BEST FITTING SKINNY JEANS FOR MEN IN 2018 (Zara, Topman, New Look, Legend London)

BEST FITTING SKINNY JEANS FOR MEN IN 2018 (Zara, Topman, New Look, Legend London)

All of the Jeans👇🏽
New Look Men –
Zara Man –
Legend London –
Topman –

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Daniel Layliev says:

It’s too skinny man they’re both going to rip

just humour says:

Skinny jeans are bad for testicles and looks girlish too..

anthony wade says:

I have top man jeans they are nice

ondine bluewaters says:

There is no best fit. It looks retarded. Skinny jeans are for women. Skinny jeans can be worn by women because women have vaginas. Men don’t wear skinny jeans because their balls get in the way and unless you’re trying to cause permanent damage to your testicles and sterilize yourself you shouldn’t wear skinny jeans. It’s like women wearing a corset in the Victorian era. Pain or discomfort for fashion. It’s not attractive. It looks ridiculous and quite frankly it’s a tragic waste to see attractive men trying to look like women .

Florian Böhm says:

Nice video, I’m thinking about buying some of those 🙂

MrBlackHeart87 says:

Shit you might as well buy some ladies leggings or something. They look super super skinny but good video

Clutch Artist says:

Josh! When you getting more stock in for ur brand desperate for pairs

Matty Davis says:

Stop wearing skinny jeans!

Mike Arima says:

Ever heard of blend? They’re my favorite I got almost all of their jeans. But they are tighter than the ones you showed except the legend London ones. They about the same

mgophern says:

Thanks for the great introduction. Could you recommend some skinny and drop crotch jeans?

FunnyNoah15 ™ says:

Luv em!!!!!!!!!!! I need another pair of skinny jeans to, because I was in class and while I was walking the side of jeans ripped because of my teacher’s file thingy or whatever

george obrien says:

Great review thanks. I like the super spray ons from Topman. Will you do a video on how to style footwear with these types of jeans.

Jabu Jolly says:

These are all excellent options, and I must say that I’m pleased to see that the quality of men’s skinny jeans has improved greatly since they first came out in 2008. The denim is much softer and stretchier, much more comfy, and the look is much better, and guys are now wearing skinny shorts too, and not just ones to the knee either but shorter. I myself don’t wear those skinny jeans that have rips and tears in them because whenever I want to show leg I wear shorts. But I don’t have an issue with them.

Giorcardo1194 says:

A video on shoes would be great!

hithereart says:

I love & only wear super sexy skinny jeans everywhere!!!! But they ONLY look good on thin guys!  I lost weight to fit & look better!!! WOW! 🙂

Malawee FIFA says:

Definitely give HERA London jeans a try, seriously tight fit at the abkke

Alex Cib says:

Skinny jeans don’t work on gym guys, they just look like girl leggins

thoum_ says:


Bincho Dinev says:

It’s too skinny

tt siu says:

pull and bear carrot fit jeans !!!

Tony Mullenix says:

Awesome video Josh! I appreciate your opinions a day I’m definitely checking out the LL ones. Cheers!

Gamecocks Arelame says:

Fashion is for girls and fags.

Danny Fowler says:

Great video Josh!

hithereart says:

Great video!!! Does anyone know of any guys skinny jeans groups or clubs to share ideas & jean sources/styles?  Thank you!

Ross Wilcock says:

i love all of these will need to make another purchase soon i think.

Callum Brahh says:

Set in stone are best

Matty Davis says:

Those jeans would only fit 5 years old boys!! Stop wearing tight jeans

anthony wade says:

I love the jeans what brand and size they are beautiful different kinds

The Michal says:

I bought skinny jeans on HERA London they have them in sale now for 30 pounds so stretchy I love them. I wear usually 36 but 34 is better they are so extremely stretchy, I recommance to go one size down 🙂

Dok says:

I like Topman super spray and spray on skinny

anthony wade says:

I love top man jeans they are the best besides cheap Monday jeans skinny to

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