Uniqlo Slim Fit Straight Selvedge Denim

Hello guys, welcome back to the channel once again! Today we are reviewing my second favorite out there next to Sneakers: Raw Denim! I first got into raw denim about 4 – 5 years ago. My first pair was APC New Cure and it was superb! Unfortunately, I started working out more and more and I no longer fit into a particular slim pair like that! Therefore nowadays I was forced to retired those old pairs of APC I own. I move onward to the higher end Raw Denims. And among those top brands I chose Iron Heart! They’re such a nice rigid, heavy but at the same time very unexpectedly soft!
But recently I’ve decided to tried on my old APC New Standard and I just gotta love the washed fabric feels of raw denim. Sadly it only lasted a couple wears because I noticed the crotch blow outs are becoming bigger and bigger. Also I noticed pains on my glute area of my thighs are becoming more prominent. So I must say its been a good long journey that I have now officially have to retired my APC New Standard. So one day I went to Uniqlo and remember they have some denim. So I tried them on, and they’re suprising very light for being raw denim. But I did my research and found good ratings for such an incredible price. So there you have it! Hopefully it’ll last longer than my other slim pairs that I owned due to my bodybuilder hobby. Also serves a great alternative to my IH as opposed to it being straight fit. Anyways hope you guys enjoy and please remember to rate up and subscribe if you havent!

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Anthony Sim says:

How is the sizing? True to fit?

Tsum Tsum Leo says:

I want some they look cool

ibeast365 says:

Nice man

Marcelo felipe da silva says:

Esse jeans velho q VC mostrou no video o q VC fez com ele VC usou ele depois do video VC jogou no lixo ou VC ainda tem eu acho eles lindo eu gostaria muito de copra lo ele é o mesmo q VC desbotou no balde no quintal de sua casa VC rasgou ela pra VC jogar no lixo se VC jogou no lixo VC ainda a tem faz video mostrando eleos seus jeans são lindos fale mais desse jeans velho ele é lindo por favor responde o meu comentário mas em português eu moro no Brasil seria uma pena se VC não tem mais esse jeans deu um do ver VC desbotando esse jeans mas ficou lindo faz uns videos com VC usando ele se VC for jogar ele no lixo faz um video com VC rasgando ele e me avise mais quatro o jeans não rasgue e nem jogue no lixo ele é lindo também é bonito esse novo q VC mostra neste video parabéns pelo seu bom gosto

Fatz Z4 says:

demin as hobby?

Ciege Floyd says:

If you cuff raw denim will indigo still get on your shoes

Quan Kamal says:

I like the 1st pair with the dates in em much more

Jayden Ang says:

2 months since you posted this video, hows the fades? did the jeans stretch a lot?

AndreaMae Sanchez says:

ur camera guy sucks ass.

dee lee says:

The reason it’s cool cause it’s Japanese duh

Richard Robertson says:

So you don’t wash them in the washing machine with normal soap?

shafi ahmed says:

does uniqlo has $299 jeans? i got one that day as a gift and it says $299 on the tag.

leesandro C says:

You said it was a Japanese brand … how come it says MADE IN CHINA on the label??

Marshall says:

i wear size 36 normal i wanna order the skinny ones should i order size 35 or 36?

Raiterio Patterson says:

Got some Uniqlo slim straight for $29 last year

Farnhamification says:

I think the tapered look is overrated. Keep your Iron Hearts as they are!

Victor Bogen says:

the price tag said 39.90 not 49 the original price was 69.90

Casey Diep says:


Rhiner Guzman says:

Put a pic on your channel if you want more subcriber


I’m like a 36 I wish I was 31 I’m trying to get down to 34 then I’m buying some

P Vendeloo says:

you need to get the iron hearts tapered, they will give the best fades.

Patrick bennett` says:

what you said slim down from a 31, im a 31 and im ripped im like 180lb wtf

John McElhinny says:

I like your video!

Duncan Tsui says:

any updates on how the uniqlo jeans are holding up now?

Raiterio Patterson says:

I’d just use sticks to show many times you wash them instead of dates

melzleom says:

how many sizes up should I get from my true size?

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