5.11 DEFENDER Flex Pant Review (slim) Tactical Pants – 5.11 Tactical Pants

The 5.11 Defender Flex Pant Slim is what I’ve heard a lot of people asking about for awhile now. I’m glad 5.11 Tactical has been listening, and here they are – a tactical pant that doesn’t really look like a tactical pant. These are pretty stylish, have a slim fit, are super comfortable, and still have the usability (for me anyway) of a full on tactical pant. These have kind of been my go to pair of pants for the last couple of months because they look great, feel great, and do everything I need a pant to do.

They aren’t available online (as of the posting of this video) but when they become available, this link will take you to where they probably will be – http://amzn.to/2oSwhwN

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mozzberg says:

These are my next pair of pants. Thanks

Devon Felix says:

just found your channel, but I love it. new subscriber here, keep it up! Love how your tactical but not so “dick hard” about it. some of these guys go a bit over board with their demeanour and “tacticallity” but I like your vibe. Dope video quality too

F BOMB tactical says:

skinny jeans and cobra belt buckle= fag

James P says:

Are these slimmer than the 5.11 Stryke pants? I have 2 pairs of the stryke pants and really like them but want something less tactical looking.

Alfred Gonzalez says:

How can I buy one of your holsters?

Dimagio rp says:

Who the fuck wears jeans to the gym… You make me sick

Raul Hernandez says:

Where you able to get your hands on some of the defender flex jeans? Cant decide which ones to get, cant really get a feel for the difference

Andrew Hall says:

The jeans are AWESOME. I use them for everything from range days to work, dates with the girl to social stuff. Amazingly comfortable and flexible. Worth the price.

TheWhoDatWhoady says:

I need more detailed and closer pics to determine the fly length. Can you DM me bro?

Jason Poole says:

Could anyone point me in the direction of a pair of tactical pants that have zipped butt pockets? I live in South Africa now and I am sick of wasting back pockets somy wallet doesn’t get stolen

Ramon says:

I ordered these pants after watching your video and good thing I did! I just received them and they fit so well i’m going to order more! Thanks for the great review and keep posting videos!

johneroyale says:

How would you say sizing is true to size, big, or small?

Vladimir Tikovenko says:

Hello! How are these pants with sizes? I just can not determine the size that suits me. I saw a dimensional grid on the manufacturer’s website. But nevertheless, I have difficulty with the choice. I saw in one your review of another pair of pants of this firm that the size on the tag was W32 L32. Usually, with a belt size of 87 cm, I’m guided by the size of W34 L34. My height is 6’1″ ( 186 cm ), weight is 175 lbs ( 79 kg ). I read in the review on site 5.11 that this model of pants is slightly larger. This is true? Good luck in the new year!

Leon Tan says:

You work out in tactical pants? What.

Aj Kaml says:

good salesman ship. I clicked the link to check out the pants but can’t find the exact one

myke collins says:

excellent review..i own some Bear Grylls cloths because i like having some wiggle room,but after watching this I’m so owning these when they become available..thanks again and take care.

cobalt ocean says:

Do they come with leg side pockets? Gotta have side pockets.

Casey Woo says:

Great vids man, your insight has helped me tremendously. You’re really down to Earth, but I can tell that you shop for quality and your opinions are really well thought out. I would love to see what you think about some pants made by GoRuck and TAD (Triple Aught Design).

GUNER says:

Try using shorts next time u go to the gym, it’s 100x better than pants!

priceandpride says:

big junk fly is a must lol

Angel Aviles says:

Went shopping at Old Navy and bought similar pants with a flex fabic that have a stretch in them for half the price.

81 H E W P says:

My wife approves. Even with me in them…

zfilmmaker says:

LOL…his lav mic. Hilarious! Typically 5.11 fit jelly donut eating parking lot attendants. Good to see 5.11 stopped using darts.

Calvin Monroe says:

How much denaro$$$

Stay fit and free forever says:

Thanks for sharing. I’m tired of most apparel being for overweight chodes.

someone someone says:

rip off of tactical distributors stand your ground jeans

AG Survival says:

New sub here. Keep the pants reviews coming! Haven’t checked out your other vids yet but if you haven’t done any belt review please do! Look forward to your other vids!

Jay P says:

Nice Trousers,

Fenix Phoenix says:

Hahaha like when you are gonna use the urinal a monster anaconda is gonna come out….hand movement were hilarious also…..kid please. Thanks for the laughs.

bajabilly2004 says:

where do you put the kitchen sink?

Makc Zinchenko says:

Which pants do you consider to be the best APEX or RIDGELINE or DEFENDER? I can not choose)

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