Here’s my Everlane NYC shopping experience as promised. After the video on some sustainable brands, I promised you that I would check out Everlane jeans.

This is not really a how to style straight leg jeans or how to style high waist jeans but more of a try on to see how different jeans fit and the best jeans for your body type.

If you like videos on sustainable fashion brands or how to shop sustainably then maybe this in store experience with Everlane will help you get a first hand look on what it’s like.



Halter orange top: Mango:

&OtherStories wide leg jeans: or here’s the denim blue version:

Beaded bag: Vintage

My oversized sunglasses:

Balenciaga Triple S sneakers:


The Day Boot (will do a full review when they arrive!!):

Everlane straight leg cropped (go down one or two sizes):

Everlane jeans:







Canon 80D: (lens is 35mm or 50mm)

Vlogging camera:


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shalini kumar says:

Luv your blouse paired with black jeans at the end ✨

Love, CJ says:

Where is the blouse from? The last one styled with black.

Kenda Church says:

I prefer the pockets in the front on your jeans you wearing

CherishMyDaughter says:

I haven’t lived in NYC for a decade and I still get homesick. Love the shopping options for style but the lines, the lines, the lines! Never had to deal with a line outside the store though. Oh no!!! So glad they recognized you! Great video. Wish they would have had the proper straight cut. Boyfriend is a hit or miss for me too.

Uh Huh says:

I can’t deal with all these short jeans. BF jeans are supposed to be dropped crotch and straight. Please someone make them again!!!!

Sherron Hope says:

Why do the British call sweaters jumpers. I find that very interesting. Also I absolutely love your style.

zaker721 says:

Thank you for visiting Everlane. They actually want to allow ME to play too, with my large breasts and size 10 bottoms. You speak so much about & Other Stories and it hurts to have the “mean girl” companies who will stock XX-S but only go up to L and won’t even carry X-L get all the love. You even mentioned them in here. All the advertising, all the love. And when I visit the site…there is a great big “Your Kind Not Welcome Here” sign hidden in the sizing. Yeah, that’s nice. Everlane doesn’t do that to me and women like me. Thanks for giving them some love.

Mehvish Naqvi says:

How do you stay so fit??share your fitness routine

PureBerlin1990 says:

you are such a beautiful woman. thanks for sharing your experience! 🙂 can you say something about going braless? is it something you had to “work on” or have you always been that confident? so much love from germany <3

Lisa M says:

Boots looked great!

Alexandria T says:

You are gorgeous

SH A says:

ur videos is amazing …

Pip Addis says:

I absolutely LOVE those white boots too! Anything that feels buttery soft with jackets or shoes, I fall in love with. I didn’t love the fit of most of the jeans you tried on either, but it’s so helpful to know how big they run and how they look in the legs. Thank you!

Robin Alves says:

I’m so curious about Everlane’s heels with the elastic looking back. The red are calling my name.

Aliké Sampson says:

Karen! You’re flashing a good deal of boobie! Where is your bra???!

Judith Brighton says:

Your makeup is especially beautiful in this video! When people get makeup right, it’s always so much more than the sum of its parts! Love the finish, just a perfect no-makeup makeup look!

Julie Cruz says:

Thank you for this video. I have had to return a few things from Everlane but love the simplicity of their products!

Vanessa Acevedo says:

Can you get those shoes in the uk? I know they ship worldwide but I don’t want to do the whole tax malaki

Eyvonne Gazaway says:

This store is amazing!! It reminds me a lot of what GAP was like back in the day!! Thank you for sharing I will be shopping there!!

Notta Victim says:

Just what I wanted for the holidays, a beautiful burgundy Cashmere V neck. This particular one came from Everlane, a place I was not that familiar with but I had heard they had “nice basics at reasonable price points”. Well, the cashmere quality of this V neck was abysmal. Within just 1 season the thing was completely pilled. It literally resembled something your cat used as a covering for the scratch post. Sure, the item was cheaper than what you would spend at Bergdorf, Barneys or Saks for Italian or English cashmere (if you could even still find it) yet when you factor in the simple fact that the lifespan of the sweater approximated that of a Chinatown umbrella, the Everlane Cashmere V Neck came in as the most expensive purchase of all.
When approached on the matter their “customer service” was equally abysmal and actually suggested I should feel free to discard or donate the sweater to charity. Of course I successfully disputed the purchase with Master Card and suggest you do likewise.

Erin Bednarz says:

yay thank you for doing this! I never know what the sizing of their stuff is so this was AMAZE <3

Marion Pace says:

Girl if you don’t put those boots back How many pairs of white boots do you own already?

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