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Super skinny jeans for dudes have been dying a slow, painful death for the past near decade, and must now be annihilated for good. On the second episode of David Says it’s Dead, menswear expert, Sharifa Murdock, joins us to provide some more flattering alternatives to this suffocating trend.

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Episode 1 – The Top Knot Must Die:

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Sharifa Murdock – Jeans Expert
Lindsey Ferrier – Senior Producer
Emily Rhyne and Jon Lynn – Cinematography
Jon Lynn – Editor


LostinOC says:

so a gay guy is again pretending to be a know it all, the one to tell everyone what they can or can not do. funny how he cherry picks a gay black man to help, while calling the two whites worthless. then he brings the gay black guy to a fatass black women in ultra skinny jeans…. (NO ONE FAT SHOULD WEAR SKINNY ANYTHING EVER> MAN OR WOMAN)

this video = FAILURE..

Carmen R. says:

Well, loose pants don’t look… good… it’s like you’re tryi to conceal your entire body. I love my body so i love wearing skinny and stretch pantaloons.

Timothy Reyes says:

in what position is your ugly ass to say super skinny jeans were to die in 2013 .

Flowzy says:

lol skinny jeans look like hundred times better

Dylan Jennings says:

He’s fucking gay, who the fuck is he to tell people what to wear.

mr blatherwick says:

Who died and made YOU and expert?

climentime says:

idk why guys want to look small and thin like that I know there r girls that dig that but ur fucking ass lining should not be visiable that’s just gay no questioned ask a better option is a slim taper u get the same slim feel and you can either make your self look muscular or thin which ever you prefer and your dick and ads will thank you in the summer

Mr Billingham says:

Most skinny jeans are comfortable as they’re stretchy


slim straight jeans look like boot-cut jeans on me the most i can do is slim

memyselfandi says:

it was started by the fags and gays, so they know whos a queer, you look stupid and may get gay bashed, grow up little boys

Sergio Pulgarín says:

2:48 right-most option: Are you kidding me?

Darth Vader says:

we’re gonna stop because the queer unfunny asian guy said So?

Chesapeakej4 says:

WTF is the monstrosity at 2:34. Wow.

John Henry says:

This shit video keeps popping on my video recommendation list.ehh.

Jitendra Jena says:

watch the jeans of the lady…lol…skkkiinnnyyyy

dhruvingr8 says:

Skinny ones suited that dude way bettyer

Georgie Pie says:

Please no stop. Don’t tell me the roll up jeans are back. They look ugly

Zach Sommers says:

Talk about overreacting at its finest.

Roses says:

i wish i have slim legs

hunter garcia says:

The loose fit looks awful

Dylan Jennings says:

Who gives a fuck what this gay cunt says, people can wear whatever the fuck they want, and lol trust a woman to tell a man what to wear.

The foot Lane says:

Baggy jeans are gay

skate4lifex3 says:

ironic but what jeans is the guy who “ripped” his jeans wearing? Ive been looking for skinny jeans like those forever and i cant find them! also i just noticed this was shot at McCarren park lol

Martin Turnbull says:

jeans are unisex as leggings so men can wear women Jean or leggings or jeggings. I do wear women Jean coz of size also fit great.

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