Gustin Denim “Super Heavy 18oz” Slim Japanese Selvedge Review – Affordable Raw Indigo Jeans

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Quick look and a little review of Gustin Slim Denim in their Super Heavy.

Gustin is a crowd funded premium menswear company based out of San Francisco.
By allowing the customers control their productions, and shipping directly, they are able to afford affordable prices on high quality selvedge denim, buttondowns and leather goods.

I backed a pair of “Super Heavy” in August, and received them in them early October.
Raw indigo 18oz Japanese selvedge denim. Made in USA.
Custom hardware, thick veg tan leather patch
Chainstiched waist and hem

Check out GUSTIN for $81 selvedge denim!
Save $5 if you sign up under my link.

***Looks like the initial $20 promotion is over, and they’ve decreased it to only a $5 credit

Table of Content:
0:09 Intro to Gustin
0:44 Crowd sourcing
1:39 Denim review
3:39 Fit

Fit Pictures
Size 32
5’8″ 160

*Description and images were taken from

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Raiterio Patterson says:

I’ve backed 2 jeans; Japan One Seven, and Japan Classic 13

Mychael M says:

nice pickup man!!!! Should update us with a new vid about your jeans in the next few months on the condition

Ienjoypie says:

I like the concept that the consumers get to pick what gets made, definitely a stand out trait for a brand.

Nick Nguyen says:

in terms of quality how do these compare to the n&f?

Based Nick says:

Do a review on them now

Palmer Fritschy says:

I’ve got the Heavy Americans from Gustin (16.25 oz) and I really like them. Waiting for another heavier pair to be available.

Only wish they had a quicker turnaround on orders.

Ray Shade says:

Thanks for sharing. I have registered from your link. BTW does your size 32 measure 16″ flat on a single side? Thanks for info.

gwath42 says:

Np dude. Hopefully you signed up under my link already! Apparently they lowered the $20 credit to only a $5 credit! Let me know if you have any questions.

xbradx11 says:

Did you film this with a webcam?

Vinson Le says:

They’re back on sale and I was wondering how yours turned out, lol. 

Jiten Patel says:

Looks really good deal for a 18oz denim. I bought 18.5oz Brave star selvedge denim had really bad experience because I feel like they sell 15-16oz denim as 18.5oz. SO Here is my story and why I believe so.

I bought 21.5oz 34×33 Brave star jeans in Nov 2016. Got really impressed with its quality construction so I ordered 18.5oz 34×34 jeans in Jan 2017. Got really disappointed with it because it’s relatively much thinner and lighter. I decided to do weight comparison between these two. My 21.5oz jeans weight 42oz (almost double. 21.5×2 = 43oz) so 18.5oz jeans must weigh close to 36oz. Guess what! It weighs only 31oz that is fucking 5oz short. Then I decided to weigh some of my other denims. All of them weighs almost twice as much as their denim type. Off course this math works for only my size.

Brand Denim Type Total Weight
PRPS old 13.75oz 26.4oz
PRPS new 13.75oz 26.8oz
Cult of Individuality Old 14oz 28.4oz
Cult of Individuality New 15oz 30.3oz
Rag & Bone 13.75oz 27.4oz
Brave Star Slim Straight 21.5oz 41.8oz
Brave Star Slim Tapered 18.5oz 30.9oz (If it’s actually 18.5oz denim then its should weigh around 36oz. It’s short by 5oz)

Complained multiple times about it and asked for an explanation. They kept telling me that it’s 18.5oz and gave no explanation of why it weighs so less. Then they stopped replying. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. It seems like they are selling 15-16 oz jeans for the higher price of 18.5oz jeans.

Ienjoypie says:

What’s so great about raw/selvedged denim anyways? I’ve never had a pair and just curious.

gwath42 says:

Updated my description with a fit picture! Let me know what you think of them.

gwath42 says:


Rawr Denim is a great resource if you’re interested. Generally selvedge denim is higher quality. The fabric is made on old fashion loom which results in that “selvedge ear”. They are generally raw, meaning it’s unwashed after dying, and “mold” to your legs with wear and fade. It’s like a long-term art project haha, personalizing your jeans. Dark indigo denim is really versatile too.

Gary Gavina says:

Have you tried brave star selvage?

Andrew says:

Placed an order for the gustin indigoXcharcoal. It has a green and brown selvedge ID. Damn you, first that don’t mourn organize belt and now this. You’re making me spend all my money!! Hahaha xD

Wil O says:

just discovered the gustin website. I was timid to fund a pair of white lowtops there just now but I think I’m going to go for it after watching this. it def sucks that they wouldn’t ship for 2 months or so but for top quality (which I’m hoping and looks like they are) it’s worth the wait at the discount.

cool video.

wilsjane says:

My boyfriend owns a pair. When we were at a party last week, I could not find an ashtray, so I stubbed my cigarette out against them. It did not even leave a mark, they are really tough denim.

Air Mann says:

Are you still selling them?

Daniel Reis says:

Are all those jeans button fly?

MrAnymeansnecessary says:

the fabric isn’t limited, the fabric production from Gustin as a brand is limited. Limited means the denim roll gets a name like Vulcan or Yenim, both from Iron Heart

Ienjoypie says:

Thank! I might pick up a pair cause I have a hard time finding jeans that fit me well. Keep up the great vids man!

gwath42 says:

Definitely on par with N&F. Construction feels really good.

Don Deivy says:

can you actually show how these fit.

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