ALMOST $700 WORTH OF CLOTHES AT ROMWE?? Try-on Clothing Haul & Review

Hey Guys! I went shopping on Romwe and I show you guys everything that I purchased and also tried them on, whilst giving my honest review of everything I purchased. If I were to purchase everything for the original prices, it would have all been added up to almost $700, but I ended up receiving a 75% off the entire order so therefore only paid about $170. I hope you guys enjoyed and if you did, make sure to give this video a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE and I’ll see you soon.


Red Sweatpants were sold out!

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Get This Party [NCS Release] – Raven & Kreyn

**Disclaimer** : This video is not sponsored in any way shape or form and all opinions are my own. All music rights go to the owner.


phil trash #2 says:

500th subscriber!!

Lauren Dilaurentis says:

The retail prices ARE NOT real. They put that on there to make it seem like it’s worth more than it is. Lol there’s never been any discount

C C says:

Love your video! Btw how tall are you? I’m around 5’2 ish and would like to see how long it’ll fit me

Lisa Ferrier says:

Should I order off of here

katie stenmark says:

You are so stunning omg!!! Your hair is beautiful! Thank you for this video, it was really informative. 🙂

Layla E says:

You’re so gorgeous! Thank you so much for making this video because i just spent a lott of money on a romwe order. Do the orders always take a really long time to reply?

Anisa Martorebo says:

Hi, idk if this is rude bt I don’t mean it to be but what size are you usually and what size did you get the gingham dress?? Because I want to order but I don’t want to order the wrong size. Please and thank you!

bianka says:

Why do you got it for such low prices? Was there sale?

Emma Klein says:

Is the quality of all their stuff nice? Did it hold up in the wash? I want to order from Zaful and maybe Romwe (just a piece or two) but im not sure if I should even bother testing the waters.

Madison Oberley says:

add me on my snapchat! @moberley2118

Madi Smith says:

I subscribed I love ur channel so much

Alyssa Mai says:

Did the gingham dress and ribbed tops end up feeling nice?

Manuja says:

Hey what size did you get the jean jacket in im definitely buying it !

Hillary Abad Carrillo says:

It’s called off-the-shoulder girl

Aniya Simmons says:

i spent 107 on romwe my mom thought i was crazy then i showed her this video lol

Mia I says:

I hope she knows that the retail price is fake everyone gets it cheap

The Original says:

Did you have credit/debit card issues? some people say and I just wanna make sure that its not romwe or anything

Edit: Also idk what size i am cause um i dont have a tape measue lol but im 5’2 and about 102 pounds im american would you have any size suggestions?

Simply Yesi says:

i bought $71 worth of clothes from this website a few weeks ago and put the code in and i was supposed to get 50% off my entire purchase but i never did?? i ended up paying full price /:


I love your haul !!! But the price is fake lol they lie to make you buy the article . the shoes don’t actually cost 70$ but 20$ the store always have discount on every article it’s not just a 4th of july thing

Abby G says:

Hi i loved your video! What size did you order the gingham dress ? 🙂

Julia Marie says:

How long did it take to ship to you?

Gabby Pantoja says:

How long is shipping?

Kendra Booker says:

I really like your style I’m going to subscribe

Gabrielle Whitehead says:

What size shirts did you get ?

Devorah Malichy says:


B says:

I subscribed!! Also where is your blue lace up shirt from?

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