some of my fave jeans (and least fave lol) from FN!
I’m gonna ty to find the link to all these jeans for youuuuu.

sc: javierittaaa
poshmark: _javierittaaa

The new new skinny jeans:

Bradshaw Skinny jeans:

Greyson Boyfriend jeans:

Kneed It Skinny

Got it from my mama:

Ella Skinny jeans:


No andno says:


Alex Ryder Carter says:

Remember me when you blow up (even more) Javi lol. Love your body, personality and of course SASS ❣️

mary monroe says:

You are such a inspiration to me cause I am a big girl and this is showing me I can were what ever I want and SLAY IT HUN❤ thank you

Bella Assaf says:

Putting them in the dryer actually ruins the stretch over time and makes the jeans sag because the plastic that keeps it stretchy n bounce back gets ruined!
So hang them to dry to preserve ur jeans !

Mia says:

My body isn’t completely proportional, my thighs are very large for my waist, so would you say to size up for the thighs?

Miranda Taylor says:

If you like that material the Sophia or Sophie jeans are the same way from FN

wiki k says:

U soooo pretty

Carolina del Campo says:

What bronzer/blush are you using! Its beautiful!

hanna faust says:

I swear to god girl you are literal PERFECTION like fr girl how to get an ass like that?xoxo

Its Keriaa says:

so stretch denim we get 11 and others we get a 13 ??

zahra mo says:

Do you like the canopy jeans?

Genna Villavicencio says:

Why didn’t you try the Ella Skinny’s!!! We just want to see them on!❤️❤️❤️

Jasmine Grooms says:

I wish I was ur best friend cuz I feel like we would be best friend goals

zTitanium XT says:

OMG, you have a perfect body! Keep making videos like this.

RedZeroOne says:

Those dark blue jeans look great on you!

Brandielee Thalley says:

Loved this video!!

Zahra Sajwani says:

im curvy af but i really love ASOS jeans they’re a bit expensive but they last forever and look so good! you should check them out

Diana Soto says:

Literally same. I’m normally a 11 and sometimes a 13 and I have some jeans that are 9. I didn’t know where to find high waisted jeans and be comfy and only found it on Pull and Bear.

nail club says:

I am 5 6 186 size 13 do not fit me lol

Yoshua Love says:

So pretty

Jaluna Böhler says:

Your body is so cute and mine is so confusing. My thighs are thick, my ass is somewhat thick but I have hipdips and my waist isnt small. Aaaand I really not know how to style clothes

Angelica Jaramillo says:

GIIIIRRRRRLLLL! Go to a thrift store and check the men’s section and rip them ur self for boyfriend jeans they will already be color worn to *tip 🙂



John Griswold says:

I think you are so beautiful and pretty no matter what! 😉

Sofia Sajonas says:

Was the ella jeans in light or dark?

Nicole Fernando says:

I find this very helpful! I’m a small 5’4 but i’m curvy and i can never find good pants :(( going to definitely buy the good ones you suggested. Thank youuu!

_xoxo. jada says:

where did you get the green and white crop top in the thumbnail?!? p.s. love you javi

Wicked Vangogh says:

I always look forward to your jean videos !

Taylor Arendall says:


Kariina Gorski says:

I HAD SUCH AN IDEAAAAA!!!! I’m dying man! ;-; 8:13

IIG says:

I want some cake now.

Reanna LeVally says:

Can you try the new target clothes?!

jasmine secret says:

how does size 13 and 11 fit you with 49inches hips? i have 30 waist and 42 hips what size should i get cuz according to their chart i am size 13….u fit 13 with 49hips i am confused…

Treasure Equere says:

Heyy please what size did you get in the got it from your mama jeans thanks xxx

Jenifer 777 says:

I don’t know in wich size should I buy jeans in fashion nova, my waist is 34 inches and in the size chart 15-17 is small and 1X is large ☹️

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