Why I’m Retuning My Banana Republic Traveler Pants

This is a quick review of the Banana Republic Skinny Traveler Pants in size 28×28. I love almost everything about these pants, but there are two little problems with the way they fit, so I have to return them for a refund.

I hope this Banana Republic Traveler Pants review helps you decide if they might be right for you. For what it’s worth, they’re very comfortable, and I love the way they look. They just don’t fit quite right on my frame. Enjoy the review, and hit that like button if you found it helpful!

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▪ Cardigan → old

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Gabriel Prado says:

Nice vid

All says:

Great video! If you have the time at any point, I would love to see a comparison of all the main line of pants (I’m most interested in chinos) from brands like Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, H&M, Bonobos, etc. KInd of like comparing one brand’s slim fits, skinny fits, etc. to another brand”s. I find it’s really time consuming finding great fitting pants, and a video like that would be so helpful. A similar video comparing other lines of clothing from different brands, such as comparing dress shirts and their various fits, would also be great. You could probably make a ton of videos off of that concept and I think some viewers would really benefit. Keep up the great work, I love your content

Cori Smith says:

Have you tried the Rapid Movement Denim and Chinos yet???

Tanner Guzy says:

One thing I noticed when buying rtw stuff is that the ankles are often creased so they look wider than they are. I don’t know if it’s intentional or just a result of how they’re folded, but they’re creased at the sides instead of the front and back – making them look like bootcuts.

July says:

I have 2 of these in SLIM fit, not skinny. Love them.

Syed Tauheed says:

Is that a Modest Man T-shirt I see?

Corry Ke says:

I have a pair in light grey. Slim fit 30/30. Yes the ankles are the problem though I’m okay with the rise. Additionally, they shrink pretty significantly after 1 wash.

The Enigma says:

How does the material of the pants compare to say, a regular pair of jeans? Is it softer/harder, the same, suede-like? I want to get some sense of the durability, and if this pair of pants would pick up lint easily.

Iba Nga says:

being 5’6″ myself, i realized having a short sharp haircut makes my head look smaller hence making me appear taller.just thought i’d share . and thanks for the video =)

Rafy G says:

You may not like the rise but I think they look good on you. For instance, I hated pink but I received so many compliments one day after wearing pink that now I wear it without hesitation.

Juan R says:

Hey got a question where can i find high rise pants or mid im usually finding low rise i want to try something new

astroboirap says:

low rise makes your legs longer dummy

njuafed71 says:

it looks like a slim bootcut with the slight flare at the bottom but however..due to your taste or body type..you may not like the way it looks but as far as i am comcern..it is a good pant.I wear mostly slim boot cut.Tapered legs do not look good on me.

Davethenewyorker says:

I got 2 of their very first versions like 2 or so years ago. amazing. the new one I got. has just a baggier feel. the rise on my 34 x 30 was fine though. roomier than the prior in the same size

Mashrukh Rashid says:

Hi Brock,

Thanks for making these awesome videos!
I am a new viewer, and just going through all your videos.
I am trying to track down what’s the cardigan you are wearing (I saw you briefly show them in other videos too). Do you think you could tell me the company of the cardigan, or link me to a video where you reviewed them?

Thanks a ton and keep it up!

Michael Foley says:

the non tapered ankles look a lot better. kind of like a modern bell bottom sort of style

MrDikembeMutombo says:

Would like help finding casual pants retailer with short, but high rises if that makes sense. Something to balance a very short frame, so that the rise measurement is proportional but the pant is still worn at or above the natural waist. Any suggestions?

Ron Claridad says:

Ugh i cant stand low rise, so uncomfortable!

infoquestor says:

They look good on you. Too bad the rise is too short. Short rise is better than low rise for us. After a while that low rose fit is going to be uncomfortable.

Mariah Alvarado says:

Too bad those didn’t work out for you. What I love about Banana is that they have different options for pants for both men and women. I know they offer different fit for men who like a little more of a rise, it probably just depends on your preference and body.

The Modest Man says:

What do you think about the fit? Would you buy these pants? Leave a comment to let me know!

Jonathan Zuniga says:

WARNING: So, I do really like the overall comfort and wear of the jeans, however after 2 washes I’ve noticed a hole in the crotch. Read some other reviews and confirmed it wasn’t just me.

BitTripBeat says:

What shoes are those?

Kevin Walter says:

I got a slim 33/30 pair I love them.there not a small rise tho

TheFujiwuji says:

I have the same two issues, all the time, Brock. I just take everything to a tailor. I’ve gotten to the point that almost nothing off the rack fits the way it should.

And I generally like BR stuff too, especially their Monogram series.

Keep up the great videos.

Phoenicius Infinius Infensas says:

Are you from Michigan perhaps?

Kevin Bird says:

Excellence is in the details. It really makes you appreciate when you get an item just right.

Walid Sabir says:

Like this original video idea!

Aeto says:

Ahh! Feels so justified! I got a pair because of Dappered but realized I don’t really even like them

Tchubira Biron says:

Please, give us some tips on business casual outfits… what would you wear to work? Greetings from Brazil

Badrp Setti says:

iam watching you from Algeria and i really think that you are one of the best keep up the good work

Eric Rice says:

Dude. I’m fuckin’ with that tshirt. Where can I get one? I don’t see a store on your site.

Riley Milliken says:

Are you selling those t-shirts

Gabriel Prado says:

I didn’t notice the errors of the pant, I just saw it when you showed

MrTrenttness says:

I just returned my Petermanning Shirt and Chino pants. Just because they are tailored for short men doesn’t necessarily mean they will fit you.
Ugh, Its so frustrating buy clothes!

Gusher Felter says:

If they really are stretching then I might like them. Me being a bit fuller around the stomach and have calves almost as big as biceps, then the opening end might be something for me. They really look comfortable indeed. I think I like them

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