Best Four Jeans for Curvy Women: Cheap vs. Expensive

The Best Four Jeans for Curvy Women: Cheap vs. Expensive
Is it worth spending $200 for jeans? Can you find great jeans for $20? What’s the best value and what should you buy? Find the answer to your denim dilemmas like saggy butt, worn out inner thigh, waist gap, and more as I review how to pick the best pair of jeans for you.

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Karina Davis says:

Love your channel– so helpful!! Can you review DSTL jeans for us? Or incorporate them into another video?? Thanks, girl!

abslol1 says:

Wish you did American eagle, I swear by them


What curves? Don’t flather yourself

Kelsey Thomas says:

Youre skinny? Not curvyyyy… Bad example

Andrea Schaaf says:

I wish you’d speak more plainly. I get distracted by the way you phrase things. I feel like many of your terms are made up buzz words and for me it hurts the integrity of your message. Also I wish you’d used a curvy model. You missed the problem of curvy denim with small waist and larger hips.

Where Eagles Fly says:

Dear, life is more than clothing!

funny bullshit says:

she is curvy because the definition of curvy means to have a non straight line curved on the Bodie and her hips create a small curv wich makes her curvy she may not be the curviest women but she is curvy

Emily Jameson says:

So helpful!!  Thank you! 

Tracie G says:

I thought this was for curvy women

Andrea W says:

The model is nowhere near curvy, this video is pointless.

Kim hadlock says:

Great video! I think for Christmas I’ll get you to come do a closet analysis. You always have great content in your videos.

Rupa Shetty says:

iam short lyk 5″4 slim waist n thigh is little big tell mie ..wat jeans would suit mir

Jennifer Kleinkauf says:

When I look at your body, I would never think “curvy” – please redo video with someone who is really curvy.

jdgreen214 says:

You have a nice body.

Un Known says:

Ah fuck, this means I am curvy

Reachel Bagley says:

Shannon, what I recommend for your body type is a mid-rise, something that corsets the widest part of your midsection. Be demanding because if it’s too high you’ll get a kangaroo pouch.  If it’s too low, muffin top.  To avoid a saggy butt, find something with a good amount of stretch, that will rebound after wear.  I’ve personally had success with Citizens of Humanity, J.Brand, and David Kahn.  Let me know if any of those work for you.  And good luck!

Jaime Zuniga says:

Thanks for this new video! I am not curvy but I still enjoyed watching. I LOVE AG jeans. I just can’t bring myself to buy anything else. I’d rather have one pair of AG’s than 5 pairs of cheaper jeans. The high cost is worth it.

Shannon Robertson says:

Great video! I am desperately trying to find jeans that flatter my body type. I carry all my weight in my belly and have no ass– it’s flat as a pancake. If I get jeans to fit my hips and waist I end up with a saggy butt. Please help! I never know what brands or fits to focus on and end up frustrated and not buying anything. 

lavaman233 says:

You look hot in any of those jeans!

Pooja Stylish says:

hello i want to ask you that i am 35 years women and my waist is 38 so which brand and which fit jeans is suits on me?? for that i want to purchase to expensive jeans? or only denim jeans suits on me? or this type of jeans suits on me or not Please guide me…

prettyy gurrl says:

She’s not even curvy haha

shazzabelle123 says:

You have a lovely figure and look fabulous in every pair. But I didn’t see these cuts suiting curvier women like myself. That was misleading as a title IMO.

applesauceypopperson says:

LOVED this!! Thank you Rachel!  I have been on the fence considering a good pair of quality (fancy priced) jeans…and it seems like they amight be worth the investment considering the way that they hold you in and flatter your figure!  My only concern is having to size up, as designer jeans usually run small…do you find that?  Also, what do you think of Denim overalls for someone just under 40 (who still feels like 20)?  is there a way to make them look chic? I love your channel! always such great advise!!

Shagufta Dalvi says:
c976061 says:

just got a pair of ag Farrah’s love them and so comfy!

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