Are Your Jeans TOO Tight? 6 Signs You Look Like A Sausage

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Jeans need to fit like a glove. But if the jeans don’t fit, you need to quit wearing those tight-ass things! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro discusses the difference between denim perfection and looking like a pork chop.
With all the different cuts of jeans, you only need to concern yourself with straight, slim, and skinny. The straight are the largest, and skinny is the slimmest. So, the slim is a hybrid between the straight and skinny. When you try on the jeans, do the new jeans squat to break the fibers.

Are Your Jeans Too Tight?

1. Seeing penis detail
2. Do you look like a chick?
3. If you can’t go 90 degrees comfortably
4. You need a spot to take them off
5. The Friend Test
6. Pants that won’t stay up on your butt, even with a belt

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Dennis 3809 says:

before clicking on the video I knew he was gonna talk about theese belts!

ahmad tamimi says:

Well i have been working out for 5 years, I’m 6 feet tall 190 lb in weight and 10% of fat, I have a big butt due to squat but to tiny waist, normally jeans 31 in size fit my waist well and sometimes i go larger with 32, do i need to consider the change of my size to something bigger?!

Blacky Gaming says:

i wear super skinny fit from bershka and i’m thinking i do it right or wrong.. plz help me alpha

MezzMcGillicuddy1 says:

Slim and regular are cool. Skinny jeans on dudes are gross IMO.

ENC98TV says:

Sign 7: If you notice that your voice has gone up several octaves.

AwesomeTank63 says:

peep the rolex

Nick Wenzkus says:

I washed my boot cut jeans with Tiege Hanley and now they’re the perfect fit, amazing product 10/10

Alexandra Smith says:

I just do squats and exercise with the tight pants on

Gregory Reed says:

thumbnail is deceiving

JustAName says:

Aaron is smooth asf with marketing damn dude, you are smoother than a baby’s skin when it comes to talking! Well done 😉

Xonical says:

next video: *how to jerk off like a gentlemen.*

Customer says:

Alpha u look like Michael McCrudden

Gille87 says:

Lol you can still wear extreme skinny jeans and be comfortable. It’s all about the size and the fabric. Anything with more stretch molds to your body, instead of jeans that has minimum stretch. I am fat and I only wear extreme skinny jeans. Anything else makes me look even smaller, and wider.

dacoda666 says:

Skinny and slim fit jeans are for faggs, relaxed , regular and straight for men

Alex Arias says:

I have the same belt but it’s a Kenneth kole same way it works but it has the buckle I think the one you have is a hell of a ripoff just trying to save you money and mine is a brand that’s expensive (50$)

Hammad Ali says:

I hate jeans in general
There either way to big or small
And I can’t be bothered with putting on a belt

Stuuubbs 77 says:

My waist is one size and my legs are bigger

Hayden Souza says:

I didn’t know that was possible to be able to see that you’re still circumcised in a pair of jeans. That must be Wicked uncomfortable.

Mark C. says:

Athletic Skinny is the way to go! A nice tapered fit with some ball room it’s just perfect.

Calvin says:

you know what’s also one size fits all? d-ring belts 🙂

Pablo Colangelo says:

This video is just awesome hahaha.

Stefan The Cannon says:

So I don’t wear skinny jeans I work out as my quads get bigger my package stands out outrageously no matter how huge my pants get. I have to wear two sizes too big and that is a equally bad looks. Advice?


this guy is so funny

ahmad tamimi says:

Well i have been working out for 5 years, I’m 6 feet tall 190 lb in weight and 10% of fat, I have a big butt due to squat but to tiny waist, normally jeans 31 in size fit my waist well and sometimes i go larger with 32, do i need to consider the change of my size to something bigger?!

Jonathan Morley says:

Are your jeans too tight? That’s what she said! =P

Bear Power says:

I love to rock my Wide leg jeans daily, jeans that fits like a glow? No thanks.

Alex Vien says:


You should do a video about proper length of jeans and pants. I see people wear really long jeans that go past their heel

Devan Ganga says:

Dude i only wear straight cut pants because skinny jeans and slim jeans look weird as fuck and are uncomfortable as fuck

Ashaun Walwyn says:

im 16,real skinny,black and tall can i get some help

Todd Klosnick says:

How about if you muffin top in jeans. Too tight.

Cyborg Pro says:

My Skinny Jeans used to be tight i stopped wearing it so i put it away for a couple of months i decided to do exersise each day and go on a diet. 2 months passed 122 pounds an extra month passed 118 pounds. And 3 more months! 113 pounds. I tried on my skinny jeans and now they feel like baggy jeans

Shadow says:

If only these poor people wore Tiege Hanley…Their jeans would always fit perfectly.

Leonardo Voss says:

I always buy tapered

any thing says:

looks gay

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