6 weeks with Gustin 101 Selvage Denim – Review

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My Gustin Jeans Review

This video is completely unsponsored, I am unboxing on camera because I love the brand and want to share better menswear with the world. Have a product you would like me to review? Comment below or email info@thekavalier.net

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From Gustin:
A deep indigo warp is paired with a rare gunmetal weft to take this classic Japanese denim to the next level.

Gustin jeans made from sanforized raw selvedge denim from one of the finest mills in Japan. We love classic denim that dials up the details in just the right way to make the fabric really special. That’s what the Japan Indigo Gunmetal does so well. It starts with a pure, dark inky blue warp. A tight weave gives it a touch more saturation than most denims. You see small neps dotting the surface as well, giving the fabric even more character. There is a nice fuziness to the surface with adds a cool vintage appeal. Instead of the standard white weft, this style has a gunmetal grey color. It’s a subtle detail, but really cool if you choose to cuff this denim. A white ID finishes it off. All this complexity for only $79.

Choose either our classic Straight fit, Skinny fit, or our Slim fit. More details available on our fit guide.

So how does it work?

We design boutique-quality handmade menswear. We create a campaign for an item, you back it. Once the number of items backed reaches the campaign goal, the item is successfully funded and we start production.

When do I pay?

When you hit “Back it!”, you’re not paying immediately. We’ll validate your credit card number initially, and charge you when the item reaches its funding goal. If the item reaches its funding deadline without reaching its goal, you will not be charged.


We use crowdsourcing to line up supply and demand for every product we make. This creates zero waste cycle and we return the savings to you. Our formerly $205-$269 selvedge jeans now start at $81. A $200 Japanese cotton Oxford button down is now only $69.
Gustin Selvedge Denim

Former Retail Price $205 – $269

Crowdsourced Price from $74


Artisan quality, classic American garments at true wholesale prices

You help us line up supply and demand every single time. Crowdsourcing is the mechanism we use to let you tell us what to make. Without inventory piling up in a warehouse and wasteful marketing campaigns to convince you to buy what we already made, there is tremendous efficiency. We pass that savings back to you. Unlike other brands that cut out the middle-man but keep the savings, you’re getting boutique quality at true wholesale. We know because we used to sell through high-end retail.


Modern, tailored fits around iconic styles: denim, khakis, button downs. The foundation for a man’s closet.
The finest American, Japanese, and Italian fabrics are used, sparing no expense.
We do not cut corners on construction, crafting everything the right way, only in the United States.


the tinkerer says:

Dude, just wash them. In the freezer wtf

jrutube71 says:

Great videos!

friendlygoz says:

Thanks for this. You still to check out dstld. I LOVE them. They come from cone mills too. Super high quality

TECHIES100 says:

Freezing denim doesn’t accomplish anything the bacteria doesn’t get killed off it just lays dormant until you take them out of the freezer, ….. if they are really that smelly you can buy denim spray

david patrick green says:

I’m a little surprised at your customer service comments because I don’t see how you can return jeans when they are in limited order quantities. every pair is accounted for so if you are returning a pair then who’s pair are you getting in return. it sounds like they are accommodating you because you are a professional reviewer. that’s the problem with paid reviewers. they have a different experience than the general public.

andrés j. park says:

Thanks for the review but it seems you don’t know much about selvedge jeans.

omsmada says:

you need’a get a haircut nigga

jnac216 says:

I’ve been meaning to buy both gustin and DSTLD and have been torn on which to buy.

Buck Mason is another company I want to try. Both their denim, t shirts, and western shirt.

Michael Hude says:

Please do the guide to cleaning selvage denim!

Adyatma666 says:

no homo broh

Terrence Lee Jr Vlogs says:

I am a new fan of your channel.. Very impress on the sharp page layout. Great vids!

jrutube71 says:

I am a fan…..I’ve watched dozens! What belt are you wearing, and can you review some shoe, belt combos for different outfit types?

Soumaine says:

Bought my first Gustin ( high end) denim, hopefully I don’t regret my decision. Also first selvedge raw denim with no prior experience… keep up the awesome reviews

Ae6KaRBoN says:

Im a bit confused being new to this type of denim, and maybe its just technicalities.. But i was under the impression that Selvedge just meant the type of loom that is used, and typically refers to a better hem, which generally speaks to higher quality. But a lot of what you are referring to in the video speaks to Raw… Are selvedged jeans always raw, or could they be mutually exclusive?

Steve Steele says:

Hey TK, u wear 30 in vanity size, and you first ordered a gustin 31 but said the legs were loose but was the 31 gustin size good in the waist? Because u then ordered a gustin 29 and said it was small. So then you reordered the slim and got a 32? Was the first pair too tight in the waist? Or was it not tight enough in the waist? Or what made you go from 31 to 29 then 32?
I have a 34 inch waist, meaning I should get a 34. But you getting a 32 makes me hesitate. Thanks.

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