Barbell Apparel Jeans and Chinos updated review – Athletic Fit Denim and Khakis

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Scott Sloan says:

Where’s the T-Shirt from?

Irony Itch says:

beige chinos?!!! not so sure. I think you should get them in black. they look way more elegant. also, one needs to be careful if you are a guy: there is such thing as too slim fit. but these fit much much nicer than the ones you are wearing first, and of course the ones you tried in your previous video. well done.

Joe Lee says:

Thanks for the review just bought a pair

JokerCirca66 says:

this guy is such a dummy, almost shows his balls to camera while changing, not sure why he took his shirt off, probably just can’t help himself.

Alex Altringer says:

Only 1000 per pair

Ying yuan Gue says:

Liked even before I watch the video!

jason edwards says:

why’d he take his shirt off lol

Tommy Stone says:

I suggest these jeans for ANYONE. Compared to normal jeans, you will NEVER want to go back once you try on barbell. Ive tried other pants that claim to be similar, but Barbell still comes out the best in my opinion. Best most comfortable pair of jeans ever. $150 is pricey, but once you feel this shit on your balls, you will be like DAMN fuck jeans.

Metazio Gaming says:

whats your eyeglasses man? looks good!

john m says:

How come we never see the wife ?

Christmas Gummyworm says:

I have a 29 inch waist and 27 inch quads.. I can’t find a DAMN thing. Do you think the barbell jeans would be my answer?

Rodrigo Manzo says:

Nobody trains legs. Stop your nonsense lol

JokerCirca66 says:

I’m just fuckin around, I was only saying your a dummy because this review is kinda awful haha, at first it’s you not being sure what size your wearing, which goes on way too long. Your standing behind a table for a bit, can’t see shit, than you almost flash your balls, something I didn’t ask to see, you know how gay I’d look if someone saw me watching this at that point. Overall the review is just a waste of time, it seemed more like an excuse for you to take off your shirt for no reason because you put the same shirt back on. I’d just rather watch an actual review of the pants, like how they fit compared to other pants, stretchy and non-stretchy, what the material is like, multiple views of the pants, not you doing back and forth kicks while standing still. Besides all that you misused the word “dissertation” but otherwise I don’t care about that at all but you asked.

a5dollars says:

Your body is crazy aesthetic man. Your not the biggest guy, but that’s a good thing. You look straight out of a magazine.

jk22222sd says:

The homeboy in the background is like I don’t give two fucks when he started stripping…..hahahaha

greg morris says:

Having quads so big that you just can’t go out to any store and buy jeans. #LifeGoals

Amy Hottenfeller says:

What’s with the token in the background?

Bobzeda says:

I still don’t think guys with big legs and butt look good in taper cut jeans. I wear straight legs. Mavi Matt cut.

The Super Psycho Killer says:

You are like Superman, nerdy and fit.

Jay Dog says:

DAMN! amazing body.

NYCMscl4Mscl says:

Super body!!

Vincent Lopez says:

“how do my legs look? not as good as another 8 lbs” all insecure.

she asks him if he can squat (generally to test stretching of the fabric) and he goes into how he isn’t squatting in the gym. homo. retard

leyte cedric says:

He is very sexi

dogmannz says:

2:46 wow, that is so hot seeing you running your hands over those thighs

om1kron says:

who the fuck is just chilling on your couch smashing beer?

KidPlay21 says:

whats the link to buy those ? are they released yet

Chad Miller says:

Is it your labrum or labia that’s torn?

Hahaha jk…

Rock Hard Fitness says:

When bodybuilding one must choose……either have jeans that fit or big legs hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. These look legit, does that 1% spandex really help in terms of stretchyness?

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