $34.99 each
1x We Got All Night Jeans – Medium – 5 for $34.99 each

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Tatyana Gorospe says:

im 5’4 and weigh 120 lbs should i get a size 1 or 3?

Assitan Doucoure says:

Do you have any hm jeans and if you do what size do you wear in their jeans

lawnchair 11 says:

the jeans at 2:31 I think look the best on you. the Calvin Klein underwear you have on looks hot. I look forward to more videos in the future. 🙂

xx heyyimtee xx says:

I am 5’6 my waist is 28 and my hips are a 39 My weight is like 128-130 (can’t remember which lol) I want to get a 7 but you’re around my size so should I get a 5?

Michelle Jiroux says:

Do another fashion nova jean haul! And more hauls in general! XoXo

Shayla Buchanan says:

pretty girl !!

Jim Martin says:

Nice Gene’s what a lovely host on this channel.

Leo zarazowski jr says:

Cute navel Jessica baby

L Graham says:

What is your height, waist and hip measurement. I want to order a size 7 but not sure.

Lesi Rios says:

So bomb

Dajia Davis says:

I think every slim girl is nervous about buying fashion nova jeans, i was myself lmao

Ashley Letourneau says:

how do their matching sets fit you with the elastic band ?
I slim and not so curvy such as you in the waist.

Berklee Ryann says:

loving your background!

Sophie Deg says:

Currently binge-watching your videos!! You are absolutely stunning xxx How tall are you?

Leo zarazowski jr says:

Hot belly button Jessica

Sara Hart says:

You are so frigging gorgeous!! And I just love how you said the models on fashion nova have such small waists and big booties it’s so true finally someone says it!!! I really appreciate your honesty your video was very helpful!!!

Ally Porras says:

Yes! I can never get enough of your hauls!!! And you slay every pair of jeans!!!

JustVivian says:

How tall do you think you have to be to fit the jeans

A S T Y L E R E E L by Shannon Kylí says:

We have the same body type and omg Fashion Nova jeans are the BEST EVER. I need to order more soon great review xo

Mariah Shantel says:

Love the bottom on the jeans!!

LiasBeautyLife says:

this is such a lovely video I’ll definately consider purchasing jeans from them bc theey look so cute xx

lin lin says:

that booty girl yessss work it

Delícias da Gaby says:

Great video and I am subs here. I hope u in my channel too. I am from Brazil. Thumbs up! See ya

Kameko ❥ says:

What size is your waist?

Jillian Gifford says:

I wanna try there jeans out so bad! I just posted a new vid on my channel if u could check it out ♥️♥️♥️

Vanessa Sampaio says:

Hello pretty, how many inches do you have waist and hip?

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