Lets Get REAL! Is Fashion Nova Worth Your Money?? Honest Review

Hey loves! Welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel! Watch me in HD as I give an honest review about fashion nova quality.

Thank you to Fashion Nova for sending me these items and sponsoring this video. http://www.fashionnova.com

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All items shown in video are listed below

Feel so Alive Joggers

Feel So Alive Hoodie

Crestline Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Wait for it Knit Dress

Miss Fortune Sequin Dress

Whitney Satin Set

Rena Velvet Ruffle Pants

Nervous Around You Jeans

Hyperstretch Skinny Pants

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Thanks so much for watching!


Yvette Arnold says:

Cute outfits

Beauty Biee says:

They all look good

J Johnson says:

You are so beautiful!! Thanks for the honesty!!!

Nathalie Ford says:

Girl, your body is goals!!

Marissa Thomas says:

Love !!! What was your size in dresses ?? I’m timid of picking the wrong size

Don Allen says:

you look great!! where you from??

Alexis Brokenberry says:

THAT BODY THOOOO! thank you so much for this review bc me and Fashion Nova have issues even though I continue to go back lol. Now I need them to sponsor you to review every item they sell

Naebaebeaute says:

I’ve never had ANY issues with fashion nova, it’s crazy I see people say it’s hit or miss but my orders have always been good lol I order with confidence

Erica Larshall says:

Loved your honesty ! Hope you, the little one, and hubbs are doing well ❤️

Ms Belinda says:

And you look good in EVERYTHING GURL!! I Buy from them as well ALL THE TIME ..Hell they need to start sending me shit lmao ..

Tiffany Michael says:

You have been with them for a while..I love every look book you have done. You have great sense of style & you body is amazing girl!!

Brenda Rodrigues says:

Loved all of those pieces! Thanks for sharing.

Nicole Bristol says:

Love your video. Can we have a wedding planning video? I am also my planning my wedding and like watching for inspiration.

Emanii Porter says:

Where is the denim jacket that was in the beginning of the video

rose dickerson says:

there shipping is trash. lol. sometimes they don’t give you all your products, but give a weak as store credit minus the shipping. so you end up paying more money to get an item or a different that should have be sent in the first place

QueenShontae says:

Very beautiful but so unhumble. You are a youtuber and I own a business. I was only trying to show you I own a business that sells way CHEAPER fashions….remember to remain humble and don’t knock others down. Have a blessed day

Laysiaa Maraj says:

heyy youtuber i love this video also i gave it a thumbs up and sub to you as well
please do the same for me im new to this youtube vlog life lol and im trying to make it
as well lol and also if you are a small youtuber looking for support let me know
i love to support others just do the same in returns xox!!!!!

Diamonds Whaley says:

I think everything on fashion novas site should be 1-40 dollars at most. I’ve ordered from there about 5 times. The sizing is so so the quality average looks like the picture sometimes. Nothing too amazing…. but not bad in all honesty

Bunny Johnson says:

Your body is just crazy
.lord I need to hit the gym

divinely_Giovanah J says:

Omg I just placed an order. I need to get the miss fortune dress for my bday! That dress is the perfect nude and sequins! Keep the videos coming thanks!

tancia francis says:

I so in love with fashion nova outfit I buy from them too

Taoko says:

Definitely agree with your assessment. Fashion Nova has to be one of the best sites for affordable, flattering and up-to-date clothing. Can you please do a video on your current meal and workout regimen because damn

Zaynah Amirah says:

That navy and gold jumpsuit is so bomb and it looks great on you girl!


My fave was the last jean

Safiyyah Rasheed says:

Your body is everything very natural you are a beautiful woman

Stephanie Crutchfield says:

All their materials are thin & cheap..

*IAm_Dani* says:

You look amazing in these outfits but I love how honest you are, you saved me some money on some of these items thank you

sheinelle harris says:

Your beautiful

ana Pl says:

Nice video !Can you do it with pretty little thing please ?

Kimberly Burleson says:

BODY please do a workout regime.. what I eat in a day, post baby body tips!!!

Shelby Steele says:

I tried ordering from them in the past and everything was trash so I stopped. But since all these youtubers starting promoting them I thought maybe they had improved so I ordered sweaters that I received yesterday and they were all trash too. The way they look on the models were so bomb but mines were cheap and had a weird fit. For example, for one of the sweaters the proportions are so off because the sleeves seems like they were made for a short, fat person but the rest of the sweater is long and narrow like its for a tall skinny person. But the biggest issue that I have with them is the price. If their going to sell cheap ish then the price needs to reflect it. Im officially done with them.

K H says:

That black satin set is cute

Mathilde Isb says:

Love this type of videos! xoxo

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