Try-on guide to women’s Levi’s jeans part 2 | 11 NEW STYLES!! | 2019

This week’s video is another try-on guide to women’s Levi’s jeans, as Levi’s have released 11 new styles since I filmed the last one! There’s some new really cool high-waisted Levi’s in there that I love, so I really hope you find this Levi’s jeans fit guide helpful for their new styles!

Let me know in the comments which looks are your faves! And also if you have any video requests!

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Casper t-shirt: (NOW ON SALE!)
Gold earrings:
Heels (v similar):
Boots: (HALF PRICE!)



(00:32) ⭐ Wedgie icon fit ⭐
also here (ships to UK and Europe!):

(01:04) ⭐ Jane Doe jean ⭐ ON SALE!
also here:

(01:45) ⭐ Mom jean ⭐

(02:18) ⭐ 501 crop ⭐

(02:53) ⭐ Crop flare ⭐

(03:28) ⭐ Ribcage straight ankle ⭐

(04:01) ⭐ 1950s 701 crop ⭐ ON SALE!

(04:40) ⭐ Passenger pants ⭐ ON SALE!

(05:10) ⭐ Baggy cropped jean ⭐ HALF PRICE!

(05:38) ⭐ High water wide leg ⭐
And here: (50% off!)
Black (50% off!):
Dif colour on sale here:

(06:09) ⭐ Alt mom jeans ⭐ HALF PRICE!


(07:56) Exact selvedge pair wearing at the end (HALF PRICE!!)

Other selvedge versions of iconic styles:
501 –
501 skinny –
701 –
721 –


Courtesy of Epidemic Sound and Kevin MacLeod


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justcallmenathalie says:

do you know of a style that is like the “alt mom” but not cropped? i love the style because they’re quite skinny for mom jeans

John Weisenstein says:


tobias myrland says:

Love this its so helpful❤️❤️

Karen Johannesson says:

Pintuck crop and ribcage straight for me! Stunning. So exciting to get a heads up about new styles. Levis til I die ❤️❤️

Emily E says:

i’m so stuck on ordering levi’s as they are so EXPENSIVE 🙁 i’ve been watching a ton of reviews on youtube and i saw your old levi’s review a few days ago and was reading the comments (mostly constructive criticism)!! i must say you have improved the editing/shots a ton in this video!!! and now i really want to spend my money on levi’s

xoAlero says:

I love these videos they’re soo informative! makes it much easier to see how they fit. shopping for jeans is such a task

Kimilisa Baksh says:

the quality of your videos is amazing! Your channel is definitely going to blow up! Would love to see an H&M jeans video

Ilee Vz says:

This is a great video! Very helpful video on Levi’s jeans!!

TheFreakIsIn says:

Your videos are always so professional and you’re a fantastic host! Looking forward to watching this channel grow

Melissa Fuller says:

How tall are you?

Adriaan Koster says:

Love your video’s

Amethyst Lewis says:

whats your height in feet? thnx

Emily says:

really helpful video and also i must say, the editing and your poses makes you look like a sim haha

Alexandra Donnelly says:

Have you ever done modelling? You look like one and I think you’d be good at it.

Uti Osorio says:

Another great try-on jeans video!!!

Iris says:

You are so ridiculously helpful!!!!! Amazing!!!

Frida kee says:

Thank you thank you !!

Sophie Levy says:

Always excited when you upload❤️❤️

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