Finding The Best Fitting Jeans

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Ethan Phillips says:

for me hands down American eagle jeans are the best fit for me and price point is great

Manuel Morera says:

Which store should I try, in order find good knee blown black jeans? Or ripped ones?

Rey Carlos says:

ralph lo ren

Lynn Griffin says:

i love your channel bro great job

Bobby Rudman says:

I tried to do the same thing in my local tkmaxx. It was a fail ☹️. I will give it a go again.

Trevaughn Wilburn says:

Great series ideas!!!

CallumB _ says:


Tai Trieu says:

Can you do another updated video but best fitting jeans on a budget?

Iakovos Marketakis says:

oh come on…try something beter…lee,wrangler,levis…..

cclevel45 says:

When did guys start wearing girls jeans. I don’t like it

Lil Bleus says:

The beard is soooooooo fuckin ugly

Robert Plant says:

What about the Holister jeans?

Riley Spivey says:

H&M was the best one

Benedikt says:

at 3:47 starts the video…. disliked

Luis Vidal says:

Teaching men’s fashion? Teach yourself how to shave.

Maksim Maksim says:

Hey Bro ! what do you think about the AllSaints jeans ? I have another stuff from this brand, and the quality is really good . I’m interesting about their jeans…check it out pls.

dairsensi says:

Can you do a video on naked and famous jeans?

Felix Mangina says:

Beard looks awful bro.

DM Productions says:

I just go to Levi’s… who else? They got the best quality jeans in my opinion

Corbz 990 says:

What about topman

CanadianChestHair says:

I agree , the RL’s win. You have to try on the carrot fit denim at Zara’s. You can thank me later lol. They’re exactly what you’re looking for. A little loser in the thigh, slims in the calf and then a nice taper around the ankle. Would love to hear what you think about them. I own a lot of Zara denim and find the wear nicely.

Cornel Moldovan says:

Upload almost every day is more than great. Don’t stop this.

Alex Vozniuc says:

Soooooo, Alpha M Safari. . .

Jason Brown says:

This is just a question. I have some tailored 34’s brand jeans. Just wanting to know your opinion on the brand and quality of those jeans. As always loving your vids man keep up the good work.

Isaiah Destine says:

How can you decide what clothes fit the best for everyone person, some clothes might fit well on you but might be to big or to small for other body types

stat ista says:

the beard parts of your cheeck need to be trimmed or shaved completely, use the rest of your beard

Ahmed Tha King says:

Thank you for your video, but please get rid of that pubic hair on your face! Grow a beard when you can, that is just disgusting to look at man :/

kendall chanthalansy says:

I’m not getting tired of your face

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