Best Tapered Jeans On The Market! “Levi’s 512”

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Jake J says:

I hope these come to Canada, they look awesome.

Boom Box 1252 says:

Quick question, does the thigh area fit the same on the Levi 513 and 512?

TheSocial Sneakerhead says:

Very dope looking jeans

Junior Garcia says:

Make a video about the new black and white v2

MegaPacman84 says:

whats the intro

Razak Idris says:

good job Sir

Gilbert Ojeda says:

What’s the difference between tapered jeans and slim fit? They look the same to me. Are slim fit more form fitting in the thigh area?

P0IS0N_12 says:

Damn should have gotten these than 511’s, but thanks bro, next time for sure!

Sam S says:

Best Levi’s in my opinion.

James brown says:

what are those vans you were wearing looked sick

Sorush Hadi says:

Is that black one you got online the “Blackshine” color or “Black Stretch”?

AsimGotKicks says:

Great Video Bro, Will Order A Pair Of The Black Jeans!
Please Check Out My Vids, & Subscribe! Thanks!

RexPlayz YŦ says:

Best Levi’s product

Pacifico Talens Jr says:

appreciate the video and it helps but how come when I just went to the Levi’s website to order they have the 512 labeled as “skinny taper” versus your has a “slim taper”?

Richard Beharry says:

U should’ve gotten more likes

Jose Lino says:

513’s All Day haha. The Chinos also use the same 513 model for their fit.

730_BlackDon says:

Ehhhh….. im not a fan of levis kuz i like good quality raw denim but to each his own good vid i left a like

Ulysses31 says:

I usually wear the 511s but i definitely need to try these.

Neox says:

I bought 3 Paris online But they messed up my order

JRFootball77 says:

Very helpful thank you

Lou x says:

thank you buddy, I DIDN’T KNOW , OR UNDERSTAND.. how I had nice shoes but I could not get them to show.. or ” pop” then someone told me ” dude tapered jeans is why ! GOD ! LOL THANKS BRO I’m buying these asap. ! great info!

khongor * says:

t time i reccomend checking out the skinny lows from h&m, i am usually a 30-31 in my jeans waist size and a waist size 32 was good for me, all i had to do was get them shortened. the taper is really nice near the bottom and stacks very well. it is just a bit tight around the thighs but honestly its not uncomfortable or doesnt look too tight on body anyways, IMO.

JetPaul says:

Where are the jean stacks at?

Sins x Oblivion says:

I like the 502

Anderson says:

the grey one is super cool!

Nickolas Sucharew says:

I have skinny ankles and calves, what would be best for me?

athizz b says:

these, 501ct, 522, 508 are the dopest levis jeans imo.

markxlester 6 says:

For all the levi’s jeans, each single one of them really has their specific body types where those specific jeans look good on, so.. “stay in yo lane” hahah

cristopher_the_gamer323 says:

I wear Levis 511 slim fit and they work well with sneakers

730_BlackDon says:

Invest in some APC’s or N&F’s bro levis are trash

chris s says:

Rather wear my trues any day

SendMeNoodles says:

The length of this video is 4:20 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Spenser B D23 says:

Congrats on the engagement, bro!

Brian Ramos says:

What’s the difference between 511 and 512!!?

Brandon Villarreal says:

off topic but just wondering, will you be coping the space jam 11s

Neox says:

What size do you use if you dont mind telling

Alexis Rendon says:

I like the black one

Higuma says:

I wish the thigh area was higher on the 512’s. I wear 511’s instead because I have muscular thighs. However, the 511 taper is not as good as the 512’s.

Rick Toni says:

Black and grey look good to me, the washed looks too bright but i guess that’s the point lol.

Michael Saavedra says:

Are all 3 pant stretch or just the black pair ????

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