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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is welcoming you to the 7th installment of the alpha m. Store Style Breakdown. He’s buying an entire outfit from EXPRESS then rating it between 1 (worst) and 10 (best) on affordability, quality, variety, and age-range. The total of the scores will give the Alpha M. Store Style Rating.

Alpha is so excited to hit EXPRESS which used to be one of his favorite stores. He hasn’t shopped there in about 6 years when they featured a griffin logo that he wasn’t so wild about. He’s happy not to see it as he shops. As a pro tip, he advises to note the mannequins for style and outfit ideas. He also notes that EXPRESS has XS sizes for the more tailored look and smaller guys. They’ve upgraded the pant pockets as they don’t have a lot of crap & designs on the pockets like before.

EXPRESS has toned down the branding, which the result was ‘spectacular’. It’s an incredible and viable option now that they’ve eliminated the tacky and cheesy aspects. They’ve stepped up their game. His purchases include black polo ($23.94), extra slim fit jeans ($58.50), camo jacket ($64.80), baseball tee ($23.94), and light gray pants ($52.80) for a total of $244.23.

You’ll love these two outfits: casual and dressier (Bad Boy James Bond). The camo fits well with accompanying denim skinny jeans being super comfortable. The price was very good. The baseball tee is crazy comfortable and cool. The outfit is playful and cool. The next outfit is bad boy perfection. The slim fit pants are dynamite with a flawless fit. The polo is sexy and feels super soft. He gives the following ratings: affordability 5, quality 7, variety 9, age-range 9.

The store style rating 7.5

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Kevin Hung says:

Please do Brooks Brothers

Francisco Viancci says:

Savers !! And give us your tips alpha m love you

jean billy says:

Hello from Canada Alpha, you’re rock at any style, any colour Aaron. I really admire your style. I’ve just found and watched a few vids on your channel but I’m Getting addicted to your channel soon enough. Bought some recommended items by watching your vids. Big THANKS. Keep up the good work. Don’t get old too quickly. Stay young.

Justin Crocker says:

Ross is a must

hatz4me says:

uniqlo or walmart

Scotty B says:

You know what would’ve been nice to add to these videos? What happens after you wash these clothing. LOL! Sometimes you buy something, fits great. Wash it and now it’s 1,5 sizes too small. LOL!

Stacey Woods says:

Do Hollister

Samuel K says:

You should do a video for dressing for your 30s. Tons of dudes still dress like college students

jean billy says:

you rock at anything bro even garbage.

Cadri Folami says:

Brooks Brothers

Jelly King says:

fuck that’s expensive

Nathan Duffy says:

Really like the black polo

miggy_ moto23 says:

Nice..!! I can honestly say 98% of my closet is EXPRESS…

Jessica Bondanza says:

confused alpha…so the jeans are extra slim fit ? or skinny fit ?

Cadri Folami says:

J Crew

Dave Dj says:

The last outfit kill it!

Chase Eby says:

Check out Costco lol

Sendoh Akira says:

do massimo dutti and J crew

Astro Mars says:

Target and Walmart please. Not everyone can shop at express or eagle or callister or old navy….

Nick Chernobaev says:


NateDawg10879 says:

Do holister please!

Ryan Cheves says:

yo this Lenox Mall in ATL

Tanweer Abbas says:

I going to Express this Saturday

Alex B says:

Try Lucky brand

Keyvin_32 Palafox_32 says:


Jaime Villegas says:

S/O to you Alpha
Just copped that camo jacket for 40, big come up

Chris Smith says:

You’re the best, thanks!

Benjamin Jarman says:

Awesome video! Can’t wait to go by and pick up an outfit.

John Ruiz says:

Ross and TJ maxx

Chris says:

Abercrombie & Fitch

Jay says:

liking that second outfit, never checked out express but I’m gonna need to stop in

Nathan Duffy says:

I love Express and start shopping there recently. I got a badass flannel and comfy zip up sweater which was perfect for Thanksgiving and maybe for Christmas. Yes for variety and you have to shop there consistently cause they do put new clothes out. Definitely one of the better casual clothing stores and again I am 28 almost 30 so still young but maturing. Express is a cool store and wouldn’t mind buying a suit there and I don’t dress a lot unless I’m at a family gathering.

roger8654 says:

Hit the Brooks Brothers

miguel vasquez says:

Hot topic !!!!

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