5.11 Tactical Defender-Flex Jeans

Ever since I came across these jeans at Shot Show I have been patiently waiting for them to be released and here they are. They are definitely my new favorite jeans as they are very comfortable and versatile. Thanks to the many pockets I can easily transition in them from the range to everyday wear.

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Kevin Chan says:

how much do the jeans shrink after a couple of washes?

Larry Sanders says:

you should make a edc video with them on

P-O Wide says:

Great and very informative video (as always!).
Thanks for sharing!

Brian E. Scott says:

Thanks for the video. I saw these jeans in US Concealed Carry magazine, and have been wondering about them ever since. I’ll ask for them as a Christmas present from my wife this year lol.

Charles Soto says:

25% off today (9/1/2017). Use code “READY”. I’m buying a couple.

Charles Cook says:

You should’ve bought a pair with a bulge…

Corey Hill says:

You said you tried them on in a store. What store exactly? I’m dying to get my hands on these in person!

Mig Ace says:

Hey, see if you can get your hands on that new Dart pack please.

Collin Osgood says:

Would these pants fit a p938/pocket holster in the front pocket? Thanks

Phafanapolis says:

You *would* go for the feathered, distressed janes with such sick fadez.

firedude3337 says:

I would love to run my big Texan Sap in that back right hip pocket

John Pizzurro says:

Wore these today at an all day range/qual for work, and they might be the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. They fit perfectly, and that material is just the shiz. They were so good in fact that I forgot I had them on, if that makes sense, however I did notice one major problem. So for our range day we had to qual on the pistol and M4, and I wore my weapon strong side in a OWB waist holster with 3 mag pouches on my weak side. Our course of fire has a transition drill where we go from the rifle to the pistol, and vise versa. With my gear on where it was, it was impossible to get an M4 mag in either rear mag pocket on these pants. The gear just blocked the pocket, so that kind of sucked. I know these aren’t “range pants” but if you carry OWB on the hip, you may have the same issue. I think the pockets will be fine if you carry appendix and want to use the pocket for your cell phone, etc. Otherwise, amazing pants, and I ordered a few more pair. Thanks for the review.

Matt Wyatt says:

Mine should arrive tomorrow! I’m excited to see how they fit. My wife loves there new Wyldcat pants.

Patrick Sterling says:

This video could’ve been ten minutes shorter. I could not finish it.

robr2190 says:

Great video. Very informative. Where did you get your watch band?

richard kluesek says:

Will donate my Levis to charity, front pockets are too shallow, difficult to secure wallet, cash roll, or handguns and knives, and belt loops are stingy, not enough to secure a heavy edc belt rig. 5.11 understands the customers needs and requirements and delivers well thought out features and benefits.

Wikinger says:

So you thought the jeans look really good on the mannequin say you took the opportunity to play with a pair? So, what kind of pair did you play with?

Seth Adam says:

Do you have tactical underwear?

AubreyB629 says:

would you recommend sizing up for IWB carry?

Carlos Maldonado says:

I wish the branding on the back pocket wasn’t visible, how are they holding up?

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