Best Slim Fit Jeans? 10 Popular Brands Compared

A great pair of jeans is arguably the most important part of a man’s wardrobe. But there are so many different brands and fits, and everyone’s body type is different.

So how do you choose the best jeans for your build? You have to try on lots of different brands and styles.

I’m a short, slim man, and it’s not easy for me to find jeans that really feel comfortable and look good. In this video, you can watch me try on 12 pairs of jeans – from cheap jeans to expensive designer denim.

See how these jeans look on me to get an idea of which ones will work best for you. For reference, here are my stats:

Height: 5’5″ (and a half…every inch counts…that’s what she said)
Weight: 125 lbs
Waist: 29″
Inseam: 27.5″


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#1: Gap Skinny Stretch –
#2: Levi’s 510 (Skinny) –
#3: Nudie Pipe Led –

ALL THE JEANS (in order of appearance):

00:09 – GAP Skinny Stretch –
00:37 – Uniqlo Slim Fit –
01:20 – Uniqlo Skinny Tapered –
02:04 – Levi’s 510 Skinny –
02:37 – Nudie Pipe Led –
03:10 – A.P.C. Petit New Standard –
03:32 – Rag & Bone Fit 1 Skinny Leg –
03:56 – Mott & Bow Skinny –
04:29 – Peter Manning NYC –
04:48 – DSTLD Cigarette –
05:20 – Lucky Brand Dean –
05:48 – Levi’s 522 Slim Taper –



Stay stylish!

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Tommy says:

I like the first pair , i think lighter wash looks better on you. Also you tried the Topman stretch slim jeans? I just bought a pair for 40 dollars and they are my top 3 jeans i ever owned. Your channel is the best!

charles herrera says:

whats your height bro?

Corvette says:

Nice lunges

minafouad78 says:

522 The top

Sudam Wijayasiri says:


sundance kidd says:

wear shoes w them so we can get am idea how they look w shoes

darian ricks says:

Just realized why jeans are always cuffed at the bottom

SardineCanSuccess says:

Hey Brock, what shirt is that?

mikakami93 says:

uniqlo so comfy soft inside skinny jeans

jude akudinobi says:

i think its time to star wearin mens now what size should a 5’9, 120 pound 13 year old wear?

Anna Truong says:

maybe Levi ‘s 510 skinny will be good for you. look at you standarn.

John Park says:

Do you have rather well-built legs or skinny legs? I have nearly identical measurements as yours, so I was wondering if I could expect these kinds of fits from my legs as well. (Btw sick video! I subbed right away 🙂 )

Chris Mariano says:

the slim taper 522″

Theo Divine says:

Nudie and 510 is definitly te best. but have you ever tried the Levis 519? its real nice…

Red Afiz says:

Uniqlo kaihara selvedge is the best!

Paul Sidon says:

Rag & Bone , Nudie, My two favorites

Grand Master Pimp says:

thanks man.but u soo look serious. should bring a little bit of humour by talking instead of music.

Isa Haron says:

what shorts are those?

Adyatma666 says:

nice vid broh

Adyatma666 says:

every skinny jeans you use, looks good on you, when i use skinny jeans like nuddie pipe, uniqlo, it looks like legging on me

Dean Christensen says:

a few of those jeans fit you perfectly without you rolling the cuffs, Brock. like the barefoot look.

xWesuvio says:

how tall are you please?

Anthony velez says:

Levi’s 522 and Mott & Bow best jeans to own.Also great vid

joao lima says:

nudie pipe and lucky brand. great vid!

Anthony Zapata says:

It’s Logic!!!!

Gamal Abdalla says:

dope dope

Itaku says:

Hey have you tried the Boys Levis? Size 18 is 29×29 🙂

Bao Pham says:

GAP and 510s look great

Shah Islam says:

hey Brock can you let me know what colour the levis 510 is? or send me a link to levis website? thanks !! Awesome video BTW!

MAXCADY187 says:

Those nudie fit you the best imo.

sapphiro says:

uniqlo slim/sinny and gap were the best.
I would recommend Calvin Klein sculpted, Armani Exchange slim and Levi’s 511.

nikhilsrl says:

Felt the Peter Manning and Lucky Dean looked the best. I am ofcourse biased towards the indigo color. I hated the Levis (especially the fact that they were mid rise or high rise, not sure which one) and felt the Gap was not bad (except for the color ;))

Peter Yang says:

Great comparison video. My favorite is #1 GAP Skinny Stretch on you. In fact, I’m going go Gap to try one out

Sunil says:

510, and Nudie looked great on you.

indicatoto101 says:

The levi’s made your butt look the biggest. Hence, they were the best. #yeshomo

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