Testing Budget Friendly Chino Brands To Find The BEST (All Under $50) | Style Safari VLOG

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is on another shopping safari! In this episode, he’s shopping for budget-friendly chino brands (casual cotton pant, like a pressed khaki).

The Review

1. Old Navy Ultimate Slim $20.14 – he is super impressed. They are comfortable, not too tight, and have some stretch. They’re an incredible deal.

2. H&M Slim Fit (gray) $29.99 – They have a lot more stretch than Old Navy, are super comfortable, and much slimmer through thigh & calf. He really digs these pants. They’re awesome!

3. American Eagle Extreme Flex (green) $50 – They are looser than H&M with a lot of stretch. They have a nice slim leg and are super soft. He thinks that if he washes and dries them, they’ll fit better. These were the most expensive; however, they’re a store where you need to buy two to get the savings.

4. The GAP Skinny $44 – There’s a lot of stretch right off the bat, and they’re incredibly comfortable. They fit like H&M (very slim in the leg) but more comfortable. They feel better quality than the other 3 brands. This brand is the Alpha’s choice for the best budget-friendly chino.


Gucci BC says:

Arent you that workout guy

Dallas Flake says:

You passed right by an Express, why?

Ganesh Suthar says:

Plz try lee jeans gentlemen full review lee clothes !!!

Snowflake1 says:

2:32 FanFuckingTastic ManButt – You should have bought those!

Manish Nympho says:

I like that outfit

mirou shebsheb says:

In Algeria you can buy cheap chinos like 1500 dinar about 8.5 $

Between the Wars says:

Best chinos= sale racks of: Gap, Brooks Brothers, Bonobos, J Crew, Tommy Hilfiger, Gant.

Александр Лузан says:

Man you should try Ralph Lauren Polo!

Bruno DECOURCY says:

What about Dockers Chino? Where rock for me!

Darryl Dixon says:

Alpha is it ok to cuff or pinroll chinos

Gucci BC says:

1:00 the ones at the top are the best ones for school

Dorian Vick says:

You can get nice chinos from Target, the brand name is Goodfellow, for $22.

James Thomas says:

Alpha really enjoy your videos im a young black male slender build 5’7ish trying to dress less street attire and.more dapper and such but not sure where to begin

Philip Moffett says:

Aaron, you gotta come to Australia and check out Industrie clothing. Massive chino range!

Rafael Ybarra says:

H&M is the best tbh on a budget H&M good

Brendan Morales says:

Yo alpha m. I think you should include the fabric breakdown of the chinos.

50% cotton, 46% polyester, 4% elastane/spandex or something. Would be a HUGE help for those of us with big thighs looking for maximum stretch but also a pant that hugs the leg snugly.

Ronald Orr says:

Thanks for doing the leg work. I was looking for some inexpensive chinos, and you’ve made my shopping much easier.

Daniel Montalvo says:

good job especially for the price. Banana republic will have more but also cost much more than old navy or gap. Still looking myself may go to Cumberland

mark james says:

where you get that brown shoes man

J. Marq says:

If i am 40 and dont want it to tight should i go for the 42

Collin James says:

Hunt for some men’s sunglasses while you’re at it.

Amrit Baba says:

This dude would be so much hotter without those earrings

Eric barraza says:

#thicniggagang!! No homo


Affordable stylish watches

CountSmackula says:

Those pocket lines tho’. ಠ_ಠ

Samuel Hazlewood says:

What brand is that tshirt

qarhsi says:

H&M and GAP look great!

Bijoy saha says:


One sock WE COME TO YOU says:

Since watching these videos I am now a chino addict. I love the color options. I never spend more than fifty bucks on chinos. I literally just stopped wearing Jordan’s with matching hat etc. there’s so many more options when dressing like an adult. Also, I to wear a 28 inseam at 5’8 so I live the struggle

joe noor says:


luis juarez says:

My wallet thanks you

Garrett H. says:

WOW I didn’t know alpham was near atlanta

suli6969 says:

can’t wear that tight trash

Supersman2000FightChair says:

$ 44 I am going to Walmart to see what up there

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