Nudie Jeans Review: Entry Level Jeans



Kharl Martin says:

Are you calling all those jeans you mentioned entry level because of price? I disagree because balmain and SLP while the the quality is their its not worth the asking price. I have felt a balmain jeans that a family member got from ssense the other day and while the upper part felt heavy (not really attributed to quality in some cases), the leg area felt like any other other jeans out their. Needles to say I was unimpressed in the quality to price ratio. In the end people are paying for name, when they purchase designer gear.

Either way keep the videos coming.

Samir Benbouchta says:

entry level my ass naked and famous and nudie are better quality denim then balmain and ysl u just paying for the name.

Kharl Martin says:

Do you have any Christian Louboutin’s shoes you are going to review? The quality on most of the pairs I see is very good. Would love to see a review in the near future.

Ricky Ricardo says:

Naked & Famous is a Canadian brand. Quality is phenomenal

REVIEWERtm says:


mystikshinobi says:

them stacks are crazy

gibysgb says:

I got some rogue territory jeans lol Idk if that counts

redazi1 says:

What entry level bitch

guitarphil11 says:

You can find deals on amazon on these jeans, I picked some up this year for $50. Sub’d love your vids.

sf2explus says:

your comaparing a real denim brand to designer brand a good comparison is nudie vs levis vs edwin vs lee vs naked and famouse since all these focus on traditional denim and sell plenty of raw denim and selvedge denim. even washed

Raydon Hagley says:

man I haven’t owned a pair of nudie since 9-10 grade love them tho

H.T JR says:

what do you think about Wrangler or Edwin?

jubrieel ahkile says:

Are polo jeans entry level they are about one hundred dollars?

Braulio Bayona says:

Wrangler denim ok?

savvy guy says:

AG have great quality as well i have two pairs

Chris White says:

Naked and famous makes some pretty good quality shit. They’re always trying something new

xGettinxMoneyx says:

I fuck wit ur channel, your the only dude wit mad mens designer videos

MO KEIR says:


Edward Au says:

I enjoy your reviews. Would you ever do reviews on items after some wear to talk about the quality?

DeMarco Cantrell says:

is it best to go up a size in Saint Laurent a 36..should i get a 38?

Батыр Гайдаров says:

What do you think about dsquared

Weston King says:

Did you get these jeans tapered? They look really good

damian cantu says:

Levi’s are chillin too…

treshawn wilson says:

what do you think of represent Denim?

WeTrippy Mane says:

Acne studios is not entry level

dwiky vinandyanata says:

I think you are new in raw denim world, oh btw goodluck with that gucci wallet on that raw denim lol

Mr. Treez says:

Sully do you find it hard to have conversations with people about designer/luxury clothing and shoes when the majority of people simply can’t understand why you would pay 500 for jeans or shoes or a belt because they are still struggling to pay their bills each month? I feel like these broke people are such know it all and so opinionated about things they know nothing about and it’s simply irritating for me to see people say “oh thats not worth 700$” when they cant afford it in the first place like who are you to say what somethings worth when you arent even in that league. idk

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