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I found this site back when my boyfriend and I were searching for couple clothing, and our Christmas sweaters were shockingly great quality, so I’ve ordered from the site here and there since then and I’m back today with my biggest YesStyle haul yet! is an online retail site based out of China, with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle items. Like, THOUSANDS of items. So many. Products come from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China “and more” lmao but this site literally always has sales, so it’s a great place to *wink wink* get a good deal on Korean skincare products.

YesStyle is very similar to G-Market and YesAsia, but less like entering an overwhelming abyss in my humble opinion.

Video not sponsored, I just had a really good paycheck one week.

Items I bought (due to constant sales, prices may have changed):

Wide-Leg Black Pants:

Distressed Jeans:

High-Waist “Skinny” Pants (yeah right):

Black Camisole:

Lettuce-Cut Tee’s:

Flower Embroidered T-Shirt:

Gray Cardigan:


Skincare I Bought, too:

Cosrx AHA/BHA Toner:

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Sleeping Pack:

Stay warm everyone! Or if it’s hot where you are, stay cool!
– Rachel


Alisa; says:

Ahh I ordered those same exact mom jeans in medium size and now I’m slightly worried. I’m about 5’2 but my hips are really narrow (unfortunately) so I’m trying to confort myself that it’s going to be okay )):

Sara Philips says:

Lil kid shirt, damn i fit that.. 🙁

Zoe Wyatt says:

As someone who is 5’1 and quite small all around I’ve always had to buy more fitted pants from women’s petite online at Old Navy.


wtfff youre short but thats cute

jungkook always says:

After how many days you got the product ??

Starry says:

Asian women are really small so I usually use a measuring tape and check the measurements

Linh Huуnh says:

For yesstyle, most of their clothes are free size (one size fits all) and it’s catered more towards smaller frames. I would definitely suggest reading reviews if there are any of that product before making a purchase.

Rainbowzie says:

The not cut out button hole means it has not been used

Paola Wildner says:

I want more videos like this one, sooo funny and cute

Christine Oh says:

You’re so cute!! Its because most korean styles don’t suit curvy women and anyone with a chest or a bootie. But you would look good in any of their looser streetstyle or unisex clothes. You have the perfect frame for it.

Moa ღ says:

I’m 5’8……

Amy Quon says:

Did you also have issues with them taking y’all’s credit card information? It happened to me twice.

Elaine Kim says:

I usually check the reviews first so my first purchase from yesstyle was fabulous

Bubblegum_Funk says:

Love this haul and love YesStyle too ❤️

Amanda Waldrop says:

This video is great!! You seem so nice!

cc slp says:

I’m about 5″9, So i’m afraid it’s not my size. Sorry for my bad english, i’m french.

Lili Ramos says:

Ive been buying from Yestyle for 4 years now and their sweaters never disappoint me !!

Queen Xayah says:

Its a good website to get cheap clothes if you have a frame like the models on the photos. Im 5’4 and USA size 2. Their clothes fit me perfectly; I didnt even have to go a a bigger size. One bad thing about this website though, is that dresses can come a bit short, especially if they look short on the models. Apart from that, the quality is worth its price.

Margaret Murray says:

Were the same size

miya says:

Great haul/review. Ive never purchased anything from Yesstyle even though Ive been very interested, but this is exactly what I thought their product would be like. The sizing is just not going to work for me.

Bitttconnnecc Scam says:

Yes! High-waters are making their way back!

Capri Sun says:

Omg I’m 14 and the same as you as height and weight

Kiara says:

I’m 5’1-5’2 but I weigh about 174 (That seems like a lot, honestly 80% of my fat are in my boobs/butt/thighs and my arms. Surprisingly I only have a little bit of chub on my stomach, I got lucky with that) so I’m not sure if they’d fit me

Jian Aljuhiman says:

I love your cute personality, you look so shy on camera, ughh you’re so adorable!!

hugseoul says:

the pink top is soooooooooooooooooooo pretty omg

hiiiiiii everyone, I just started a youtube channel to talk about my experience in South Korea and my experience in WORKING in Seoul, i’ll be talking about a lot of stuff, but I just posted my first ever poster which is a HUGE HAUL of all the things I bought in korea and on yesstyle, I’m currently putting eng subs for the vidéo! if you guys are interested check me out hihihi bye bye bye jhdsjghdjghd

Mr. Worldwide Handsome is handsome. says:

Wut ur wearing for the outro, reminds me of bts v. It’s totally his style xD

Chi Bùi says:

I think all the jeans ordered from Asian countries don’t always have any button holes. So you just have to cut it by yourself. I saw many people found that weird but nah… it’s normal

Bryan Tyler says:

How do all these short girls have curves but are so light like she said she’s 5’1 and 107 but she have curves!!! I’m 5’2 122 and IM BUILT LIKE A CEREAL BOX!!!

Aizel Bonto says:

Can you get refunds? Because I ordered most of my pants a small so idk whats gonna happen.

moon child says:

where are your earrings from? they’re so cute ❤️

Joulene Attoui says:

omg you look like venus angelic !

Alexis S says:

Chinese brands typically have the button holes sewn shut to verify they haven’t been worn. Or so I’ve heard.

:3 c: says:

With the pants that didn’t have the button hole cut out, it’s because some countries (I’ve personally seen more east asian countries do this, but it’s not completely uncommon) but the reason why they do this, is because to show you it’s new and hasn’t been used. Hope this helps c:

Daisy Paisies says:

i like the way you edited this! with the models photos and your measurements! got yourself a subscriber !

Lexie says:

Hello ^^ I did command a few times on yesstyle…! And I’ve been only disappointed by the pants.
Shirts etc are super quality…
I am waiting for my wig shipping if it does interest someone, I hope their quality will be good because they seem really pretty on the models

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