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The Best and Worst Plus SIze Jeans! Today I’m reviewing five brands of plus size jeans and jeggings: Torrid, Fashion to Figure, Asos Curve, Lysse and my new Favorite RWN.In the world of plus size fashion, finding a great pair of jeans it second only to the quest for the holy grail! In this try on haul I’m sharing advice on what to look for and how to dress for your shape. My Body is sort of a hourglass/pear/apple hybrid, so finding those perfect jeans can be a challenge!

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Sarah Anne

Asos Curve Ridley –
Fashion To Figure –
Torrid 3 Button
Lysse Jeggings
RWN Curvy Skinny Jeans

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Laura Kirsch says:

I’m so happy that you can speak so openly about your feelings on body confidence! You are so beautiful and stylish and are a huge support to women everywhere who struggle with accepting themselves. I’ve recently gained a lot of confidence about the aspects of my body that I used to think were unattractive etc. and my heart soars to see that you have too (:

Hannah Kayee says:

Those last jeans are amazing!!!

Penny Boyle says:

What camera and lens do you use? This video quality is amazing!!

Sharaya Butterfly says:

Baby you arent shaped like an apple, an apple core yes

Rachel G says:

So you recommend sizing down in the torrid jeggings because of the stretch or would you say that they fit to size? I have a bunch sitting in my cart because I need some more “professional looking” comfy pants because I sit at a desk all day

Elasia Arroyo says:

Very informative 🙂

Prajna says:

Love your videos so much ❤️

NuEqualsLambdaEf says:

I forget how tall you are…do you have to buy short legged or long legged jeans, or do the “normal” ones work for you?

Jennifer Kenney says:

Have you tried JLO jeggings from Kohl’s? I love them! If you are shorter then 5’10 try the regular length. These are my go to pants!

Sydney Herzog says:

I remember watching you in high school!

I can bench more than you Zaryanova says:

Oh. My. Gosh.
I finally found a youtuber that has a similar body shape to mine. I thought I was alone!!

hiyana Y says:

Hi Cora ! At the beginning, I wasn’t really interested in this video bit after 1 minute, I was curious. Really, I wasn’t interested beause I leave in France, so it’s a little bit pointless because we don’t have these brands. But after having watched your videos I realised that I why my jeans always sliped off. And it’s kind of difficult for me to find jeans (and clothe really) because I’m plus size, but not a really plus size. And I feel like I’m too young for the clothe that are created for the plus sied woman. In my country at least. If not and there’s some french people here, I’m open for options ! xD

Wendypretty1 says:

Darn, wish I could afford the RWN jeans.

Dita Mayhugh says:

I just adore you and I am so glad you did this video! I wanted to experiment with jeggings and this video was so resourceful!

Kristi Hignite says:

I have a really hard time shopping for jeans in the sense that I’m in between plus size and not plus size I guess. I went to torrid and got some jeans where one size was to fight, the next size up fit but was to big in the waist and high waisted as well so can’t really wear a belt but constantly pulling then up all day. I’ve yet to find a pair of jeans that are jeans that fit and I don’t have to pull up all day and that are genuinely comfortable… Oh and affordable would be nice too lol I’m in between a size 10 and 13 depending.

Jamie Brown says:

Just got a pair of rwn distressed curvy skinny jeans in my dia & co box. Omg they are my new favorite jeans I’ve never found jeans that fit me so well I can’t wait till they launch more

Cassandra Morgan says:

My favorite plus size jeans are from Charlotte Russe. However, they are distressed so I can’t wear them to work. (I can wear jeans….just not distressed jeans.) So my go-to jeans for work, right now, are from Target. I don’t love them but they work.

Dawnandlo says:

I have a big ol butt and my belly gets big high but isnt very big down front so high waist jeans look sooooo unflattering. Ive been wearing target under the bump maternity jeggings. But they changed the brand they carry so the fabric is crap now. So once again i search

Nicola Beer says:

Great video. I’m an average sized girl. 5’2″ and a U.S size 8. I’m generally an hourglass. You would think this would make it easy to buy jeans. No. Leg prisons in general are a nightmare. They make my arse and legs look stumpy and weird. I’ve totally given up. Xx

Monica Jones-Tabor says:

So I have literally no ass…. I have big legs and a big belly. But no boobs or ass. And my pants fall down SO BAD. A belt doesn’t work bc of muffin top. Maybe I need to try the high waist?

Ty Robert says:

Have you found velvet jeans

Kimberly Vela says:

Great video! Have you seen those Vixen jeans and shorts by Micheline Pitt? I want to try them but I’m afraid of the “real denim”.

Simone Truden says:

I want a tutorial for this makeup look please!!!

Steve C says:

Beautiful lady!

Gerpha Gerlin says:

Hello! Have you tried Old Navy’s jeans?

Glitter And Doom says:

Have you checked out the denim line from Vixen by Micheline Pitt? They go up to sizes 4x I believe.

Isabel Navarro says:

Dude, I would LOVE to see a video like this about shorts, I’ve been attempting to stop being afraid of clothes and shorts specifically are on that list

Arianna says:

I have to say with the ASOS ridley jeans I had the same issue until I sized down! That being said, once I did they looked great and didn’t fall down, but they lost any comfort they had in being the bigger size and definitely became pants I avoid for lots of sitting. The ASOS Rivington jeggings are holy grails for me though! (i’d suggest sizing down with those as well, which isn’t usually the case for me since I’m all thighs!)

VintageDreaming says:

It irritates me how hit and miss Torrid jeans are. The same styles can fit completely differently in the same size! And they can bag out pretty bad by the end of the day, but when they’re good, they’re great. I can’t figure it out lol

Hannah Kayee says:

I’d love if you tried the Good American jeans by Khloe kardashian

squ33ble says:

You have a pretty similar body shape to me, so this has been SOOOOOO helpful to me! I have never owned jeans, but I want to try them, and this is a good starting point!!

kayleen su'e says:

new sub. luv u

Caitlin Slack says:

Thank you so much for this. I hate shopping for jeans as a plus size woman, plus size bodies are all so different from each other so it’s hard to find something that works for everyone.

Baby Beauti says:

I love the jeans that are cuffed, with the doodle messages on them. I was so excited to go look and purchase a pair after watching this video, but then I saw they cost $88 🙁 bummer.

Jillian Holt says:

I’m like a month late on this, but try the Avenue butter denim! They are so soft and so comfortable, but I wear out the thighs on them super fast, so I only buy them on clearance.

Lisa Feldmann says:

Thanks for the reviews! I also love the Torrid jegging style but returned my last pair since they felt tight in the stomach and I have to sit most of the day at work. Would love your take on the Universal Standard brand. They have jeans as well.

Nerdychic05 says:

RWA is too pricey

Fred Schartz says:

I find the perfect jeans, and when I go to buy more, they are no longer available. This occurs over and over again.

Asia Smith says:

Hey girl!!!! A good jean to try is from SimplyBe called the Lucy skinny jeans. I vow to wear only these jeans. They’re like really skinny on the leg/ankle and they last me forever! They feel like a jegging but it has all the pockets like real jeans. The bomb! Great video!

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