Mens jeans – the different styles and fits | James | ASOS Stylist

Mens jeans – the different styles and fits | James | ASOS Stylist


Hi, I’m James, one of the ASOS Stylists. Today I’m talking about different cuts of jeans and what cut suits what body type best.


Tapered Jeans –

Skinny Jeans –

Straight Jeans –

T-Shirt –

Shoes –

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parker albritton says:

what works best pants and shoes for black and gray printed ts?

Boo Crowd says:

Does anyone have a link to the pair or a similar pair colour to the jeans at 0:58 ??? Help appreciated

ransome f says:

which size are you putting on

greenstein green says:

he is a maaan…

Satendar Yadav says:

what is different between slim fit jeans and fit jeans

Daniel Iger says:

You showed the straight fit jeans when talking about the tapered jeans, and the tapered jeans when talking about the straight fit.

PittsensX says:

the last pair fits perfectly.. not skinny on top but from the knee down.. where can I buy jeans of that cut? or do you have specific brands that make that style?

Kenneth Klein says:

I have a question.
I’m a 5’5 guy and when I buy skinny jeans they don’t look skinny on me why is that?

Fabian Pacheco says:

All I wear is skinny jeans or short shorts

Julian Frey says:

Please please can we have the code for the shirt on the wall? Really enjoying the videos! Lets get more men to the Asos stylists family ! 😀 

Daniel Moreno says:

Hey James where those extreme or super skinny or just skinny jeans ? Thank you


AsLààn Nta Zaemel

SonkleyFiz says:

i used to wear skinny jeans when i was a teenager, now i find them uncomfortable and weird looking so now i wear loose fit jeans that arent TOO loose, but not SOO tight either

Farid Abedin says:

make more videos

George Smart says:

Have you got a link or product code for that shirt on the wall?

The Raspberry says:

Good day sir! what fashion would fit to a short and slim person….you have any suggestions thanks sir more power

Kevin David says:

Dark denim, tailored fit, the majority of the time.  Go as long as you can without washing them.  One cannot go wrong.

trojon says:

Should one tailor the leg up if too long, or roll up? Noticed you rolled it up but I hear that’s not great in the modern age.

Lucky says:

I bought super skinny jeans from there and it’s too late to cancel my order but I’m 5’8″ and I wear a 32/32 and I accidentally bought a 32/34 will there be a major difference?

Cody Lafond says:

How does the waist fit compared to a Levi’s 511?

decafcoffee73 says:

Can you have straight fit jeans with a bit of ruffle and the end of the legs or does that mean their still to long?

steevo62 says:

what’s up with slim fit ?

blackghost gaming says:

Do slim jeans look good

bucchi says:

Straight = Slim right?

harvi nothome says:

Straight isn’t a fit, it’s a cut. You can have straight skinny, straight slim etc.

Fadzilicious says:

I’m 18 6’4 and not thin but not fat or very muscular what is the best type of jeans for me? I’m white with very light brown hair?

Think Smart STUDIOS says:

what are stretchable jeans called

RazorGTBR MC5 PC & More says:

is it me or his face doesn’t fit his voice

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