DENIM JEANS HAUL – ASOS + & OTHER STORIES – Finding denim jeans that fit after weight loss

Hi Huns, I have recently been on a denim buying rampage as my new health and fitness regime has seen me drop a dress size since Christmas and my beloved Topshop straight leg jeans are too big in a 28 and I can’t fit in a 26 from Topshop – So I need a size 27!

In today’s jean haul I am trying on 9 pairs from ASOS and & Other Stories. I will also have an Urban Outfitters and H&M Jeans Haul coming up next week. Fingers crossed I find a pair from them all as being inbetween sizes sucks as not everywhere does a size 27!

Let me know in the comments below your favourite pairs and any recommendations for size 27 jeans! I have also linked everything below. Thanks for watching!


My Gucci Loafers –

*Watch my Topshop haul here –

ASOS Black Wash Jeans £32 (sold out)

ASOS recycled Florence Jeans £32 –

ASOS Fairleigh Skinny Jeans £32 (sold out) shop all Fairleigh jeans here –

ASOS Florence straight leg jean £30 –

Straight Denim Jeans indigo £59 –

Cropped Flared Jeans £59 –

Straight Denim Jeans £59 –

Light Blue Straight Denim Jeans £59 –

Cropped flared denim jeans Indigo £59 –



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Fiona Fan says:

Wow i love this video, you gave us so many details and they are really helpful. Thank you!

tweetypiesugar says:

JDY on Asos has 27″ jeans, not sure of the fit though

Dalal Tahira says:

You should try Monki for jeans- they do a size 27! I go for the Kimomo style but they have LOTS of other styles to choose from. I just checked their website and they have 20% off jeans up until midnight (definitely justifies it ;))

Selin T says:

Hello, I really like your video and with the Toyshop jeans maybe give the joni ones a try. They are a lot more stretchy than the other ones so maybe the size 26 will fit

Vera Smirnova says:

Jbrand and motherdenim the best in my opinion but you should size down and more orient on your waist measurement

Ayesha Barber says:

Jcrew carries 27 check them out

08emily89 says:

You’re SO pretty!

Una Donovan says:

I think topshop just announced last week that they are doing half sizes now!

K Mejia says:

Spray with water bottle while wearing around the house

amal - says:

i liked the Straight Jeans

Piyanuch Nuch says:

try zara jeans

ffflyin says:

Maybe a little random but… do you happen to have a younger brother named Will!!?

Anna says:

To stratch jeans, spray it with warm water and wear it, make it dry on you. Google for more fun tips, there is a lot of advices. To shrink jeans, wash it and put it in the drier.

HeyFranziska says:

URBAN OUTFITTERS!! Their BDG Jeans come in half sizes and their Axyl model (the UO version of the Topshop Straight Leg) are my favourite jeans ever.

Nicola Mei says:

how much do you weigh? i hope you don’t mind me asking 🙂

Rachel Brown says:

This is one of the reasons I don’t want to lose weight (or gain weight for that matter).
I own about 15 pairs of jeans and there’s no way I’m gonna be replacing them all. Lol
Btw, not a fan of any of those & other stories Jeans. Plus I think they’re overpriced!

Veridis Quo says:

I really like Esprit jeans, they have W27.

Katherine Bond says:

I think Topshop announced on there instagram a few weeks ago that there gonna launch half sizes in jeans!

Natalie Giorgio says:

Topshop are doing half sizes finally no way

Anya Elise Elness Hanson says:

My holy grail straight leg jeans are the Voyage jeans from Weekday! I suggest you check them out!

Lori Penzato says:

H&M has 27 jeans and they come in many styles and colors. My daughter has size 25 jeans from Topshop that look really good.  The Joni jeans are her favorite !!!  I was going to get a pair but I am worried the 28s will be to big.

Gemma Avignone says:

Hi Charlotte, why don’t you buy the 28 inch Topshop jeans and have them tailored to fit you? X

Nicole Lightfoot says:

I would love to see a styling video for the jeans. Maybe something like how to dress them up or make them more casual.

Jing XU says:

i love so much. it is so useful

Barb B. says:

Definitely like the and other stories jeans! I think the straight leg and the small bootcut were better than flares on you.

Anna Schulz says:

H & M have some really good ones in 27 or 36( size 8) As & other stories. Mainly because its the same… And Weekday also have really nice pairs, yet again Weekday is part of the same group… I know Urban Outfitters do really good denim? Tip to stretch dark denim is to wear them a lot before wash. A lot. Then the stretch to fit youre body.( works only on dark, raw denim) Yes, I work with denim❤️

Olivia Rampersaud says:

Free People carry a size 27! some of the styles can be expensive, but if you can find a good deal they are definitely worth looking into.

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