400$ ZAFUL TRY ON HAUL( IS IT WORTH IT!?/ honest review)

INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/gabriellawhited/?hl=en
Zaful Website: http://bit.ly/2haWHoM
ZFS All order with over $30 save $3, over $50 save $5, over $80 save $8, over $100 save $10.
11.11 promotion: http://bit.ly/2yb2ENd
Oversized Sunglasses: http://bit.ly/2hMQBvg
Open Back Slip Dress: http://bit.ly/2i0sTvc
Rhinestone Chain Earrings: http://bit.ly/2ApYLlk
Sport Pants: http://bit.ly/2zn50rX
Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve Cropped Top: http://bit.ly/2h9vTVS
Oval Retro Anti UV Windbreak Sunglasses:http://bit.ly/2Am4AQt
Letter Cropped Tank Top: http://bit.ly/2ApiLnN
Wrap Knitted Crop Tank Top: http://bit.ly/2hlzns1
Letter Print Cotton Cropped Tank Top: http://bit.ly/2zn6mmx
Mid Waisted Cutoffs Denim Mini Shorts:http://bit.ly/2iAzwo8
Ruffled Rib Textured Crop Top: http://bit.ly/2h9ghBE
Striped Tied Cami Crop Top:http://bit.ly/2lXrSJn
Bowknot Hollow Out Cropped Tank Top: http://bit.ly/2yCfzYQ
Padded Bandeau Bikini Set: http://bit.ly/2zCUU78
Gingham Lace Up Bralette Bikini Set: http://bit.ly/2yailQF
Star Charm Collarbone Chain Necklace: http://bit.ly/2znQVs6
Camouflage Babe Hoodie:http://bit.ly/2y9plxt
Hoodie and Sweat Shorts Set:http://bit.ly/2ybsigU
High Low Hem Ninth Wide Leg Jeans: http://bit.ly/2zivtqR
Halloween Devil Lace Hairband: http://bit.ly/2hhPZRyVintage Circle Bar Earrings: http://bit.ly/2i0vtkN
Mesh Spliced See-Through Leggings: http://bit.ly/2z2DikM
Tiered Plastic Beading Choker: http://bit.ly/2ivgtPG
Knot Hem Cropped Top: http://bit.ly/2h3y51v
Strip Rhinestone Drop Earrings: http://bit.ly/2zx94me
Ladder Cut Padded Sporty Bra: http://bit.ly/2xji3XB
Floral Lace Longline Bralette Top: http://bit.ly/2yDAUAr
Mesh Layered Running Shorts: http://bit.ly/2yLN4qG
Lace Up Mini Bodycon Skirt: http://bit.ly/2y19fF3



sra pump says:

the 10/10

Zahara Wilson says:

How many times are you going to say the word cute can we please expand your vocabulary

S B says:

All about tight skimpy clothing and a super cute at the ending….uhhhhhhhhhhh

Skylah Moyce says:

Could you pleaseeeee send a link for the camo jeans/pants you tried on and bought!! I’m looking all over the site and I can’t find them and I really love them, thankyou xox

lol mara says:

Do zaful dresses!

Poolar Gm says:

Eu te amo
I love you ❤

Rabia Haliloğlu says:

Lose weihgt cardio

Pai Chan says:

I’ve been looking for that blue top at 4:23 EVERYWHERE and all I can see is the original one which is $260 🙁 please put up the link for it?❤️

Tiana Quattro says:


Hiba ' says:

Watching her with that beautiful strong abs, toned leg and slime arm while i’m sitting here in the coach eating oreo with my bellyfat and thoes fat legs and arms…

Make me bursting into tears.

AndiiSaMar says:

Step 1: Have Gabby’s perfect body.
Step 2: Look awesome in every piece of clothing.

Reshma John says:

Can you please upload a video for working out your legs please!

Summer Mccann says:

Gabby where did you get those checkered pants from please the ones with the zip? ❤️

Emmalie Nygaard Habane 5B Sølystskolen says:

you should do more workout routine but i love this video

Summer Mccann says:

Can anyone tell me which exact link where she got that blue top the one with the slits in because I can’t find it in the description! Pleaseee help me I need it

TheLegend27 _ says:

4:03 oh yeah

Klaudia Kuliś says:

How long did it take you to get that form? I

EnderMite ' says:


Kaitlin Nguyen says:

I love the camo hoodie! What size did you order it in?

Miky Swan says:

You are so stunning!

Karen S. says:

take a shot every time she says “super cute” lol

srishti Singh says:

I missed your videos

Chloe Armel says:


Well… not _early_ but still


Francis Schaap says:

can you do a whole body winter workout?
how to stay healthy during the winter

Ösch H. says:

Where is your trousers or skirt (I don’t know) from, which you wear with the white off the shoulder long sleeve thing?
All things are very pretty:)

mago elite says:


Indianamericanbeauty says:

she looks like a boy without makeup

susana villalobos-monthean says:

Love you Gabriella !!!!❤️❤️❤️

Uma Pessoa Ai says:

The Girl And Meme

Francesca DRZ says:

You are such an honest person! i really like your style!

ken - chan says:

you have such a beautiful body, do you workout in gym, or is all in your home?

Lil_but_fierce22 says:

Can u do a workout calendar?

ari avari says:

Isn’t it cold? Why are you buying clothes like that

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