Testing Basics | Skinny Jeans

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toocool forschool says:

LoveLove Love this series. could you do a kind of trend this month video like Lily Melrose for example. Or just testing trends like velvet or embroidery

Chaichaichai huo says:

I just walked by, your review is so informative, love it

Lou says:

I adore your style! And I just found your videos! Subscribed. 🙂

Evana Sorial says:

great video I will be buying all saints or MUD jeans. MUD are an ethical brand. I am not sure if all saints are, better to do more search on that

Ekaterina Timina says:

Hi Lizzy, love this series! thanks for all the effort you put into them.
As for the jeans, I just go LEVI’s fpr the past years, my experience with brands like ZARA and H&M is not so good. Lee and Guess made it to my wardrobe also for some long years.

Elisabeth - MissEllolisoss - says:

I size up in topshop jeans.. but sometimes they are too big in the waist :/

flufftronable says:

If you measure the top shop jeans with a measuring shape the size is usually off, either 2 inches smaller or bigger depending on style

K JG says:

I love my Levi’s skinny mid-rise… They are my go-to and I have about 7 pairs all in different colors! 🙂

Tianna Riches says:

I normally buy either the Leigh or Jamie jeans from Topshop and I go up a size in the Jamie, as I’m a 25 waist in the leigh but a 26 inch waist with the Jamie jeans.

TammiCal says:

I’m from the US and never heard of weekend jeans until you mentioned them in this video. You prompted me to try them since asos ships free! And wow, these jeans are fantastic! I’ve always liked you and appreciate these videos but now I have to say, your opinion is clutch! Thank you!

Surleen Singh Dhamoon says:

very helpful! where is the black top from which you wore at the end?

Sabrina Mariano says:

Hey Lizzy !! Can you please do a “Testing Black Jeans” I bought jeans from Gap and I hated how they started to wear out. and I used to buy my jeans form AE but they stopped making the material that worked for me. please help!!

FashionNerd says:

Love your Testing Basics videos! I really feel your pain in struggling to style the Miu Miu flats – I have a pair of very similar Prada flats with pink suede ankle ties and a silver sphere at the toe from SS16 that I love so much but can’t seem to properly style on myself. I will not give up, though!

suebubbles says:

I have the same problem with the ASOS Ridleys too!

theStyleHungry says:

New to your channel and loved this video!! I actually am one who is a big fan of Topshop Jamie’s but they do have sizing inconsistencies…

Was also wondering how tall you are?? I’m super interested in purchasing some weekday jeans but the 30 length isn’t available in some colors, and not sure if the 32 will be too long. I’m only 5’2″ so maybe only the 30 length will work. Thanks!!!

Madison Elliott says:

I once bought a pair of topshop Jamie jeans and oh my god I had to go up from my usual waist 28 to a 34 to be able to wear them (34 was then just a tad roomy but 32 would’ve been too small).They then shrunk in the wash and were a struggle to get on… then with more wear they became way too big on the waist. & the black faded to a weird greeny-black. also the seam on one hip unraveled. Will never purchase again! I always go for the asos ridley now because they have so many washes and the price is so good x

Charlotte Turner says:

I’m so glad you said that about the sizing with the Jamie jeans! I fit the Joni jeans from Topshop and love them (I’m a photographer so being able to crouch down easily in jeans is a must and the stretch of the Joni does that for me, as well as being comfortably high waisted). I have never been able to fit the Jamie jeans though (normally at the top end of the spectrum size wise when it comes to jeans) so it makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER that you think they run ridiculously small too.

