Rock Revival Jeans Vs True Religions Review

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Ahvon Hurt says:

Both pants are fake look at the stitchings

Jordan Thomas says:

his true religions fake the back pocket do not have a deep curve.

Karon Jay says:

Man them TRUES fake as hell bruh. U gotta know that right?!

Pelsa Agnew says:

Rock jeans are played out to many people wear them.

lavonte grace says:

I love rocks better than trues but i got more trues than rocks lol but sell me the trues how much for them

ChargeHD says:

Nice video, and they’re buddha smiles.


Everyone calls mine girl jeans I think it’s because there jelous.

Arrogant Sosa says:

he did this hella serious when his jeans are fake your dad screwed you aha

D.ScottBlacktopChanel says:

True religion jeans fake, but Rock Revival are amazing I have 3 pairs

Chris Butler says:

When it says “STRAIGHT” on the back of Trues that means they’re hand picked. Smh

Stiwing Esteban says:

thats fake brother lol check out sum videos about fake and real trues everything its out of measure bro not even the horseshoe its in the wrong spot

Arrogant Sosa says:

check out my authentic true video

Point Blank says:

Bro u still got the trues j want thrm

Darian Chastine says:

trues fake

JiNxx sT says:

bruh the trues are fu fu

The Boxing Junkie says:

The trues look like real good replicas

OswaldChannel says:

true religion are fake bro


Got real trues and rocks reviews on my channel please like and sub

generic whitemale says:

the stitching on the back of the rocks lmao…

Mario Navarro says:

Them true religion fake asf

Kris Topher says:

do you like Big Star jeans? basically I’d compare them to Rock Revivals in price and not as fuk Boi looking

Good Cookie says:

Them trues fu

Ace Boogie says:

Clearly see the American flag Trues authentic stupid mfers them Rocks decent as hell tho

Juan Martinez says:

So fake on the trues u can tell from the pocket

Isaiah leon says:

Yo false ass religion fake ass shit bro

Karimchii says:

You still have the true religion jeans bro?

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