Slim Jeans vs Skinny Jeans vs Spray On Jeans

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PhuckHue2 says:

for girls ONLY. If a guy wears skinny jeans he’s a faggot

Brok3n xD says:

Skinny is the best

Jody Strickland says:

i prefer skinny-slim fit

not so social panda says:

M8 u ain’t skinny

Style Your Life says:

Congrats on 10K mate!!

Roahan Gupta says:

which hair product is best for long hair?

Michael Howell says:

Slim Fit jeans look nice rolled up just above the ankle. They also go well with a polo shirt with suede brown boots for a casual look. But um… Roll them up just above the ankle um.. Put brown loafers or shoes with it and a button down shirt but roll the sleeves up just a little bit.
I have skinny jeans and I struggle to get them on, always get stuck on my quadriceps but they look nice with shoes and a slim fit shirt and maybe a blazer.

DerHalbeEuro says:

the spray looks way to just screams “i am gay”.
slim fit = better

Sandro Radulj says:

Ben,just wondering…i wanna order Topman Stretch Skinny Jeans online…but im not sure if i should size up…i wear a w36 and they usually fit a bit loose around my waist…so any advice??

Clemmo says:

Those black spray on jeans looks super awesome on you dude!

Brian Rittenhouse says:

I say this in love not being mean. You look like an absolute moron in EVERY one of those jeans EXCEPT the regular slim. You DO however need to have them tailored. Either buy your correct inseam or have them shortened. And if you’re unhappy w/ the size of the leg opening, it’s cheap and easy to have that done by a tailor or seamstress.

James Wade Fans says:

I buy Super skinny from New Look a size up from what I actually am, I find this to be a good method. I know what you’re saying though in regards to all 3 types.

Quadro2k says:

Useful insight, Stretch Slim is also called Carrot fit.

Alex D says:

Mate, your legs are not skinny, your thighs are bigger than mine!

Tahj Phoenix says:

damn you thicc

TheLegend105 says:

I wear American eagle extreme flex skinny and they are no where near as tight on me and in this video.

kappafish says:

I wear regular skinny jeans. They are the best (american eagles)

Sam Geurdi says:

Pants with no brake no taper is the worst thing. If you go to the gym at least make sure people can see that. And fat people should never wear skinny jeans.

KodzzManiac says:

I wear skinny jeans but I dont pull em up to my ass crack

2muchswag11 says:

What brand?

Basit Manzoor says:

I’m well informed. thumbs up.

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