OOTD Hippie: Crop top and Wide Leg Jeans

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Note: Yes I have a tattoo on my hip. It’s a personal one so I don’t talk about it or show it off. Maybe one day ^_^” hehe.

In NYC you get to have your picture posted onto their billboard if you buy something from AE. So of course I did it! I bought two pairs of hipster jeans, and I have been wearing them to the death. Texan is getting so tired of them, but I love them so much! They are super comfortable to wear!

A&E Hipsters:

I love recycling old craft items, if you are thinking about tossing something out! Just send it to me.

K.L Cao
P.O Box 66154
Houston, TX 77266

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HeyKayElle says:

@DaylightXAngel yes it did hurt..only on the hip bone!

suzumiaharuhi says:

@RoVeRiCe321 Sorry

SuperJadeWilson says:

Have you done a video about you tattos because you have more than one if you’ve not it would be a good idea ;D Please mention me if you do this.
SuperJadeWilson xx

thepinkorangejuice says:

holy crap ur skinny(:

Katherine says:

@SecretLifeOfaBioNerd I was devastated when flare jeans were going out of style.. With my hips, I can’t pull off tight pants. I didn’t mean to offend.. Sometimes I’ve got to keep my un-asked-for opinions to myself. Sorry 🙂

Jezzikah22 says:

i love the apple ring

HeyKayElle says:

@sourx3 ya there is one in Dallas!! yay!

HeyKayElle says:

@BabyAlchie I would still say yes to you! LOL

HeyKayElle says:

@luvAmandaabby haha OH nooo!!!

Hayley Bryde says:


tomboyz151 says:

nice pic in the beginning!! =]

HeyKayElle says:

@luvis4bitten haha yes jackie!!!!

PandaBaby51 says:

@fashionbee2010 if you look at magazines they are trying to bring loose flairs back. Obviously fashion has to go in the other direction once a look is overdone. Time to to get us to buy new jeans once we have donated our old flairs! Just wear what flatters you

HeyKayElle says:

@fatallove YOu might correct me on this…but isn’t Hipster a type of person who go against the norm of society in thinking and in fashion. So if the norm today is to wear a blouse and a t-shirt….and being a hipster means I am wearing these jeans..with that crop top…but the inspiration came from the hippie style…doesn’t this still make the outfit hippie???

sid issh says:

well what i was thinking that, are not skinny jeans is in now a days???

zenward .TV says:

omfg i lov the photo u put in the beginning lol i lov that manga

HeyKayElle says:

@fatallove Even though this is not dead on hippie, it is still hippie inspired. Hipster is a range of things from hippie to ,punk chic, to bohemian to almost half of topshop and h&m. hipsters wear anything however they want mixing brands with thrift-ed, modern with old. True hippie is kind of like ANA sui spring 2011. My outfit is hipster in the sense that i did not use earth tones like a true hippie but the silhouette is a flower child inspired. lol yeah we get pretty technical w/ this stuff.

Michelle L says:

do you read manga?perhaps “the one”?
lol u got me excited when i recognized the pic in the beginning

SHINeelovee05 says:

Hey the first picture is from the manga(?)/manhwa “The One”!

Caroline Nicole says:

anybody knows what program does she use to editing her vids?

Shannon Dalrymple says:

I was just watching that 70’s show and then saw this so cute you look like Jackie haha well outfit wise

maycil20 says:

This style looks very nice on you…cute outfit!

geacegrape123 says:

i have a neclace from forever thats kinda like your owl ring

Tiffany L says:

I have to wear my flare jeans with heels too, because they are way too long on me! hehe

HeyKayElle says:

@DaylightXAngel hhah yah I like it…but I hide it most of the time! It’s fun to have something meaningful to you!

HeyKayElle says:

@TheHayleyKrug hehe woodlands is so far from houston!!!! I can never commute to school like that!

HeyKayElle says:

@bchickbaby yah I love the top! I don’t think I look chubby in it..but it’s the shape of the shirt that throws people off. Yah I don’t think I can do shorts shorts with this top. I am a bit insecure already that my tummy shows…but I will have to get use to it!

inuyasha10215 says:

Can I use lime instead of lemon for acne scars???or what’s the difference??? Thanks XD!!!

Valenchina says:


Casey R says:


Me likey.

Anna Peng says:

My mom really never understood hipster jeans. She said they looked like floor sweepers xD

Isabel Grace says:

omg u hav a tatoo!

Chelsea2012goals says:

look at those sexy blue bell bottom jeans, you look amazing!

suzumiaharuhi says:

lol is that a paradise kiss picture??

Infinite Love says:

I DON’T CARE – 2NE1 ^-^v ♥
awesome outfit!

HeyKayElle says:

@sockstealingnome agreed!

PekoLOVESYOU says:

I think you look great, I don’t know why people are hating on the jeans! Oh by the way, you haven’t updated your blog in awhile :/ lol

HeyKayElle says:

@Pretty1n1Punk haha I have 4 I just hid them really well!

HeyKayElle says:

@LeahLikesMakeup I’m 5’4.

HeyKayElle says:

@kattay11 Oh no it’s okay ! But I agree with the flared jeans though. When I was in 8th grade I had these flares that were humungous! Each leg was the size of my body…and I was like 4’5 rocking these giant flares! I was so excited to see them come back!! I love skinnes and all, but they make my hip look really big as well..I always wear them with a loose fitting shirt to cover it up…

HeyKayElle says:

@annacrack haha they are floor sweepers! LOl i have to wear wedges with them other wise I drag every dust bunny with me including Gelato!

Jjanjjangmaen says:

YOUR EXPOSED!!! i knew it !! you have a tattoo!!!

soribert says:

OMG! I also got the apple ring from H&M!

BethanyBugable says:

I love this! But I would be awesome if those pants were high waisted!

Vanessa Rose says:

your hair looks awesome 🙂

phoebe bien says:

cute paul frank yellow watch

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