What Exactly is Slim Fit, Modern Fit, & Tailored Fit?

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Retro 0 says:

As far as slim fit goes, I don’t know what he talking about. I have an average body build and I think slim fit compliments that whereas regular fit my do the exact opposite

John Gomez says:

who’s watching at 2k17

Aksshay Sharma says:

should men go for a skinny fit jeans?

DRAG DOD says:

i recently tailored my jeans now i cant cuff them they are too short. what should i do ? can i still wear them?


if you don’t want people to privately laugh at you, don’t buy anything that looks anything like a skinny suit… it looks like you went to the store and bought the closest size they had to what you should be wearing. Don’t wear one to a job interview either…

arnav sharma says:

can you share the measurments of your jeans? (length, thighs and boot cut width)

Jimmy says:

Slim fit isn’t just for skinny people ! Wrong !


im average i am tryin to make sure slim fit fits alittle skinny im trying to trick my mom into getting me pants that are still alittle skinny for school

as long as it doesnt say skinny she’ll go for it

like if you agree

Sol Mon says:

This whole skinny modern slim fit bullshit is getting ridiculous.

I’m barely in my 30s and gay. If I discussed these things a few years ago, I would have been beat to a bloody pulp. But now alleged ‘straight’ guys can act gayer than gay and nobody bats a fucking eye. WTF is going on here? It’s like the Twilight Zone.

I hate it. It’s unfair.

Spur5 says:

great tips man thanks. skinny guy here lol

Dario Bartolomeo says:

if you’re skinny but you have larger thighs could i do slim fit

Ur salvador says:


I Crist says:

how do you tailor a shirt?

gtmobayer says:

This guy stutters too much. He’s awful at describing this shit! He went on a minute and a half without saying anything. Plain and simple-skinny people wear skinny, slim, modern and tailored fits. Normal guys, don’t even consider these anorexic clothing options, unless you go on an extended binge.

Alvince Nigel Simbulan says:

Peace Bro Jose zunniga✌☺

SmoothChino says:

jesus he talks a lot and shows very little.

Lion Heart says:

I wear levis skinnny fit jeans and they fit me perfect especially when I put on some oxfords or drivers and a throw on a sport coat or blazer,skinny jeans give the look the best appearance for me when I try any other size jeans it throws it all off!

Mstfhshm says:

Man you talk too fast, but you’re not being very useful really.

OnlyOne Eno says:

you videos motivate me to expand my wardrobe.

anthony c says:

im husky what fit do u suggest?

rymdalkis says:

As someone who’s 6’3 and weighs 143 lbs, I’d never use skinny jeans because just as you said my legs look like two strands of spaghetti. But when it comes to suits I HAVE to wear skinny jackets, and even then it usually sits a bit loose

RowdyUpInHere says:

What kind of hair cut do you ask for. Every time I try to get that I end up with a high and tight ahaha

Nicholas Williams says:

are you referring to seam allowance or are you referring to ease? The amount of seam allowance won’t change the fit unless for instance the seam allowance for the pattern is half inch and the tailor sews three quarter inch which would create less space for the wearer. however, the amount of ease would affect the fit. a standard suit jacket usually has about 6 inches of ease (off the rack) which makes the garment fit looser, but if there’s only an inch of ease the garment fits a lot closer to the body.

Nori S. says:

im built, should I go with the modern? i got big chest, back and thighs from playing lots of basketball and football and lifting weights… help ty…

Astro Mars says:

Talk too fast man! Try again slower with more articulation.

Frappelychee says:

Can you do a video on tailoring T-shirts, like graphic Tees (shows, video games, designer, etc), Henleys, V-necks, etc? I’m extremely thin and to look professional or just not wear baggy shirts I have to resort to Kids Large sizes, and if I’m lucky some XS from specific brands fit. Such limited selection of colors and styles these days from the brands I like! :/

SBRMarksman says:

“Straight cut is basically a straight cut” Lol thanks Jose I didn’t know

devinspruill says:

I just purchased a Skinny Innovator suit from Express and it fits like a dream! I am not skinny. Athletic build. 6’0 175lbs. No need for tailoring!!!

daimon says:

so the solution is to buy a jeans for 80 plus € / $ and then go to a tailor and make it custom fit. wow that fucking sucks


your like really cute

Agent Migs says:

Skinny literally means skin tight

Tim Karlsson says:

What about CLASSIC fit?

Douglas Gonsalves says:

Fat People is Skinny is ridiculous.

Brandon Falco says:

I’m average and slim fit look great on me

krishna handoko says:

As far as I know, aren’t these fits referring to the way the clothes are shaped rather than for how big a person is? The size of the clothing is for how big the person is right? Unless you’re extremely out of shape and over weight… Then yeah, slim fit won’t work well for you.

Rebel Pete says:

More talking and not enough showing. fail.

30m3 says:

Nudie Jeans have every fit you could want, amazing jeans also and made in Italy.

David Red says:

You taught nothing about modern fit, only that you do it to tailor down.

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