Toss your skinny jeans, because JNCO is back

’90s kids rejoice! JNCO Jeans are reportedly relaunching their infamous wide-legged pants, thanks to help from a Chinese investor.


shrekthethird says:

noone gonna wear that shit

Billy Richards says:

dumb ass idea, they are horrible looking and my kid will never see a pair

Tim D says:

Good god do not invest money in this company

Ned says:

C’mon CNN …

Brodie Norris Pullar says:

Hate really skinny jeans, can’t really get into the Jincos either. I just want a medium baggy Jean that doesn’t drag along the floor and you can see my kicks in… What are they called?

Allaroundwinner says:

I’m a 90s kid, but please don’t bring these back. We need these like we need Giga Pets and Tamagotchi.

Mugenstylo says:

When gonna hit Asia?

TerrariumFusilage1 says:

Lol why r these back? I loved Jnco’s back in the 90s, I had a few pairs. They weren’t cheap either. They’re just so impractical u can’t do anything in them

MediaxFeendz says:

90s are coming back

OggyMetalHead says:

Ready to go !!!!

Esteban Montelongo says:

Perfect for loitering in front of the circle k.

Eric says:

Bong rips and jncos

David Theisen says:

LOVED my JNCOs!!! they weren’t the hugely wide legged monstrosities but i liked em baggy! still do! i still got some jnco jean shorts and one pair of khaki cargo shorts and i have a pair of the jeans too

TerrariumFusilage1 says:

I also had UFO pants which were lighter

pancakebun 2 says:

Plz don’t do this to us 2000s kids we don’t deserve this

synapticflow says:

Heck yes!  Now if we could only get back the old school raves and that awesome vibe and spirit that they had.  Yeah… wishful thinking.

Crazy Bostonian says:

shiii hey arnold, jncos, chain wallets, spiked up hair, lacrosse sticks, smart yoyos, all that nickelodeon, B&B, rocket power….ahh the 90s… now we have: skinny jeans, stupid ass kids who have 0 social skills, memes, garbage ass “rap” music with mumbling morons and lame ass slang terms only kids of this watered down generation could think of.

Mallory Morton says:

Yay, I hope they start bringing back the 90s style of song next!!!

BluudyWulf says:

I would wear those!

Michael Munro says:

These are horrible and ugly why would you toss your skinny jeans away when there in style these day

Baggy =GROSS

Cesare Chiesa says:

I just love to rock my JNCO everyday, I’ve always hated skinny jeans.

Brandon Burrows says:


Sidra Naqvi says:

i am very happy seeing some of the comments rejecting skinny jeans.i used to think that womens clothes were bad in 2003, by that i mean really tight, that is nothing compared to what is happening today i mean forget pants, its all leggings, and i dont even see loose sweat suits, i see tight like gym clothes, short everything, its horrible, ppl are walking around with pounds of make up , i actually feel so better when i see a women without that smoky eye ,matte lipstick and foundation , because i feel like everywhere is some sort of fashion photo shoot and you look like an outsider, i feel incredibly bad for mens styles today especially with those tight jeans gosh you guys look like women than men, how do you even find such clothes comfortable. and how women find such tight clothes comfortable as well, i personally hate them.

Bear Power says:

In The Fast and the Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious everybody was rockin JENCO’S or similar baggies, even Tyrese Gibson/Roman Pierce used to rock them in 2Fast and he was actually unbelievably masculine & sexy in those light blue wide leg jeans, can you imagine a guy like that constricted in a pair of feminine, ridiculous skinny jeans? Obviously not.

SuperDeluxe80 says:

skinny jeans is what caused the rise in retarded kids this generation.

dakerson1234 says:

God, I bet the Juggalos are thrilled.

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