I feel like watching these videos over the next few months will make me so sad that we are going into summer right now. Stupid opposite seasons haha

Ariadna Chueca de Bruijn says:

which size did you pick for the asos jacket?? x

6Coley says:

I’ve never bought anything from weekday but I’m going to check them out after this video xx

Manuela Dumitru says:

Brill video as always! I’m in the market for new black skinny jeans and was thinking of trying Levis. Might switch to Alll Saints or Weekday now :). Love your style! x

Astrid VW says:

I have the same starry shirt, it’s one of my favorite high street purchases this season so far! 🙂 my skinny jean recommendation is Levi’s 721

Maria Flannery says:

Yassss on ankle boots! Looking to buy a leather pair on the high street soon and not sure what to go for! Loving those green Zara ones you hauled a while back but I’m so worried that they’re a bit high for day

Kermit's teatime says:

Love your chanel and Testing Basics series! So hard to find the perfect jeans

Aime Watson says:

I manage the denim studio in newcastle fenwick and I know how personal denim is to each individual customer, I love it when somebody finds their perfect pair that is worth spending money on for them. I love watching your testing basics series I find them so well edited and helpful!

Have you tried frame jeans as a more high end price point? They do some great styles and the quality is lovely too. X

Dave Vanderstel says:

*2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway* http://storage.googleapis.com/3715453596138/3269384435228.html

Rein M says:

I absolutely love thes series! I’m obsessed to be honest haha… i think if you are looking for more ideas in the future you could do a bit more specific videos, like black skinny jeans, high wasted skinny, white tshirts, turtleneck tshirts, long coats, white jumpers,… haha I’ve got  millon basics that i would love to see tested.. though it must be really expensive, i always am wondering if you don’t like a certain piece in these videos if you’re able to return it? love!

Amy Quinn says:

Swear by Dr. Denim jeans! Same sort of price point as Topshop/Weekday and SO many different styles and washes.

Paige Taylor says:

Nobody Jeans are my favourite!

Harriet Goodacre says:

I’m watching this video quite late but thought I would still share my Topshop Jamie jean experience! I always buy the Jamie jeans as the are they only brand that do high waisted jeans in a petite leg as I’m tiny and they fit well on the legs however I have really struggled with the waist, every single pair is a completely different size. I once bought a black and blue pair in the exact same style at the same time and one was at least one size bigger than the other! I’m now looking to other brands but still struggling with leg lengths!

Frida's Friday says:

I just discovered your channel like a week or so ago and I’m binge watching your videos hehe. I used to have my go-to pair of jeans (from Gina Tricot) that I would pick up constantly when I needed another pair. They were affordable, durable and people always thought they were Acne jeans – win! But then they stopped doing them 🙁 So, I’m on the hunt for some new ones! Might have to pop into Weekday in town today!

The Green Bows says:

Rag & Bone, Citizens of Humanity, and AG are my absolute favourite jeans. I’ve had lots from the Gap, Banana Republic, etc. but there is something so special about high end jeans. I’ve found they hold their shape and colour better over time. But if you are on a budget, the super skinny ones from Gap are surprisingly good, and come in lots of colours.

Nerea Freire says:

Love the Uniqlo t-shirt! What size is it?

Anjali S. says:

I just found your channel and I just want to say – the thoroughness and the thought you put behind each of your videos is astounding! this is so so so helpful and I didn’t realize how much I’d needed this video until I’d watched it c’:
thank you for this video!

Michaela Fudges says:

I love your channel and this series! Everything is just so good, hauls, testing basics, vlogs. 🙂 xx

Chan Skuxx says:

I just discovered your channel and been binge watching this series for far to long! 🙂

Rita Simonis says:

I’m surprised by your experience with the topshop jamie jeans: I bought mine in size W28, they fit me perfectly and I find them very comfortable. I find it weird that they are too small for you just because you look way thinner than me (in a good way). This is no criticism at all, I love your videos and I find them very useful <3

bitofeye says:

Love this series so much!…. Keep doing this cool, useful content /videos, you nail it! Best Series

Ivana Komatina says:

Acne does great jeans! Super quality and durability, def worth the money. Sad that they didn’t fit you well enough.

Shannon Beer says:

I’m yet to try weekday skinny jeans & that has to change!

NinaM says:

I just went into weekday to try the Thursdays jeans, and they just don’t suit my body shape. I tried them on in 3 different waist and leg sizes, they all looked the same, which was tight and too long. I love my Jamie jeans in a w32 l34, so I was quite surprised that the weekday jeans in a w33 l30 where tight and too long… (all of my jeans and the ones I’ve tried are black, so I can only report on those)

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