Slim vs. Skinny Jeans: Which Fit Is Right For You?

Should men wear skinny jeans? What’s the difference between slim fit jeans, slim-straight jeans and skinny jeans? Which fit is the best choice for you? In this video about slim vs. skinny jeans, I’ll show you the different be wearing two pairs in the same size, from the same brand.

I’ll also tell you my thoughts about skinny jeans and why I think they’re a great choice for some men. My underlying philosophy is that you should shop the fit, not the label. It doesn’t matter what a particular brand calls their jeans (skinny, slim, etc.), it just matters that they fit and flatter your body type.

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Lox Lover says:

@The Modest Man, you need to do a video on “mall brand” henleys ASAP. It’s starting to get cooler.

Dexter Morgan says:

Shots fired against real men real style

Eddie Palomares says:

I tend to go with skinny and my favorite brand right now is old Navy which has good skinny jeans for me atleast.5’7 133 pounds 30×28.

Kyaw Myo says:

I am no against skinny jeans but most of the time I find myself going for slim fit but I love skinny jean. Nice polo shirt by the way. Where did you get it from?

HTS & S says:

Yeah I totally agree skinny and slim fit are pretty much the same depending on the brand Skinny jeans are more taper from the legs then slim fit

Gabriel Machado says:

I have a skinny jeans that fits me pretty good. Not too loose, not too tight, but to skinny I wear 42, and to Slim 40. Your analysis is perfect.

Bat Vigilante says:

Bought the new BR rapid movement slim fit jeans and they’re so tight and in fact my legs are skinny. i returned them

Iron Fist says:

Your right modest man…

Eddie Palomares says:

Hi brock

Ordinarily Dapper says:

Completely agree with you man. Totally dependant on the brand, fit, materials (with or without spandex/elastine), preferences, and most importantly the body type.
Well done and dead on Brock! Have you checked out the new Goodfellow and Co. Brand from Target yet? Making video tomorrow, spend last couple days trying on and visiting several local stores:)

Mike Spivak says:

Great video, Brock! I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Labels mean nothing–it’s how a pair of jeans fits you that matters most. I have had the best luck with Old Navy skinny built-in flex jeans. These are 99% cotton and 1% spandex. They’re called skinny, but they’re really more of a slim fit that sits on the waist with a medium rise. The legs are tapered down to the ankles with a narrower opening than traditional slim fits. It’s a good choice for guys who are slim but not too skinny (that is, normal/average weight for their height with thinner legs like me) and who want jeans that are not baggy at all. They are comfortable, inexpensive, and very durable.

Ashrafur Ahmed says:

Fit is key! Thanks for clearing up this issue for so many guys.

Ishraq Haider says:

brock, how about putting it this way…if the jeans guys wear show ppl the exact shape of their legs, especially the calves, like as tho wearing tights, then that is disgusting imo. we like to see a body (leg) hugging jeans on a chick, but not sure they feel the same way about us…so, you are somewhat right in saying that our frame kinda determines what we should wear too! cheers mate!

alliyus syamil says:

i love bring my jeans to my tailor for my fit

Pyridius says:

I noticed another categorization that people make regarding the fit of jeans people wear. My more conservative family members argue that slimmer or tighter fitting clothes is for “gay people” (no offense intended, just a quote) and it bothers me to no end.

Mos Multimedia says:

What is the brand of the polo you have on in this. It fits great.

sopon brahma says:

I don’t believe you are 5.6…am 5.7 but I feel you look taller than me.

Burak says:

Skinny jeans is the right fit on me. Sometimes slim fit jeans is looking baggy on me.

Hannad Osman says:

life hack. buy straight/regular fit jeans, take it to the tailors and get it fit for you for just £15-£20 ($20-25)

Stony Fuzzball says:

I wear super skinnies

Abhishek Gohil says:

You put it really well. First time I heard an affirmative statement rather than random rants.

Muhammad Kajee says:

Hi Brooke… I hope I spelt your name correctly, if not please except my apologies, I find that Zara slim fit jeans fit me perfectly, their the best fit, as for skinny jeans not all brands fit coz I gym

inkix1987 says:

I like the new upload schedule 🙂 btw what size is that peter manning polo? I’m a similar height but weigh a little bit more and I want quite a snug fit so that size looks quite good

Ryan Lee says:

for real this is so true. I get my pants primarily at American eagle and their skinny fit looks like a slim fit on me. when I put on the slim fit I look like I’m swimming in fabric, especially around the ankles because I need the smallest leg opening possible

yogeshavl says:

Very well explained….

Curtiss Wu says:

It seems like a lot of American men seem almost afraid of “skinny fit” jeans, and just completely dismiss them without even looking. In Europe, at least in the UK, almost all younger men wear skinny jeans, and yes, some take it too far and might as well buy from the women’s section lol.

Anthony Catalano says:

Absolutely on point! Totally subjective…….a slim fit on you looks like a straight fit on me, but I am 6′ 165lb.

Blauwkousje says:

Excellent video! Also, as a young woman those ‘skinny’ jeans you showed don’t look like skinny jeans at all to me. Only the ASOS ones I would consider to be skinny. 🙂

Jason Francis says:

Great points here: wear what works for your body type and style. Brands do vary a lot so be smart, and I’d add the following: try on multiple pairs to average out cutting inconsistency and as always get it tailored! I’ve tried all kinds of brands and fits and usually just go back to my good old Levi 511’s and get them tapered and hemmed. Usually ends up being $70-80 all in, which is as much as higher end brands off the rack but fitted to my body and exact desires.

nikhilsrl says:

Well said, Brock. I wear skinny jeans from AE, but these don’t cling to my legs.

Zac says:

Wow I usually don’t comment on videos but you uploaded this at the perfect time! I was just wondering about this!

Zippo404 says:

I tried to wear skinny jeans but my huge penis ripped a hole in them. I guess I’m stuck wearing the baggy ones…

ThatGuyJames says:

Those two pairs are pretty identical

Kartikeya Jha says:

Exactly and everything I wanted to say! This is my thumb rule now having tried out quite a few pairs of both chinos and jeans: if trying a new brand or fit, go to the size guide of the particular item and compare those measurements to the best fitting bottoms you have. Also, being modest men, most of us know our basic measurements (waist, thigh, knee, ankle opening etc.) given that we need to get our clothes tailored often, so compare those measurements. That gives a pretty good idea of how you can expect the new pairs to fit. Ankle opening has actually been a good indicator for me in the past.
Great content and delivery again, Brock!

NineEleven1 says:

if a skinny really wraps around your lower leg it’s to tight for me.

Mami Burger says:

Have you washed/dried the PMNYC skinny jeans since you bought them, and have they shrunk a bit because of it?

shelleyinthecity says:

Your slim don’t look like true slim.  Maybe it is the brand.  Other slim fit jeans really look slim.  Those look a little too baggy to be called slim.

Gusher Felter says:

Couldn’t agree more!!

Atom M says:

I have chicken legs though, the struggle. 5’8 at 138lbs

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