What Are The Best Style Of Topman Jeans? (Slim vs. Skinny vs. Spray on)

What Are The Best Style Of Topman Jeans? (Slim vs. Skinny vs. Spray on)

All Of The Jeans:
Slim Navy – http://tidd.ly/c88156a4
Skinny Light Blue – http://tidd.ly/98b941e2
Spray On Grey – http://tidd.ly/58b297df

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Meek Rodriguez says:

I like your nice jeans

Baby Face says:

do this for primark please

Tamad Tamad says:

You have a great body. Please show the back side of the jeans and better sit down or bend down with them the next time.

Tahmedur Rahman says:

I loved the Slim fit one. It would be amazing if you get the excess material sorted and you will have a great pair of jeans.

bozalini says:

I have tried on Topman pants, and I am not a fan. They have a cheap quality and they are always too tight even in a bigger size.

Evil Nun says:

Lol legit looking at your legs at 2:50 3:00 you have woman like legs in those things

simonjharrisson says:

They all look great on you, cos you are so fit!

anthony wade says:

slim is better for me I have noticed to some is to tighten

simonsines says:

Do a video with invisible sock liners, just one.

Chaos says:

Where do you think does the best spray on jeans ?

Ediot Shuin says:

Im a dumbass i thought the jeans were a spray can that when you spray it, it looks like jeans

skintightboy says:

You look great in all of these jeans and I can assure you from experience that the Spray On ones do stretch after wear and are worth all the effort at the beginning!

LaidBackWizzz says:

I’ve always bought slim and stretch skinny jeans. But recently I’ve just got a pair of spray on’s from River Island, and I don’t know what it is I just like the way the cuff is tight around ankle, I think if you have a nice pair of trainers on it looks decent.

Class video though Josh, very helpful!

EliteHawksHDGaming says:

Nice video man.
I officially don’t work for Topman anymore! Just to let you know, I think their quality and their designer are making a lot of awful stuff; especially this year. Stretch Skinny black Topman jeans are still my go to. They’ve changed so much though. The Stretch Skinny ones are really tight on my quads and calves now and it’s annoying. The spray on are a no go, they feel like they’re going to rip! And they get stuck on my ankles trying to get them off!

simonsines says:

Spray ones are the best

Cupid Stunt says:

I usually wear skinny stretch or slim fit.
Spray on are bloody uncomfortable and chafe in the crotch.

Anthøny Salazαr says:

Spray On = Peter Pan jeans

The Vitruvian Man says:

Nice video.

OGAesthetics says:

pants r fkin hard. specially for us big quad bois. the struggle is real

A Scott says:

Josh, you have muscular quads and glutes so maybe stick with the first two pair. I think the spray on skinny pair are for those who are really slim !!! I have trouble with spray on skinny jeans due to my quads !

Mark H says:

The first pair look the best by far. The spray-on jeans look like a pair of tights and IMO don’t really suit guys with muscled physiques.

123 Fish says:

The spray on pair show your piece really well.

TheCoadyp says:

Had the same experience in topman last month, tried on all three types and could barely fit my quads and calves into even the slim! Ended up getting a much more expensive pair from levis and it’s the best decision I ever made! 511 performance they’re called, super stretchy and comfortable and yet tappered, would recommend!

george obrien says:

the last pair was spray on jeans, You want the super spray on jeans from topman, they are much more stretchy. Great video by the way

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