Thank you so much for watching my fitjeans review, I really hope you liked it!

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go to gym with these jeans

Jimmy Rogers says:

Greetings Carola, just wanted to say that I find it hilarious to see and know that you’re very appreciative and grateful for the items you’re given. Continue to be an inspiring interest and they’ll (clothing line{s}) will continue to show interest in your aspirations. I also believe that the excitement on your face tells it all. Great energy, and examples of how they wear on you. And you’re right, if I wasn’t certain of what I received was actually what I’d receive, I’d start thinking that they WERE a different yet familiar fabric.

Brad Castleberry says:

did anyone else see her smell that hole in her new pants for nooooo reason? hahahah

Aries says:

hi show bare feet❤

The18plusvideos says:

My goodness…….

ronaldo batalha says:


fitbyindi says:

Those look sooo nice!!!! I need some!!!haha

big jayfav says:

You can’t be real. You are perfect!!!

Rafa Aiala says:

Olhos lindos

Vespertili Kildem says:

Oh just two jeans?
Well they look great both of them ahah

Bec_O says:

Love your videos! Where is your jumper from? Could you do a video on the clothes you already own? xx

Jackie W says:

What size did you get? They look so good on you! Thanks for doing a review!! I’ve been debating it for a while and I think I’m going to go for it.

Soda_84 says:

Hermoso culo!

Roxy Sun says:

Hvor kjøpte du det???

Juan Lopez says:

Hi Carola, how do i say “hello girl” in your native lenguage? You are so pretty. I love your smile. I greet you from Mexico!!

Bonjourr says:

which lucky bastard taste you?

meriem hamdoune says:

You are so nice and sweet and the jeans looked amazing

Bambeakz says:

Didnt’t like the black jeans at all…..and then you turned around at everything changed 😉

ahmed yousfi says:

pikin haul

Manuela Alcazar says:

Hola Carola . esta lindo el jeans y tú también estás muy bonita

ry4nx says:

you are beyond perfect. lookin great

Peter Smit says:

Please try with better light…… it’s hard to see the perfect tight lines of your great body!

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