Levi 541 Athletic Fit: Review And Comparrison

Check out Barbell Apparels Athletic Fit Denim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUVRXcVUnYA
Levi 541 Athletic Fit: http://us.levi.com/family/index.jsp;jsessionid=FJJTVJ4HjJn27B1y72j3fK8FzV17J1fv2zpxgYPWT7hsN1WkN2ky!1010542593?ab=Men_megaNav_Jeans+By+Style_541%99athleticfit&cp=3146842.3146854&categoryId=41316896&view=all
Levi 511 Slim Fit:http://us.levi.com/family/index.jsp;jsessionid=FJJTVJ4HjJn27B1y72j3fK8FzV17J1fv2zpxgYPWT7hsN1WkN2ky!1010542593?ab=Men_megaNav_Jeans+By+Style_511%99skinnyjean&cp=3146842.3146854&categoryId=3691990&view=all

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ramon finch says:

You should try 513’s or 508’s .

Slade Wilson says:

I would recommend the affliction ace longhorn jeans, I have the dark navy wash. They have room around the calves a good amount of room in the crotch, but they are somewhat tight around the legs and ass. So if you want to show the goods and look sexy as fuck with the appearance of a 19 inch dick these are perfect for you.

Aaron Valerio says:

Thanks for posting this bro. I have always been a fan of this athletic fit jeans but the ones I bought were from gap. I didn’t know Levi’s make them too. I have thick legs too and so far these athletic jeans are the only cut of jeans or pants that I really love the look and feel on me. They have ample room, as in just enough room at the thigh and groin area, that won’t make you look like you’re wearing old school hip hop jeans and a perfect tapered cut from the knee to the foot openning. The only thing I wish they’d do is to use other kinds of fabric like khaki or the ones military uniforms are made of.

aka me says:

Buy levis 520, look insane on skinny legs.

Carl Österlund says:

Do you guys have the 522 over there? I like 520 (extreme tapered) but the 522 (slim tapered) would seem like the way to go for you if you want more thigh space and more tapered than the 541.

Water Fall says:

I bought the 541’s simply because it’s suppose to “sit at the waist”.. That’s a lie. The 541’s do not “sit at the waist”.. only the 550’s “sit at the waist”.. I even measured it just to make sure.. it’s at least an inch off.. Fuk’n Levi’s

Haroythere says:

Compared to the 511 do the 541 sit higher on the waist? Thanks

PastorGainz Ramey says:

just sub to your channel check out my channel when you have time

RENE_SF says:

Have u tried the 513? Im debating between these and the 541 help please!!!


who is this girl???

Dragoon Z says:

these are my favorite cut it makes me feel like batman.

finna nut says:

try slim fit or a smaller in seam it would look beGive me a succ u a thicc better

Bill Yeah says:

Get a 30 31…

Old Bear 49 says:

They are the best fitting Levis yet!

Gon Freecs says:

Nice video man, do you know what the name of the pair of athletic fit levis that you showed in the vid is?

antonio mares says:

to be honest u should get the slim straight

Wamian Dayne says:

Are these Jean’s Selvedge?

Mike Valenti says:

Hey man nice video. New subscriber here! Enjoying the vids. Mind checking my channel out?

TheKSProduction says:

Just wear pajama pants.

italianhitmandom says:

Only the 508 and 541 fit me properly, these are my favorite pair though, love these jeans!

John Miller says:

great review. not sure what are better for me. there seems to be a good bit difference in price. also i just watched the video you posted today.

Martin Carrillo says:

I just got these and I gotta admit, they fit so good.

Rauderce says:


AlphaFitness says:

I have been interested in these athletic jeans. I have very big quads and that makes all jeans skinny jeans for me

Taylor Poole says:

Don’t wash your jeans dry clean them they last longer…

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