I found the best jeans ever! Sharing my favorite affordable, boyfriend, skinny and trendy jeans for all body types. Showing how I would style each trend for spring!

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Outfit 1:
Asos Ridley Skinny Jeans:
White Blazer:
Black Tee- Ell and Emm
Bag- LV Montaigne

Outfit 2:
Pink Cami:
Topshop Jeans:

Outfit 3:
Grlfrnd Jeans:
White Top:
Gucci Mules:

Outfit 4:
Good Legs Jeans:
Jeans also here:
Stripe Top:

Outfit 5:
Good Legs Jeans:
Jeans also here:

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kamantha75 says:

Did you do a review of those Gucci slides yet? I was thinking about getting those.

Haley Dosher says:

How tall are you? It’d be nice to have a reference so I can compare how long/short the jeans would be on myself or others.

sherena Hussein says:

love these videos

Kali Terry says:

Loved this video! Love your style!!

Alyssa Hu says:

Love this video!! Obsessed with the espadrilles in the last outfit but the link isn’t working for me. Can someone please comment the link for me. Thank you!

cr6zym0nkeyiz says:

I just ordered those Good American Jeans based on your recommendation. I cried a little at the price though. lol.

daisy duarte says:

Girl you need to try hollister jeans , Charlotte Russe jeans , express jeans

thephenom718 says:

My goodness you look beautiful in those skinny jeans

Ali Yiakas says:

Love these videos but wish everything wasn’t so expensive. 🙁

Diana Murillo says:

does anyone know her sizing?

Alyssa Fernandez says:

Love this series so much!!! I can never put my finger on my own personal style and you embody everything I like! <333

Ani Ovakimyan says:

Can you do one with

Melissa says:

You look like Demi Levato and MyLifeIsAva’s love child

Amy Hoffman says:

American Eagle has a lot of great Skinny Jeans and Jeggings. Most are pretty comfortable, especially their Sateen (❤) and Twill Collections. They’ve got a lot of stretch. Great color choices, too. Prices for A&E run from $30 to $60.

aluvsmakeup29 says:

omg you look like demi lovato!!

Alicia Morales says:

Really enjoyed this video. Where did you buy your bedding loved it looks so comfortable.

Angelica zapata says:

Alex you talk about your height a lot and I would like to know it to have a reference as far as jeans and length. Thank you!!!

Amy Hoffman says:

I would love to get some of the Good American Jeans. They look super amazing on everyone. I just wish they weren’t freaking $200 bucks a pair. Kloe was supposed to be making these for every kind of girl to be able to wear them and be comfortable and confident however, I think she forgot that most girls cant afford these now.

Love your style, Alex!

Humming Bird says:

a new sub

Sheri Vance says:

Great video! Jeans and I, have a love hate!! Uhg lol but in regards to the good legs-there’s many styles of the ‘good leg’ as well….can u clarify a bit more ;)??? Thanks dear!!

Michi says:

Alex! what a GREAT video!! I just got my Good Legs and I LOVE them!! thank you for posting all of the stuff you do! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your channel!! xoxoxoxo Michi

Tara Ernst says:

how tall are you? I want to make sure the jeans fit in length before ordering. Im 5″6

Ella Stansfeld says:

Do you shop petite ?
Love you as always 🙂

Lynn Slocum says:

Hi Alex. Can you please pass on which exact styles you bought because they are coded like BLUE001 and such on the website and there are so many. I am also curious if you would share the ones you are on waiting list for. I love both the ones you bought. thanks!!

kaitlyn pruemer says:

Lucky Brand jeans or Kan Kan jeans are the best!

Debbie Green says:

she owns the brand and the company.

Ashleigh Mattei says:

Do you like American eagle jeans

Ash Tans says:

You always look so cute!

Lynn Dels says:

WOW those are hefty price tag of the GA jeans

RTE sarsuelo says:

the topshop jeans and pink looks amazing on you.

Jessica Robison says:

I’m going to order the grlfrnd jeans but I wanted to make sure to ask, did you get them in petite or regular? I’m 5’4.

Alyssa Arredondo says:

You have great style! If you don’t already work with a personal stylist, I would love to be your stylist 24/7 at Saks Fifth Avenue! You can shop with me at all times with this link: 🙂 Through the app you can message me and I can find those sold out trendy items that are hard to come by! Have a happy day!

thephenom718 says:

I love it

Emily says:

What sort of bra do you recommend for an off the shoulder top?

Ro Barg says:

The room was too dark when showing the jeans on, it was difficult to make out the fit, look, and details, but thanks for sharing.

Sav King says:

Amazing and SO helpful!! Are your Good Legs (with the rips) the regular jeans, or are they the cropped??

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