Comparing CHEAP VS EXPENSIVE Jeans! | Milabu

In today’s video, I am comparing 5 jeans: cheap vs expensive. How much do you usually spend on your jeans?

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1. H&M Jeans $9.99
2. STS Blue Jeans $55
3. Two by Vince Camuto $99
4. Good American $159
5. FRAME $225
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Sunny W. says:

The second pair looked the best.

Tasha W. says:

Me too!! Katelynn T. I will not buy any Jean’s that coat over 10 bucks thanks to clearance racks:) But hey to each is own☺

CutZy McCall says:

Fun show and honestly, I find the cheapest to be the best…they’re a little thinner and stretchier, right, girlfriends? But for me, inexpensive is $50, and that’s usually my bar.

Billie Howell says:

I generally pay around $20 for my jeans

Joselynn Taylor says:

American eagle has really great quality as far as fit feel & fabrics for mid priced to cheaper when you shop their $19.99 clearance jeans. Also old navy has some good kid priced jeans to cheap when you get them on sale & use Coupon codes to get them for as low as $13-17. Really for both these stores jeans i only get under $25 but when I have money to spend my favorite jeans that fit & feel perfect are True Religion love love love them!!!

SweetIvory 1203 says:

You are body goals

kah416 says:

If I find the perfect pair of jeans I would pay $150

High Maintenance Minimalist says:

I HATE cheap jeans from H&M. The seams irritate my skin and they dye always bleeds.

MadMadMaddie Channel says:

First of all, I always try to buy jeans on sale if I can. But sale or not, I generally stay under $150 (w/o tax).

Dogsense Foru says:

More expensive brands r almost always cut larger. Also, there are tons of diff cuts.

Master Mom says:

Im a forever levis and sonoma jeans consumer! Price, fit and quality is right!

Bela says:

this should have been done “blind”. On a different topic, you have a great figure!

Liz Gutierrrez says:

Remember that size change from brand to brand.

Tracy Justice says:

I love Buckle jeans!

lin2theZ says:

I have about 6 pairs of Frame denim. The best…..and I buy them on Ebay for $50-60 tops.

Alexis Becker says:

that second pair of jeans look best on you

Momma O says:

loved this and just subbed and now l want to try to expensive pair 🙂

Musicismysoul94 says:

I get my jeans at work for $25 and I love them Banana Republic factory store has awesome jeans

Lucy Jones says:

Problem for me. Have a boy hip slim body. High wasted doesn’t look good on me. I’m 5’ 6” 124 pounds. Small booty, no hips. Small Bones so what do I buy???

unusualTrouble says:

Though this was years ago. I am offended no 7man for all kind jeans. The best brand.

Gabe Elijiah says:

missing the second 5 in 55 on the second pair of jeans

RCHobbyGuy92 says:

I’m not as picky with jeans as long as they fit my size and are not too uncomfortable to wear. I get jeans that closely meet my criteria for about $10 – $20 at Walmart. Yes, they may seem rather cheap, but I’m just not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a jean. That’s just too much for me, unless I got money to burn through.

Jess E says:

You have a freaking amazing body and I never noticed. Y U HIDE IT?????

Rachel Gee says:

No $20 levis from Walmart??

S H says:

I always got my jeans from Costco, mostly Calvin Klein and Buffalo David Bitton. They are extremely soft and very comfortable, especially Calvin Klein brand which I love so much. The prices usually less than $20 which is as high as I want to pay for a pair of jeans. It’s weird that the sizes are slightly different on the same brand, depending on the color. I am a 2 in darker color but a 4 in light blue. I think it’s because there are more cotton in the light blue.

Kim Garner says:

Thanks for the video. It’s interesting comparing the quality of material and construction. But if the jeans are squashing and compressing you, it’s only because they are too small (you really needed a bigger size on the first two). Sizes aren’t uniform across brands, and especially H&M you have to go UP several sizes because they run really small. Also, the more expensive brands have vanity sizing, meaning you will wear a smaller size as the brand becomes more expensive.

Julia Martin says:

If Jeans aren’t $20-30, I ain’t buying and they last 4 years or more.

ZiGy14 says:

your butt looks really good in those jeans 😛

kgstudioproductions says:

Gap and old navy jeans are nice and they often have sales

elvira walker says:

I don’t care how much I pay, I still don’t like the fit because everything is so tight. I have spent up to 300 for jeans and took them back because when I sat down they stretched out.

Cathy Maynen says:

Would have thought Levi s should have been used as the standard and others compared to them

Brooke Pendergrass says:

My favorite jeans are from Loft and cost anywhere from $69.50-$79.50 when purchased at full price. However, I only buy them when I’m able to use a discount (such as 30% off the entire purchase). When there isn’t a sale to take advantage of at Loft, I opt for buying my jeans at JCP for around $35. The most expensive jeans I’ve ever owned were from 7 For All Mankind.

Carol Norton says:

I buy all my jeans at GoodWill for $4.29, pre faded and ready worn. Just launder first, as Goodwill does not.

Sadaf Y says:

the h&m super high waist skinny jeggings have got to be t h e best pair of jeans out there, they feelsoo soft bc theyr like 60% wool and then cotton. the last super expenisve pair sound like your describing them. and they are only like 20 pounds too

Danica May says:

Milabu, can you try on Fashion Nova jeans?

JustifiedAddilyn says:

Ermm they all look the same… which is why I buy all my jeans at Savers, get them for like $5-10.

Marci LK says:

What happened to 100% cotton jeans?

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