Chic For Less | YesStyle Review Haul & Try On | Summer 2018



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Green Satin Midi Skirt (Size M)

Paper-Bag Waist Skirt (One Size)

Button Up MINI Dress/Top (One Size)

Sleeveless Button Up Shirt (One Size)

Flowers Printed T-Shirt (One Size)

Brown Plain T-Shirt (One Size)

Nude Plain T-Shirt (One Size) This particular one has now sold out but here are other similar options from the same seller

Sea Foam Green Cotton Oversized Shirt (One Size)

Yellow Linen Dress (Size M)

Brown Crinkle Shirt (One Size)

Beige Linen Shirt Dress (One Size)

Black Cut Out Dress (One Size)

See Through Bag

Black Triangle Sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses (Broken ☹️)

Gold Earrings



Rust Colour Wide Leg Jeans (Size 10L)

Blue Jeans (size 27)

Tan Sandals – Hermes (Affordable alternatives here and here )

Black Sandals

Gold Necklace

Basket Bag


Edited by Simon Creasey


Rachael Jones says:

i love the white t shirt . and the very short dress you tucked in your jeans suits you sooo well i would get it shortened to make a proper top x

jablum77 says:

Love this and the dress .. very simple but so needed

Lynda Olsen says:

Chic for Less…more like Shit for Less…the clothes,not you,you’re beautiful! Burn it ALL!

Autumn Mancuso says:

Love your style.

Ruth Ballenger says:

that first skirt is not flattering on you it doesn’t matter how much you paid, second skirt terrible, the dress has a top looks ok, the T-shirts are really nice and pretty colors, the mustard dress looks bad on your stomach area, black dress is cute not a very exciting haul i would not buy anything from this retailer not matter how inexpensive they are. greetings from Germany you are beautiful and very classy!

Yoonjeong Choi says:

Good job Emma, love color pallet you chose, I checked the link and found out that there are so many Korean products.
I want to let other viewers know the models are usually small and skinny. Since price range is quite lower side, there are more chances that the models they hire are small and skinny,,,(around 158cm~165cm tall and 45-48kg weight) because they target young girls as their main customer. I am Korean myself but sometimes it is hard to find some decent size clothing online!
Anyway your video are good quality and full of helpful contents. Big love from Korea!

R says:

hahaha – I think that that first dress is meant for Simon – alone – at night……. the black dress looks lovely – for anyone to see you in it.

Maria Nott says:

I must say you are so pretty

Joy Ringold says:

I had never heard of these prior. Thank you for the suggestion!!

christinakis says:

Enjoyed your shopping. Dresses look amazing on you.!!☺

Jacqueline Caruana says:

I ordered the black dress with pockets and the shirt with the floral line drawings! I liked how the links from this video took me to the exact products on the US site. So many things you have that I love, from Asos and Mango especially, don’t link up that way. Maybe you could add US site links if the products are similarly available? Big fan of the haul and look chic for less videos.

Cris O says:

That black dress look great on you

P. Kimberly Thomas says:

POCKETS!!! I do love the pockets on that dress. But ur excitement about the pockets made this whole video amazing. Keep up the awesome work!

Lauren Chapman says:

The mustard wrap dress looks SO lovely on you! And I love the black cotton one…might need to pick that one up for myself!

Nadia Pixie says:

Can you do a video where Simon dresses you or buys your outfit!! Love his quirky style and think it would super funny to watch. x

Anita Brandon says:

I like the black dress the best. Do you have any of the pieces altered to remove excess material?

Matilda Martin says:

I love that Black dress !!!!!!!*****

leona paric says:

you can wear that “dress” on slim fit black jeans, i thin it would look very nice..even with belt that goes with it

Maria Nott says:

Love all those clothes

Julie Nantais says:

Love this!! Didn’t know about the brand, so thank you for this!! I already have a few items in mind 🙂

A Fat Girl's Food Guide to Eating in Korea says:

Asian sizing is the worst, especially the oversized stuff which most things tend to be. I’m a reasonably normal sized British lady (UK10-12), but can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to shops here in Korea and have been told “No Big Size” when I just walked into a shop. Or have just been refused when I asked to try something on. I have many a time considered buying from the likes of She-in but always feel it wont fit me right. Think i’ll stick with good old Asos, as returns are easier. Also I would love to see a VLOG or post about you hitting the charity / vintage shops and how you sort the treasure from the trash.

Medina JB says:

I love that black dress but I am a US L (10-12), so I refuse to purchase from these types of online sellers…the sizing for larger ladies is always waaayyyyy off. But at least you have a nice pair if sunglasses for a pirate costume for halloween.

Sophie says:

Love as always girl! ❤️

Jennifer-Therese Ntumba says:

Hahahahahahah I just love your videos. I just lough so hard, when i watch your videos. Thank you

Irma McKinney says:

Aww i just love you. I can relate so much with you. I don’t know what it is but you act like you have been friends with us forever and we go out for coffee everyday . I at least order one item of all your hauls or vlogs . So thanks my wallet adores you. Wish we could go out for coffee . It saddens me that i will never meet you . ❤️

Caroline says:

I love that *mini* “dress”. I’m short, but I don’t think I would take the risk and order the dress, but I really like the style! Reminds me of the white zara dress that’s been trending, just without the “balloon” sleeves!

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