an honest zaful review + try on haul 2017

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Is Zaful a scam? What the hell is their sizing system? Will all the buttons fall off their shitty clothing? Is there anything I won’t do anything for free clothes? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this week’s episode of Ashley Poses Awkwardly in Her Bedroom!

● on me ●
sweater – berksha (

● from the haul ●

yellow bow back gingham dress:

frilled off the shoulder crop top:

gingham jumpsuit:

lace up mini skirt:

black denim skirt:

gingham pants:

black and white gingham dress:

lemon flounce skirt:

high waisted snap pants:

olive suede skirt:

FTC: the items in this haul were sent to me for free, but everything is my 100% honest opinion. I was not paid to make this video. I do not earn money from the links above but they do identify traffic as coming from this video.

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Lanisha J says:

this is the first video of urs that i’ve seen and i fucKING LOVE U

Emily m says:

love your personality!

Mr Galileo says:


Madeleine O'Connor says:

So glad I stumbled upon this video, she’s fucking hilarious

kelly philpot says:

This is exactly what I was looking for I love this video! Thank you so much!

Olly Grasso says:

Just did a zaful haul, check it out on my channel!!

Cindyy233 says:

Just found your channel, Love your personality! If we met in person we’d be best friends.

Phungachu Le says:

i like the way u talk.. AHHAHHA

sophia bel says:

I wear nude biker shorts that I found at the dollar store under my sheer clothing!

ellymescudi says:

You are so far my fav YouTuber on here ♥️

Marifer Castro says:

Hi! How tall are you?

emEm Maghanoy says:

“picnic bitch”

Mariana Lima says:

first video of ur channel that i am watching and omfg how you edit like this? i loved! so flawless! and u are so funny

Jessica Tong says:

Omg u r hilarious

Molly M says:

When the button hole isn’t open it means the item is new 8n China

Madelene Yeolo says:

you’re hilarious i love your personality HAHAHA gonna binge watch now!! keep it up

Damai Antoni says:

*a honest lmao

Milubee says:

your teeth are so cute <3 <3 <3

Grace Fellows says:

Wow! That jumpsuit!

Tyra Olivia says:

Lol i started watching this video and loved your personality and went to subscribe but i was already

Dabney Edwards says:

Love your channel!

Ilyza Malapote says:

Subscribing coz ur funny af! <3

Tiana Wang says:

Aaaahhh I love you so much I’m so glad I discovered this channel!!

Mizutista says:

pair your skirt with a distressed denim jacket and maybe some lil booties?

Katherine Sibella says:

what’s the intro song?? i cant find it

Nina Alyssa Tubig says:

Not sure if i like your style or your personality more……….can we just be friends???

aliajaywalks says:

Nice clothes, but ur really boring

Samantha Clare says:

Hi! Love your videos, not sure if you knew but Zaful (and other brands like Romwe) is a really horrible brand ethically. Their workers are put in dangerous sweatshop conditions and not paid fair living wages – their workers become almost like indentured servants

Genmaichi says:

What three sizes are you?

BasicallyJust Leah says:

How tall are you ?

Nienke Arendsen says:

You should try the “picnic bitch” outfit with a little oversized denim jacket and Maybe Some white sneakers

Chopsticks says:

I literally hit subscribe as soon as she said I look like such a picnic bitch

kelly philpot says:

Sell out…? Uh no. Unless you’re being made to review dishonestly it’s just reward for your hard work on social media. You go girl.

baetsh says:

Hi guys in the comments! My friend just started youtube and I really wanna help her gain a lil community, if you like fashion and lifestyle maybe check her out? thanks! Her channel name is „crackshrek“
if not that‘s absolutely fine, thanks for reading this anyways

upsetpizza says:

LMFAOOOOOO i love you

Amazing Ali says:

im a ho for your videos now

LaSloane says:

I stumbled on your video and I have to say I loved it, not too long, effective, cool ✌️

Actual Communist Bun says:

That yellow dress was def. the best piece from the haul, everything else was sketchy quality. Most looked great on you though! I don’t think I would fit into any of those jumpsuits right.

Willowkehler says:

This is the first video I’ve ever watched from you and i already know i”m subscribing your’e so magnetic and fun<3

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