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phopoy22 says:

What model of levis is this?

Radio Shaolin says:

Thank you for video,
if i usually wear 511 w32, does this selvedge jeans fit well as usual 511? or i need size bigger?

Anthony buk lau says:

Check out Gap 1969 selvedge slim jeans there amazing and you can usually get them on sale

hannemankingtube says:

With a belly overhang, it doesn’t matter what you wear, you’re just a cotton coated fattie. Oh & COINS in the coin pocket.

周圍貢 says:

nudie jeans best raw denim

thisisgame says:

good review, thanks

Thomas Murphy says:

Dyer and Jenkins is a small company in California and they have Awesome Raw denim at great prices.

bobby warhol says:

Nice video brother. The Levis tag is never on the pocket, it’s always on the back waist line. Wrangler jeans have the patch on the pocket

Karl Healey says:

@DevonReviewer It’s only the 501’s that come with the patch on the back pocket

yoyo tubero says:

Mine is made in Japan,bought it in a thrift store…

TaylorandShaan says:

When is the update coming? I want to see how these have held up. It’s been over 6 months. Been waiting since Feb. for your follow up vid. 🙂 I’ve had mine since Apr and they’re like new. Almost no fading. Built like a tank. I don’t wear mine more than about 3 times a week though. So I’m eager to see yours!

Prince Vegeta says:

You should never wash it

Kevin Nguyen says:

I really want to see how these faded out!

Saif Mohammad says:

where are these made in? I just ordered a pair online!

JOSALDINHO979845 says:


anthony hoang says:

Nice review! I recently bought this in a 31 (which is my normal size with my other levis jean) but its pretty tight around the waist. It takes some effort for me to sit down or lift up my leg onto a chair. Do you think I should go up to a 32 or does it loosen up a bit over time?

Michael Shea says:

I find the sizing totally baffling with raw denim and owning several pairs of jeans already means six months or so of daily use before washing one pair is out of the question. But in principle, are you saying that 32 is your actual waist size? How do you know how much they’re going to shrink? Thanks for uploading in any case.

Eric Mangubat says:

is the fitting good?

Ryan Joseph Pajarillo says:

Can i ask what is the circumference of your legs and thighs tnx a lot.. nice video by the way 🙂

Giorgos Ioannidis says:

Hi as far as i can tell from the video this pair of jeans is not very tight through the leg. Did it shrink after the first wash or got looser?? do ypu think you should get the 31???

Vaudesir says:

Just curious, what is your height/weight?

wilsjane says:

I always laugh at this whole ‘selvedge’ thing, since the selvedge is simply the edge of all denim as it is loomed. Up until the mid 60s, denim was woven on a narrow loom and the selvedge utilised for the outside leg seam. When wide loom denim was introduced, several pairs of jeans could be cut out across the width, so to avoid a mixture of sewing between pairs, the edges were cut to waste and the carpet stitching added to the outside leg seams. Now that everyone wants the selvedge again, I can only assume that as the denim is cut, from the edges of the roll and all the other jeans cut from the centre. The irony is, that as a result of saving the additional edge sewing the selvedge jeans are cheaper to produce than the standard versions. If I am correct in my assumption, Levis are stuck with about a five standard to one selvedge ratio during production. No doubt they adjust their prices to keep this in balance.

Carl Österlund says:

I bought the Eternal Day 522 (Slim Tapered) but I wish I got the 511 like you did. Still a nice pair of jeans.

santi12333 says:

That Rolex looks great

Warren Wayne Murphy says:

Great review mate. If you ain’t got a pair already, get yourself a pair of Clarks Originals beeswax leather DBs. They look great with raw denim. Cheers.

MRryuhayabusa says:

Wow those fit great! Red wings and levi’s are a perfect combination… No other brand can compare. Oh and nice Rolex submariner you have there

Henry Hartley says:

re- Karl Healy Levis 501 don’t have a patch on the back pocket, been wearing Levi since 1970 and can’t ever remember any patches, wranglers have the patch

anthony wade says:

I love raw denim beautiful jeans man cool

Raiterio Patterson says:

Imagine if Levi’s made selvedge denim with the same quality as say, Rogue Terrority or Tellason or RPMWest or A.P.C. or N&F?? Whew…

B Ganzorig says:

selvedge is darker than rock cod n rigid dragon?

Ray Shade says:

Are they true to size? Thanks for info.

brian murphy says:

Have you washed or soaked these? im wondering if there’s shrinkage. I have them in tts , if they shrink in the wash , i doubt they will still fit me

burnoutcrazyable says:

great video, is the eternal day completely raw, or is it a one wash deal.

mimi k says:

you should try the slim fitting Levis vintage 1967 505s

faYte0607 says:

Are all Levi 511 raw denim or just this particular pair?

I’m looking for slim fit raw denim from Levi, not sure which ones offer that exactly

2Ronix says:

really enjoy your knowledge, I’m buying these right now my friend

周圍貢 says:

I like the unwashed raw selvedge denim for a jacket, but not jeans. Jeans I prefer something that feels soft and smooth.

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