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JamieSessions says:

how do you recommend keeping them from fading in the wash?? 

TheOmanJam says:

You mentioned pocket size of TopMan vs Asos. In my opinion smaller pockets are good because they don’t look saggy.

zKMotion says:

I need help, bought 32s cropped jeans from Topman which is my TTS but it’s quite tight on the hips and my calves, should I return for 34s?

TheOmanJam says:

Trying them on in the shop I noticed that the different colours seem to be of different materials and some are more stretchy than others, even for the same fit. I think the TopMan Super Spray Ons are much more stretchy than Spray Ons and are more easy to wear, even being tighter fit. The SSOs are are ultra skinny and feel different from all the others. They are more stretchy at the bottom hem than the Primark Super Skinny. The Primark SS ones are difficult to get on and off your feet because the hem is quite stiff. Primark Skinnies are OK being a bit wider. I also have midwash blue TopMan Stretch Skinny and they are very comfy and more stretchy than the Primark ones but the TopMan black skinnies seemed less stretchy. It’s good to try them on in store.

Dimi Kyriakides says:

So what size are you?

Im Free says:

why are they stretch if they dont stretch? its deceiving i was about to order them just now… ive changed my mind im looking for comfort and elastic stretch jeans

Ryan101 says:

if you want a pair of black skinny jeans that are actually skinny. ASOS extreme super skinny £25.

Tommy Nguyen says:

Did you buy online or in store? I read some review about these jeans on their website and someone said that they’re not stretch.  

Dom Tran says:

im very interested in  getting those black spray on jeans from topman. I am from the USA, so just wondering if these are the exact same ones you’ve gotten?

ethan vu says:

you look like steve green, wonder why you get so many dislikes 🙁

TheOmanJam says:

What about TopMan Spray On vs Super Spray On? I tried them and the Super Spray Ons felt better and more comfortable being stretchier and they are not really like any of the others I have tried. The black super sprayons are thin material and probably feel and look like leggings! The midwash blue super sprayons are very stretchy and warmer, thicker material. Your legs will feel cold in the black ones on a very cold day. I was surprised that most of them don’t feel tight on the waist because they are so stretchy and they are low rise.

Sam Estron says:

Nice of you to review these!

TheOmanJam says:

I noticed that Topman now has Spray on and Super Spray On jeans in store. They don’t look so different in theonline pictures but it appears that Super Spray On SSO are more stretchy – power denim. I tried black spray on yesterday and they were nice, comfortable but very difficult to get off in the fitting room. Had to take my socks off first. Maybe the SSO ones are softer material – if our Topman store has them I might try them tomorrow.

Max Bramante says:

Ugliest pants ever. Wide leg jeans all the way.

adeeb sharief says:

Guys does any1 know how to stretch these jeans out THEY ARE FITTING SOO TIGHT!!!

Anonimato Vato says:

in the states, hot topic actually sells durable super skinny jeans with sizes as low as 26 for way less than what top man sells them for. h&m has a better quality, a bit more high end and stretchy.

TheOmanJam says:

I had a look at some TopMan and Primark jeans I bought recently and measured the bottom hems at the ankle. Topman stretch skinny 12″, Super Spray On midwash blue 10″ or just a tiny bit more, Super Spray On Black only just 10″; I don’t have any ordinary Spray Ons. Then Primark Skinny light blue and coated black both 12″, Super Skinny grey washed 12″, Super Skinny dark blue 10.5-11″.
Typical straight fit jeans look about 15-16″ bottoms and slims look to be about 14″.

Emdadh Syed says:

Can’t believe your 5’5 my mums 5’6 no wonder your like a size 5 haha

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